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The Wright Brothers

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The Wright Brothers. The Wright Brothers. Resource Unit Miranda Walker Dr. Helms EDE 417-01. Table of Contents. 1. Introduction 6. Videos/DVD’s 2. Vocabulary 7. Books 3. Content 8. Websites 4. Objectives 9. Power Point

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the wright brothers2
The Wright Brothers

Resource Unit

Miranda Walker

Dr. Helms

EDE 417-01

table of contents
Table of Contents

1. Introduction 6. Videos/DVD’s

2. Vocabulary 7. Books

3. Content 8. Websites

4. Objectives 9. Power Point

5. Activities 10. Posters


The Wright Brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright

The first in flight (Ohio)


  • Wright Flyer
  • Kitty Hawk
  • The West Side News
  • The Wright Cycle Company
  • Huffman Prairie
  • Wilbur Wright
  • Orville Wright
  • Wilbur Wright and his younger brother, Orville were successful in flying the first manned plane.
  • They had made a propeller-drivenairplane and it had stayed in the air for 12 seconds! It was called the Wright Flyer.
  • Only five people were there to see the flights, and very few newspapers even wrote a story about it.
  • The students will become familiar with the Wright brothers and what the Wright brothers accomplished
  • Students research events from the Wright Brothers lifetime and organize them on a time line.
  • Students will partner up to research and write a biography about Wilbur or Orville Wright.
  • As a whole class, discuss how aviation has changed from the past to the present and how it has affected people’s lives. From ideas generated through the discussion, students will draw and write about their own flying machine they would invent.
activities continued
Activities continued
  • Students will make their own paper airplanes and experiment with directions and distance of flight.
  • Students will make their own map of Dayton indicating the locations of significance for the Wright Brothers (Home, Huffman Prairie, and the Wright Cycle Co.)
  • Discuss how the Wright Brothers provided services to the community with their newspaper shop (The West Side Newspaper).
  • Take a field trip to the Wright Cycle

Co. in Downtown Dayton.

videos dvd s
  • This is America, Charlie Brown - The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk (1988)
  • Wright Brothers' Flying Machine
  • A Child's Adventure with The Wright Brothers "Back to Square One" (Great Moments in History)
  • Wright Brothers' Flying Machine (2003)
  • The Wright Brothers for Kids: How They Invented the Airplane with 21 Activities Exploring the Science and History of Flight by Mary Kay Carson
  • First Flight: The Wright Brothers by Jenner, Caryn
  • . Taking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers by Krensky, Stephen
  • First Flight: The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers. By Shea, George
  • My Brothers' Flying Machine by Yolen, Jane
websites for students
Websites For Students
  • Government Website for Kids

  • Interactive Wright Brothers Game


  • Interactive Tour of the Wright B Flyer

websites for teachers
Websites For Teachers
  • Wright Brothers Information

  • Background Information on the Wright Brothers (Biography Activity)


  • Aviation History

  • Time Line Information