cells and their organelles l.
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Cells and Their Organelles PowerPoint Presentation
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Cells and Their Organelles

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Cells and Their Organelles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cells and Their Organelles. By: M. K. Curious George. Know-It-All Georgette. Introduction. Plant cells are eukaryotic. They have 13 parts to them, this is not including the parts within the organelles. Now, each slide will have information on one of the 13 organelles.

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Cells and Their Organelles

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cells and their organelles
Cells and Their Organelles

By: M. K.

Curious George

Know-It-All Georgette


Plant cells are eukaryotic. They have 13 parts to them, this is not including the parts within the organelles.

Now, each slide will have information on one of the 13 organelles.

We’ll start from the inside and work our way outside.


  • You should know what this part does.. ALL THE THINKINGAND BOSSING AROUND.
  • It tells the cell to eat, drink and takes out all of it’s waste (or store the waste.)
  • Without the Nucleusthe whole cell would be out of control. The cell wouldn’t know when its hungry and if it had to do its waste.


rough smooth endoplasmic reticulum ribosome
Rough/Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum & Ribosome

These big words might scare you, but have no fear I am here, to explain.

The rough Endoplasmic Reticulum have little spherical ribosome on them which make it bumpy, that’s why they are called “rough” the ribosome on the Endoplasmic reticulum are there to create proteins for the whole cell.

The smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum doesn’t make proteins therefore, doesn’t need the ribosome on itself. It just creates hormones and fatty acids. The fatty acids are oily, making the Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum smooth.

You may be wondering “what does this organelle do. What it does is transport calcium, ions and other thing like that. Think of it as a highway!


Buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrpppp… Whoa what was that?

That, my friend is a very, very satisfied Vacuole the more it eats the more bigger its stomach gets the less it eats the more flabbier its stomach gets. So basically it acts like a balloon

Did you know that young plant cells usually have many small vacuoles, but as the cells mature, the vacuoles almost fuses into one large central vacuole!

Also they don’t only store foods but their wastes, now that’s gross!


This organelle is very rare in Plant Cells but common in Animal cells. It’s job is to kill bacteria that attacks the cells, now you can probably see why it’s rare in plant cells. Not many bacteria would be after plants. Try to think of a Lysosome as a warrior.

golgi apparatus
Golgi Apparatus

This organelles looks a lot like Endoplasmic Reticulum but it’s functions are similar to the Vacuole. It packages, stores, secretes (releases stuff out of its pores) and makes the cell products. I can’t really think what this resembles, guess this is the only one you have to memorize! I guess you could say it’s like a packaging factory.


Mitochondria provide the energy a cell needs to move, divide and produce. Here I’ll give you a better explanation. You could call them the power plant of the cell. It helps the Cell get energy, it’s what allows the cell to do all types of activities. The size of a Mitochondria is similar to a bacteria . These battery like organelles come in different shapes.


Chloroplasts tell what their role is right in their name you might not have guessed but they produce chlorophyll this the substance needed in a plant to give it a green, fresh looking color. This organelle has a membrane of its own.


Awwww man, my bag just ripped, guess I carried to many things in it. Everything happens to me!

Like why doesn’t it happen to these Plant Cells, they have such a thin, leafy layer?

First of all those cells are way more organized and careful than you are, they don’t stuff everything inside themselves, hoping it’ll fit in.

They may have lots of parts but they can hold it. This is because they have a membrane which is like skin. The role for this organelle is to keep everything in, inside and everything out, outside, kind of like a thermos.


“Finally away from that brainiac Georgette! This swimming pool is so soothing.

“Hey George, where were you?”

“Away from you-I mean away from the pollution”

“ Oh I see, you know this swimming pool is a lot like cytoplasm and we’re like the little proteins or particles in it. When we’re not needed, we just sit in the cytoplasm waiting for us to be needed kind of like sitting in a swimming pool until your mom calls you .”

“Yeeeeaaahhh, mentioning that I think I’m needed somewhere far away (from Georgette)!”

the cell wall
The Cell Wall

The Cell wall is like a membrane but unlike the membrane which holds just the cytoplasm and the things inside it, the cell wall holds everything. It’s almost like a gift wrapper which wraps up everything just like this presentation.

Thank-You (for those who paid any attention whatsoever!)