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Unit 37

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Unit 37

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  1. Unit 37 Plumbing

  2. Introduction Plumbing: installing and repairing pipe and fixtures Pipe: rigid tube like material Fitting: a part used to connect pieces of pipe, or other objects, to pipe Tubing: pipe that is flexible enough to bend

  3. Tools Useful plumbing tools Bench yoke vise – Taps Chain vise – Dies Chain wrench – Ratchet die stock Hacksaw – Flaring tool and block File Pipe cutter Reamer Tubing cutter

  4. Identifying Pipe Common pipe sizes: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, 6 inches Steel pipe: purchased as black or galvanized galvanized resists rust Copper: referred to as tubing; often used for water lines purchased in soft or rigid form available in types K, L, and M Plastic: easiest to install; often used in water systems

  5. Pipe Fittings Adaptors: connect pipes of different types Bushings and reducers: connect pipes of different sizes Elbow, ell, tee, and Y: connect pipes coming from different directions Coupling and union: connect similar pipes Plug: closes a fitting Cap: closes a pipe

  6. Water Systems Caution! Certain types of water may react with certain pipe materials Faucets: used to manually control water flow; may need occasional tightening or replacement of O rings Basic parts: handle, stem, packing nut, packing bonnet, washer, washer screw, seat, body Float valve assemblies: used to automatically control water flow; may need tightening of the nut or replacement of gasket Basic parts: body, diaphragm, washer valve, float

  7. Water Systems (continued) Flush valves: control water used in flushing processes; may need to flip the trip lever, clean parts, or replace Often do not seat properly, thereby allowing water to flow continuously

  8. Septic Systems Accommodates human waste, toilet paper, and shredded garbage from a disposal System: solids decompose and settle in septic tank; water flows to distribution box and onto field drains, wells, or through gravel beds Urban systems usually connected to a street sewer line that feeds into a municipal sewerage treatment plant Maintenance—remove sludge periodically Keep away from water well

  9. Important Terms Nominal: identifying ID: inside diameter OD: outside diameter Black pipe: steel pipe painted black, has little resistance to rusting Galvanized pipe: steel pipe coated with zinc, resists rust Standard pipe: steel pipe Diaphragm: flat piece of rubber that creates a seal between a moving part and a nonmoving part

  10. Important Terms (continued) Extra heavy or double extra heavy: steel pipe with thicker walls Compression fitting: grips pipe by compressing a special collar with a threaded nut Plastic pipe: all pipe made from synthetic material Nipple: short piece of pipe Pipe dope or teflon tape: used to make a watertight seal Faucet: controls water flow from pipe or container

  11. Important Terms (continued) Valve: controls water flow in a pipe O ring: piece of rubber that fits into a groove on a shaft or in a housing Packing: soft, slippery, wear-resistant material Faucet washer: rubberlike part that creates a seal when pressed against a metal seat Seat: nonmoving part that is designed to seal when a moving part is pressed against it Aerators: mix air with water as it comes from the faucet to create a smooth stream