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REMEDIATION PLUS SYSTEMS. What is it?. A full teacher training system on a comprehensive 85 sequential lesson plan curriculum to create 21 st century professional knowledgeable Reading Teachers!. What does the R+ System accomplish for a school district?.

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what is it
What is it?
  • A full teacher training system on a comprehensive 85 sequential lesson plan curriculum to create 21st century professional knowledgeable Reading Teachers!
what does the r system accomplish for a school district
What does the R+ System accomplish for a school district?
  • It creates synergy, organization and powerful results for remediating reading, spelling and writing scores.
  • Results guaranteed in 95% of students.
  • It creates very knowledgeable reading teachers that can
    • prevent reading problems in K & grade 1
    • remediate reading delays at any age
    • treat language l.d./dyslexia
  • It standardizes the remediation of reading across the district.
  • It is a segue for SBRR – it allows the research to become useable in the hands of the teacher.
tell us about the remediation plus system
Tell us about the Remediation Plus System

It was developed in Toronto, Canada in a reading clinic with teachers and students. It took 5 years from June 1999 to Dec. 2003 to evolve all the systematic lesson plans jam packed with the combined research ideas of:

  • Dr. Reid Lyon and his team at NICHD – (phonological awareness training) and the need for systematic synthetic (blending and segmenting) explicit instruction. He stated “phonological awareness is the greatest breakthrough in reading research of the 21st century.”
  • Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham – (language is linked – reading, spelling and writing are interconnected and it is a brain process, not a memorization process)
Dr. Beth Slingerland – she felt that kids that could not shape letters properly did not have just a fine motor problem – they had difficulty remembering the shapes of letters; she developed techniques to bypass weak memory.
  • Dr. Jack Katz coined the term CAPP (central auditory processing problem). The lesson plans include an exercise for students with a difficulty in receptive language and teaches them how to hear – visualize and then write their words.
National Reading Panel – they felt that once an orthographic concept was taught (eg. the sound ar) they should read their words many times in order to get fluency and automaticity. This is the ultimate goal of reading instruction.
  • Dr. Linnea Ehri – Decodable Text Dr. Ehri felt that if children read stories that are 90% decodable (not necessarily leveled readers – this is a frustration of mine with many commercial programs) the students remain committed to the “reading process” and they do not try to guess. They are being taught to read and they succeed. She feels even sight words are greatly reduced in complexity with the alphabetic principle because they can be partially read.
how do you manage vocabulary and comprehension
How do you manage vocabulary and comprehension?
  • Dr. Joe Torgesen has explained so much to us in one of his interviews – when asked if he was “phonics” obsessed he said that phonemic awareness had been confused with phonics (they are not the same) and that they (researchers of the NICHD) were suggesting vocabulary and comprehension were not important. It is the sequence of teaching in SBRR that we must honor – the explicit teaching of phonemes and the ability to blend and segment them to read words with fluency and automaticity and open the channels to vocabulary growth and comprehension. Both Reid Lyon and Torgesen say this is non negotiable!
  • During the 2 day training on the Remediation Plus curriculum the teacher learns to explain new words to children or adolescents if they do not understand what they are reading.

The Remediation Plus System guides teachers to teach their students to read and spell with the 85 sequential lesson plans. At the end of the sequence teachers use the R+ grammar curriculum to learn

• to teach parts of speech in a sentence

• reviews all word types, nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns etc. Punctuation.

• to teach the Main idea and semantic webbing from existing text.

• to teach retelling the story.

• to teach students to create their own stories with proper writing instruction

can i deliver remediation plus in a group
Can I deliver Remediation Plus in a group?
  • Yes I can. After testing and analysis we see only 10% of students are severe enough to require 1-1 instruction. During training teachers will learn to recognize those students. Adolescents are humiliated by their struggle with literacy – success with them requires 12-16 1-1 lessons prior to grouping.
  • Small groups of 3-5 students are excellent for remediating with R+.
  • If students seem to only have weak phonological awareness we can offer it in groups of 10.
what is included in the teacher r kit
What is included in the teacher R+ kit?
  • 3 Teacher Binders of sequential lesson plans
  • 1 Teacher Binder for K and grade 1
  • 1 phoneme deck of cards accompanied by a DVD sound articulation guide
  • 1 testing manual
  • 1 training manual
  • 5 hours of CD ROM training of model lesson plans
  • 1 decodable text stories
  • 1 multisensory grammar curriculum
what is the cost per r teacher license
What is the cost per R+ teacher license?
  • 1 – 9 $3,000 per teacher
  • 10 – 20 $2,500 per teacher
  • 21 – 100 $2,000 per teacher
how does the r training work
How does the R+ training work?
  • Every teacher in the district’s intervention division receives a kit.
  • The trainer from R+ goes out to stress the key components of the R+ System to assure district success.
  • The training is a full 2 days.
  • For greatest success the teachers should spend 5 hours studying the CD ROMs and reading 2 of the manuals prior to live training.
The Remediation Plus teacher

is the key to

student success!

Jo-Anne Gross

Founder, Developer

Remediation Plus Systems