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NEW PEOPLE FOR A NEW DIRECTION ARE HERE !!!. PPP's Campaign Manifesto for Assin Central Elections 2012 – Ghana Candidate for MP of Assin Central: ROSINA AKOURKOR TEYE. WHO WE ARE . Who we are Vision and Mission of our Manifesto

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new people for a new direction are here


PPP's Campaign Manifesto for Assin Central

Elections 2012 – Ghana

Candidate for MP of Assin Central: ROSINA AKOURKOR TEYE

who we are
  • Who we are
  • Vision and Mission of our Manifesto
  • How can sound policies and programs brings about Development
  • For who is this manifesto written
  • Scope of the manifesto
  • Thematic action areas:
  • Education/ Training
  • Health
  • Youth Employment
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Sanitation
  • Leisure
  • Empowerment
  • The enabling condition for Development
what is in my heart

In this world, we wouldn’t feel, as so many of us do, that what happens around the world is somehow less real than what happens on our doorstep. We’d feel a sense of empowerment, that we’re all in this together, and that our choices really can change the direction the world moves in.

Global communication technologies now mean that we all know that millions of people are living without access to the basics. The suffering of a child in a community in ASSIN CENTRAL ought to be as abhorrent to us as the suffering of a child next door. From this starting point of connection, we might then naturally move on to ask the question we’d naturally ask if it were our friend in trouble: What can I do?

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference,

you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito.”

Your personal choices and actions make a difference. In our interconnected world, your actions and choices, and the actions and choices of the institutions and governments you choose to support (or not), will affect the lives of people both close to home and further afield.

“From a state of powerlessness that manifests itself

in a feeling of ‘I cannot’, activism contains an element

of collective self-confidence that results in a feeling

of ‘we can.’”

who we are1

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) is the new political party that has been formed by the 2008 flag bearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom

The motto of the PPP is “Prosperity in Peace. ” Its symbols consist of a full glowing red sun on a white background with red and white as its official colors

Vision of the Party: Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has a vision for a united Ghana and job creation. His slogan says “jobs, jobs, jobs

how can a sound policies brings about development

I would like to introduce you to our four years programs with emphasis placed on the concerns of the youth and the people of Assin Central.

Our manifesto is called THE SERIES

Aims to broaden awareness of these issues amongst individuals, their families and communities in Assin Central

We hope that by engaging individuals in this educational campaign, the key messages will flow out into their communities and help to build a well informed and pro-active society that is prepared to take responsibility for its own impact in the community. We aim to empower people to take action in support of development efforts throughout community . By promoting an understanding of the role that individuals can play, we hope they will go on to make informed; choices with the knowledge of how their actions impact in the community around them.

for who is this manfiesto written

Young Girls, youth, children and Women: girls and women make up of more than half the population of Assin Central. They are unique and distinctive individuals with rights and responsibilities. Without gender parity in our community, other areas of Assin Central development goals will not be achieved. The manifesto seeks to address women Physiological and economic Empowerment.

People with disability constitute a significant proportion in our community. They are faced with numerous challenges including stigmatization and discrimination, they are deprived of fundamental human rights: yet a empowered disabled can become a key actor in the fight against poverty and drivers of change.

Youth: youth every where have aspiration and wants to participate fully in the lives of their societies. Youth are key agents for social change , economic development and technological innovations. Youth in Assin Central should live under conditions that encourages their imagination, ideals, energy and vision to flourish to benefit of their societies.

The aged: most often we do turn to forget about the old people in the community. In my period as an Member of parliament, more focus will be given to the aged and their views will be considered when under taking any development project within the community.

Everybody, considering the different types of people living in the community, my term of office is all inclusive participation. Each individual views will be heard from the bottom up approach.

scope of the manifesto

Our manifesto seeks to address issues with regards to:

  • leadership and Governance
  • Empowerment
  • Education/ Training
  • Health
  • Youth Employment
  • Sanitation
  • Infrastructure
  • leisure

With emphasis placed on the

  • Girls and young women
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Disable
  • Aged

With effective collaboration with the Assembly, non governmental organisation(NGO) Faith based organisation, corporate bodies and individual living within the community and individuals living in the Diaspora.

thematic area empowerment

Women: the necessary room will be creating to enable women take advantage of the opportunities that abounds in the areas of:

  • Vocational
  • Agriculture: cassava processing machine, oil production,
  • Micro finance
  • Leadership training / workshops, seminars , fora, mentoring programs and conference . Women empowerment radio program, “leave no women behind’’.

Youth: new and existing platforms will be judicially utilize to the advantage of the youth of Assin. In this vain, the necessary linkages shall be exploited to make sure that no youth is left behind. The capacities and specialties of youth shall be access and played on the right footings

A sizeable number of these youth will be equip in the following areas as and when the needs arises or based on individual needs

  • ICT
  • Micro finance
  • Self help initiatives
  • Agriculture
  • Vocational trade
  • Children : Boys and girls mentoring clubs in schools
  • Through the information for transformation coaching SERIES programs
  • Educational debate SERIES to test the pulse of the children and boast their moral : thereby stimulating leadership capacity building awareness mentoring among them

Aged: age is nothing but a number, and so I belief aging must be given a second look at . I hope to use my term of office to reverse the antiquated . The observance of world day of the aged will be celebrated with the community and religious bodies. Aside this the aged will be grouped into different cluster based on their technical know how where time will be use for productive ventures to help me with their basic needs.

thematic area education

1. Institute educational funds for needy but brilliant student:


As the MP will contribute monthly to the funds-via MP’s common fund and in some cases Municipal Assembly common funds

Encourage our brothers and sisters living in the Diaspora to contribute to the fund through a simple transfer mechanism. We will plead with them to at least pay GHc 1 into the fund, any time they send money to their relatives. GHc 1 will be deducted from source and pay into a special account.

Sale of land/lease property in trust : Encourage chiefs to make a little contribution toward the fund through a small quota placed on each land sold in the community.

Text support: Consultation with telecommunication network to give a special code to enable individuals to text to make donation, online donation through a click of the like bottom of the Educational funds page. Normal phone users will subscribe to a certain code, while making a call 2 Pesewa will be deducted to support the fund

Cooperate bodies funding

To lobby for the accessibility of the Foso Training college and Immigration school quota for the indigenes of ASSIN youth .

Exponential Education:

Students have a difficult time passing the BECE, and many students have a difficult time with their basics. The introduction of this education will select weak student in the various basic school and given extra tuition to help them in their basic subject like Mathematics, English and science. This unique initiative will provide free, individualized tutoring to JSS students in order for them to master their basic Math, English skills and Science.

Therefore JSS students receive a qualified tutor that is part of their community. This SSS student is easy to relate to, close in age, and understands their situation well. Best of all, the students can feel at ease to ask extra questions while in their small groups.

Per program, we will hire 4 to 5 SSS students, and they each tutor 5 to 6 JSS students. So 5 SSS student are tutoring 30 JSS students, all for minimal cost. Students will receive scholarships, becoming community leaders, and receiving tutoring in order to bridge the gaps that might be present in their remedial knowledge.

The SSS students after the course receive scholarship to pay for their next term school fees in their various secondary schools

building a creche in the new market and communities

Education is literally a stepping stone to a better life, children under 0-5 most are routinely denied. There are so many benefits from early childhood education that it is hard to know where to begin. With consideration to the women in the market, I will liaise with the assembly to get a located area to build a three unit crèche for the women in the market to send their babies to the place whiles they work to make money.

More over, various communities under my constituency where there is no early childhood facilities. I will build a three unit classroom to serve as a crèche for at least 4 communities during my term in office.

Formation of girls and boy mentoring clubs in junior high, senior high and technical schools.

Introduction of Adult education for school drop out, older women and men who are interested to learn how to read and write.


Build a Breast Cancer Centre for women to access , with their National Health Insurance Cards.

Radio health program to educate women about the signs and symptoms of pregnancies and it complication: to help in the attainment of Millennium Development Goal 4and 5. this program will be under the health directorate.

Traditional birth attendant and qualified periodic training to ensure zero death in birth

Youth friendly centre, immediately under my administration, I will write to the Assembly to give us an office to set up this youth friendly centre.

Miss ASSIN beauty pageant will be turn to respond to other health and teaming developmental needs such as MISS HIV/AIDS Ambassador to campaign for attitudinal change among the youth sexuality and the entire population .

Encourage NGO’s to come up with healthy program to help fight various health issues, education and jobs creation. Build NGO capacities ; give recommendation letter from my office and the Assembly to help NGO’s to secure funds to under take project. An MOU will be sign with every NGO’s who wants recommendation letter and relevant document to secure fund with an agreement that external auditor will audit them of the funds and monitor.


youth employment

Poverty is pain; it feels like a disease. It attacks a person not only materially but also morally. It eats away one’s dignity and drives one into total despair

  • A special committee will be set up identify various tourism potentials that abounds in the constituency, development it to create jobs where they will mined by prospective local youth
  • through this initiative ASSIN central will branded to attract more investment to come and venture into local business set ups that can influence positive job creation aside other interventions.
  • Youth in ICT and MEDIA: Revamp and stock the Municipal computer center. With more computers. ICT literacy should be seen as part of the effort to foster a contemporary definition of citizenship.
  • Establishing of a Municipal secretariat school in the municipality with affiliation from University of Cape Coast and accredited by the national accreditation board. In the first two year, the college location will be at the municipal computer library
  • Phone and Computer repairs Training: Will select one youth from every community to learn phone repairs under the RLG phone repairs program. Train youth in computer hardware and software.
Support youth in the various field like dressmaking, hair dressing, carpentry, mansion and other profession with the needed support in terms of tools.
  • Will commit to the youth hour weekly program held at NKWA Fm and any other station available at my time.
  • Youth in agriculture: reopen the agriculture information center to give information to youth
  • Dialogue with the chiefs to lease lands for the youth to go into farming.
  • Formation of youth groups to seek donor support.
environment and sanitation

Initiating programs to promote youth participation in tree planting, eco-tourism and recycling and other sound environmental practices.

Prioritizing support for local project that improve water availability and build capacity at the community level.

Encourage the youth to research into the various forms of biogas production.

Creation of awards programs to recognized young people for project which demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

I will support the spread of environmentally sound technologies in protecting the environment and conserving resources. This is a challenge to young ones to bring about initiative .

  • Improve upon existing ones such
  • Social amenities
  • Economic empowerment structures
  • Educational buildings likes crèche and many more when resources is available
  • World bank funds support the construction of roads. Will seek extra funds from the institution to complement government budget a located to the road construction within the township. Good roads will create job opportunity for the young taxi drivers.
  • I will collaborate with the two constituency members of parliament to lobby and build a power sub station in Assin Foso to help solve the frequent power outage to save a lot of business from folding up.
leadership and collective governance

To serve my people better, I will like to create an office responsible for receiving your input for the necessary action and follow ups

Leadership, capacity building , and workshop will be organized for the youth to actively engage them in active participation, youth advocacy , active citizenship and accountability workshops.

Again collectively communities engagement to understand the needs and aspiration will be pursued to serve the interest of the populace and to serve as a reflection of the guinea of needs of the people on the ground.

Equally important is the fact that, I will term of office to encourage a peoples assemble where representation of every community is assured to discuss issues and finding lasting solutions to addressing the each communities needs or brought our my attention.

As I seek to represent your mandate in parliament, I will make myself available quarterly to disclose the necessary transactions which takes place there for you perusal . increasingly, I take the opportunities to tell you about the inroads of my interventions as pertain to this constituency.

I equally will like to use existing structures and stakeholders to generate ideas and solutions that is timely and would go along way to better the lives of our people.

Any noticeable opportunities that will come my way will be definitely be made known to potential community members to be part and parcel of and at the end of the come back to invest knowledge and skills acquired to change the fortunes of our communities positively and in the best interest of peak development


All available communities spaces will be given a face lift to attract usage by the youth and other interested parties.

Making available all leisure promotional materials : identify youth clubs and groups will be resource with sporting materials of which intend will be used to promote healthy competitions among

Making available to schools sporting materials

Assin special talent hunt day: most notable public holidays will be used to organized participatory activities that can help to unearth talent of the indigenes of Assin: the establishment of sport academy to help identify, build and mentor sport personality in various discipline.

Disseminated centre where resource is anticipated to be provided: where people will have access to it through out the week to afford people to cool off, socialized and children having the opportunity to do their school work back by community volunteers .

Encourage school excursion to afford student the opportunity to network with other student.


Dear people of Assin Central,

We always have to thank Almighty God for choosing His people to lead and to serve for betterment of a local or a national causes and issues, so, that most of the population will be enabled to receive and to give as much as possible to benefit each other.

If we help each other in love and honesty manners, then there will be no such adversities that can't be removed from our midst or addressed properly to uproot such evil or wrongful meaning about it.

There is an old proverb which says "To understand something you need KNOWLEDGE, but to feel it, you need EXPIRIENCE".I have been with you all this time around for a while, and many knew me well what commitments has been done and how did I work humbly and serviceably through my little NGO (Dolly Foundation).

Some years back until now it has been a pleasure to feel your needs and tried to solve as many

as possible due to lack of personal resources, but all was and is possible when God is in presence.

Now, that I make a choice to find another level of public service to you all people of Assin Foso, let us all stand together to bear united front for a new direction of your lives and entire district with new people who arise in the country and leadership of Honourable Dr. Paa Kwesi Ndoum.

I am ever ready to be part of your success and new stories that can bring joy and peace to build our District Assin Central with a face of honesty, diligence, truth and prosperity in actions for Peace!

Do not look at the new organized party PPP as impossible adventure; rather see who is driving the car for Assin Central in the Parliament. Your vote is so much important for development here and now, and not for my personal gains. Do not count me as a corruptible woman with wrong ambitions!

Try me and see what POSITIVE and LONG-TERM PROJECTS can be achieved with my efforts and your supports. WE should stop politics of selfish interests and omnipotent crimes that are hidden from the eyes of this nation, but to reveal the TRUTH and live in total light of eliminating such diabolic attitudes from our society.

We need help of God and your votes to clear the way for growth of moral values in children’s, adults and aged people with due respects to your deeds and not words. We are called to work together on those issues and let us not faint neither slumber on this task. Our duty is to build responsible CITIZENSHIP FOR STABLE GOVERNANCE AND DEMOCRACY in Creative environment with no pressure of wrong doings, and having visionary direction to lead you

All in true righteousness, meaningful FREEDOM and JUSTICE in the original ideas only. Democracy is about your participation and acknowledgement of all steps for elected representative to do on your behalf in the democratic institutions for bringing out better policies that enables and empowers your status of living and correlating with each other for a vital and strong society.

TODAY is your chance to know about POWERFUL action you should all do on coming December 7th:

vote for NEW PEOPLE - vote for ROSINA AKOURKOR TEYE and your progress and success with PPP !!!