From gps to maps and beyond delaware instructional technology conference spring 2008
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From GPS to Maps and Beyond Delaware Instructional Technology Conference – Spring 2008. Thursday, April 10, 2008 Presenters: Miriam Pomilio and Nicole M. Minni. GIS in Education Subcommittee .

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From gps to maps and beyond delaware instructional technology conference spring 2008 l.jpg
From GPS to Maps and Beyond Delaware Instructional Technology Conference – Spring 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Presenters: Miriam Pomilio and Nicole M. Minni

Gis in education subcommittee l.jpg
GIS in Education Subcommittee

  • GIS professionals from state government, academia and private sectors dedicated to helping expand the use of GIS and other geospatial technologies in Delaware schools.

  • Assist with planning and carrying out classroom geospatial activities/lessons

  • Resource for educators

Outline l.jpg

  • Introductions

  • Presentation

  • Google – Excel to KML

  • ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education

  • Resources

  • Wrap up

  • Questions

Why is gps to gis important the connection l.jpg
Why is GPS to GIS Important… the connection

  • “Have students engaged in something meaningful that gives back to the community AND encompasses spatial thinking. ” Joseph Kerski, ESRI

  • Meaningful field experience, interdisciplinary topics

  • Visualize points in relation to other data.. Provides more than just a database

  • Ask questions

  • Begin to see relationships and patterns

  • Find Solutions to get the BIG IDEA!

Gps point ideas l.jpg
GPS Point Ideas

  • Historical Locations

  • Stormdrains

  • Riparian data collection i.e. trash, native plants, invasive plants

  • Trees/ shrubs

  • Building entrances

  • Discovery of insects and other critters

  • Parking lot use

  • Your neighborhood

  • Good and bad locations in a neighborhood


The data table for your gps points l.jpg
The data table for your GPS points

  • It is always good to have a paper back up when possible / feasible

  • Data includes: ID NUM, latitude, longitude, description or other notes, photographs

  • MS Excel to KML for Google

Google earth possibilities l.jpg
Google Earth possibilities

  • Google Earth – FREE - //

    • Can share with other classrooms around the world!!

  • Blackbird Creek Reserve

  • Historical Tours, Dover, Milton and Lewes

  • Miriam provides a demonstration

  • Now its your turn!

Geographic information systems gis l.jpg
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • GIS gives the end user the ability to think spatially, which approaches the process of problem solving. How?

    • Exploring

    • Investigating

    • Establishing questions

    • Obtaining conclusions

*Dueker, K. J., and D Kjerne, Multipurpose Cadastre Terms and Definitions, Am Soc for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and Am Congress on Surveying and Mapping, Falls Church, VA, 1989.

Gis ideas l.jpg
GIS Ideas

  • Historical Locations – understanding the history of your town, city, neighborhood

  • Water

    • Stormdrains

    • Riparian data collection i.e. trash, native plants, invasive plants - link between land and water

    • Discovery of bugs – soils, climate, seasons

  • Trees/ shrubs – shade buffer, seasonal timeline

  • Building entrances –handicap accessibility

  • Parking lot use – pervious vs. impervious

  • Your neighborhood

    • grocery stores, fire department, parks, etc.

    • Good and bad locations - helping kids stay safe and make good choices


Who uses gis l.jpg
Who Uses GIS

  • Before GIS technology, only a few people had the skills necessary to use geographic information to help with decision making and problem solving.

  • Today, GIS is a multi-billion-dollar industry employing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

  • GIS is taught in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world.

  • Professionals in many fields are increasingly aware of the advantages of thinking and working spatially.

London cholera epidemic 1854 map by dr john snow gis pioneer l.jpg



Cholera death

Water pump

London cholera epidemic 1854, map by Dr. John Snow, “GIS” pioneer

Examples of gis l.jpg
Examples of GIS

Municipal Planning

Ingram pond nature center l.jpg
Ingram Pond Nature Center

  • Bluebird nesting boxes

  • Osprey nesting sites

  • Bald Eagle nesting sites

Police l.jpg

Washington D.C. Area Sniper Shootings, 2002

Watershed analysis l.jpg
Watershed Analysis

Delaware k 12 students l.jpg
Delaware K-12 Students

Geographic inquiry l.jpg
Geographic Inquiry

  • Use GIS to answer your research question

    • Aquire geographic resources and data

    • Explorer geographic data

    • Analyze geographic information

    • Act upon geographic knowledge






Acquire geographic resources and data l.jpg
Acquire Geographic Resources and Data

  • What types of data do you think we will need to assist in our research question?

    • Stormwater management on the DelTech campus

    • Water, ponds, rivers, streams

    • Roads

    • Aerial photography

    • Watershed boundaries

    • Elevation

    • Other data for reference

      • i.e. Parks

Explorer and analyze geographic data l.jpg
Explorer and Analyze Geographic Data

  • Relationships

  • Patterns

  • Querying our data

    • What areas use which storm drain?

      • Understanding elevation and flow

    • Identify streams around the DelTech Campus

    • Which subwatershed does the DelTech Campus fall within?

    • How much area on campus is impervious surface?

    • Can we slow down the rate in which the stormwater moves?

Act upon knowledge l.jpg
Act Upon Knowledge

  • Outreach and Education

    • Placement of storm drain medallions

    • Opportunities to implement best management practices with the students

      • i.e. native plantings, pervious surfaces, etc.

    • Are there areas which more storm water could be captured, filtered and/or reused?

Arcexplorer java edition for education l.jpg
ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education

  • ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education – FREE -

    • Pan and zoom through multiple map layers

    • Query spatial and attribute data

    • Create a buffer around selected features

    • Measure distances on a map

    • Create map layers with one symbol, unique symbols, and graduated symbols

    • Label map features, with many options for effects (such as highway shields)

    • Locate an address

    • Incorporate image formats (BMP, TIFF, PNG, JPG, and GIF)

    • Save and retrieve projects

    • Print maps

    • Incorporate overview maps

    • Add legends, scale bars and north arrows

    • Quickly access the Geography Network, a collaborative system that connects users with data and services via the Internet

Hands on arcexplorer java edition for education l.jpg
Hands-on ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education

  • Nicole will demonstrate

  • Now it is your turn!

Gps resources l.jpg
GPS Resources

  • Play find your longitude


  • Geocaching Ideas


    • Apple Learning Interchange


  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Corpscon Web site


  • THE GIS 2 GPS Portal


  • GPS Lesson Plans


  • The Science Spot, Learning with GPS


  • NOVA Online, Find Your Longitude


  • Downloading directly from your Garmin unit


  • Getting started with Geocaching


Gis resources l.jpg
GIS Resources

  • Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

    • ArcExplorer -

  • What is GIS? – Flash Demo

  • Apple Learning Interchange – 4th Grade Land and Water Unit

    • //

  • Printable Map from the National Atlas

    • //

  • National Geographic Xpeditions Lesson Plans and printable maps


  • Thomson, Brooks/Cole – GIS Investigations for the Earth Sciences

    • //

  • Washington Nature Mapping Program

    • //

Gis resources cont l.jpg
GIS Resources cont.

  • Towson State University, Chesapeake Bay & Mid-Atlantic from Space K-12 Education

    • //

  • GIS@UD - //

  • Enchanted Learning – printouts for labeling


  • GISMAPED – a vehicle for providing professional development in the use of GIS as a teaching tool



  • University of Delaware, College of Martine and Earth Studies, K-12 Teaching Resources


  • Delaware Geographic Alliance


  • Evergreen Learning

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Thank youQuestions?