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Broadband Fiber Access Network Solution - Passive Optical Network (PON) - PowerPoint Presentation
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Broadband Fiber Access Network Solution - Passive Optical Network (PON) -

Broadband Fiber Access Network Solution - Passive Optical Network (PON) -

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Broadband Fiber Access Network Solution - Passive Optical Network (PON) -

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  1. Broadband Fiber Access Network Solution - Passive Optical Network (PON) - NEC Corporation

  2. FTTx is happening NOW! • Fiber deployment in access network is more rapid than expected • Over 10% broadband installations are FTTx (Source: DSL Forum) • Fiber-to-the-home networks will reach more than 85 million homes by 2011, representing 5% of all households, Heavy Reading forecasts • Cable Operators considering FTTH/FTTB for Greenfield deployments • Facing strong competition – Telcos are now offering or plan to offer multi-play services over fiber • Higher bandwidth demand continue to drive the innovation in cable industry • DOCSIS 3.0 migration slower than expected • Fiber is perceived as the ultimate access pipe to home • Asia Pacific is leading the way in FTTH deployments • Japan and Korea are main drivers; China will catch-up • Number of Asian FTTH users will grow eightfold in the next five years, from five million in 2005 to more than 40 million in 2010 (Source: TDG) • NTT expects to have 30 million subscribers by end of 2010 • Next generation broadband networks in US and Europe are FTTx based • FTTH: Verizon, France Telecom • FTTN: AT&T, Telecom Italia, DT

  3. FTTx Options Splitter/ Active Switch Fiber FTTH GEPON/GPON/Ethernet IP Network Includes fiber to both individual houses and to apartment blocks (aka FTTH) Splitter/ Active Switch Ethernet ONU GEPON/GPON/Ethernet Fiber FTTB IP Network To an office/apartment block IPDSLAM FTTN IP Network GEPON/GPON/Ethernet ADSL2+/VDSL2 Up to about 1,500 meters from the premises Cabinet FTTC GEPON/GPON/Ethernet IP Network ADSL2+/VDSL2 Up to about 150 meters from the premises (aka FTTCab)

  4. FTTx Growth in Japan Mainly GEPON FTTx overtook DSL

  5. Revenue of DoCoMo Time to market NTT is seeing revenue for mobile service is saturated.It is expected to grow Broadband market of FTTH in particular. It is recommended to start FTTH service from now even by small start, but by doing this keep know-how and experience for mass adaptation.

  6. FTTx Market Drivers • New revenue source for Fixed Operators • Triple play service • World wide deployment • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure • Governmental policy to drive Broadband

  7. Overview of Wired Access Network ADSL 5~6km Split 32 channels A few hundreds m Station 20km VDSL PON

  8. Comparison between Wired Access Systems

  9. Service Area Expansion ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU ONU Service Coverage 50 40 24 12 8 1 ADSL Service Area: Limited Distance & Speed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 km ADSL ADSL ADSL Mbps Max.1000 20 km 16 Times the ADSL Service Area

  10. Image of Optical Access Service VoIP network VoIP 10/100BASE VoIP Priority Management by QoS Transit NW Local Office ONU Premise Internet Internet 10/100/1000BASE Multi-ServiceAggregation SW OLT Assurance of bandwidth/ QoS by DBA HGW BBR ≪Gigabit Internet Service≫ IP STB ≪Internet+VoIP Service≫ ≪Triple Play Service≫ HGW:Home Gate WayBBR:Broad Band RouterSTB:Set Top Box

  11. Image of Optical Access Service with VDSL Apartment with copper cable Business buildings Internet 10/100BASE Video Source VoIP network Max. 100MGbps Local Office Transit NW VDSL (CPE) ≪Gigabit Internet Service≫ SW Internet OLT BBR In building Splitter Assurance of bandwidth/ QoS by DBA ≪Internet+VoIP Service≫ Max. 1Gbps HGW IGMP snooping IP STB Fiber built Apartment VoIP 10/100BASE ≪Triple Play Service≫ HGW:Home Gate WayBBR:Broad Band RouterSTB:Set Top Box VDSL(+ONU)

  12. PON Technology Comparison GE-PON is the best suited technology for Ethernet service delivery.  Eliminates unnecessary loss due to fragmentation of Ethernet frame, overhead bytes and complicated encapsulation  Simplified layer structure for simplified management  Bandwidth expansion to Gigabit Ethernet EFM : Ethernet in the First Mile GEM : G-PON Encapsulation Method

  13. PON or EPON • IEEE-based GEPON (E-PON) • IEEE 802.3ah • GE-PON 1310/1490nm • Ethernet-based 1Gbps, Specific to Ethernet service . • ITU-T-Based GPON • ITU-T G.984 • G-PON 1310/1490 nm • Generic Frame with 2.4Gbps / 1.2Gbps • Full services (Ethernet, T1/E1, DS3/E3, ATM, ISDN) • ATM and Ethernet frames are encapsulated into generic frame • Since Ethernet / legacy-dedicated line can be accommodated, American and European regions are supposed to deploy G-PON based FTTH.

  14. G-PON vs GE-PON:Why GE-PON? GE-PON: “Widely deployed” • Key Benefits • Low Risk • Low CAPEX and OPEX • Built for Ethernet Infrastructure • Multi-point variant of Ethernet Technology WHY? Simplicity Proven Technology Cost Advantage “GE-PON is still the dominant [FTTH] technology, and this trend will not change in the next two years,” Dittberner said Source:

  15. G-PON vs GE-PON:Why G-PON? G-PON: “ITU-T Standardized Higher Service rate” • Key Benefits • Higher down stream (2G for 64split) • More suitable for IPTV • E1 accommodation by native WHY? 2G Down stream Interoperability ATM/Ether/TDM Accommodation

  16. G-PON vs GE-PON:Technologies and Targeted Applications

  17. G-PON vs GE-PON : NEC Standing position • Depend on the Carrier’s policy • Filed experience by GE-PON in Japan • ATM Base IP DSALM/MSAN enhancement to support G-PON • Participating Standardization activity both ITU-T and IEEE. • Recognize both technology has Pros and Cons GE-PON : Fast Deployment, Matured technology, Lower cost G-PON : TDM Accommodation, migration from ADSL/MSAN to FTTx

  18. FTTx Solution with GEPON VoIP VoIP VoIP IPTV IPTV IPTV PC PC PC IPTV FTTH ONU 20 km, 1:32 splits or 10 km, 1:64 splits VoIP PC Central Office ME2200 (OLT) ONU 101i IP Network Splitter Soft Switch ONU 1001i 1490nm ONU 2004i 1310nm Optical Distribution Network ME2100 (OLT) ONU 404i ONU 804i MN9300 Internet WDM FTTB IPTV 1,550nm Video Amplifier CATV Headend ONU 208i ONU 2024i Key Features Key Differentiators • 1.25Gbps downstream/upstream • IEEE 802.3ah compliant • Triple play ready • IP over Ethernet • Market Leader • Partnership with GEPON MAC Chip Vendor and Optical Transceiver • L2/L3 switching and QOS

  19. GEPON Technology Overview NB GEPON Access Network Structure CC: Cross Connect Voice NB: Narrow Brand GEPON Up Stream 1310nm ONU BB: Broad Brand Upstream (TDMA) Data Up to 1:64 Splitter ration CC Video OLT GbE ONU GEPON Down Stream 1490nm BB Voice Access Node Downstream (Broadcast 802.3 frames) ONU Data 0-20 Km physical reach range

  20. GEPON based e2e Triple Play Solution Phone (via ATA) PC IPTV FTTB Application (Cat5 Access) Internet Optical Fiber ONU 2024i Phone PC IPTV FTTH Application (Fiber Access) 1:N PON Splitter EPON Link ONU 404i Soft Switch ME2200 (GEPON OLT) Office Network GE IPTV FTTH Application (Business Service) Encoder ONU 2004i Phone PC IPTV Video Headend FTTB Application (Coax & Twisted-pair Access) GE VDSL ONU 1001i

  21. High-Speed Internet Service • Key HSI Functions • PPPoE Client • NAPT Support • QinQ VLAN Tagging STB ONU 404i Internet 1:N PON Splitter EPON Link BRAS Edge Router ME2200 (GEPON OLT) PPPoE PC BRAS ONU (DHCP Server NAPT)

  22. VoIP Service Application • Key VoIP Functions • SIP or MGCP Support • Voice Packetization • QinQ VLAN Tagging SOFT SWITCHING STB ONU 404i SIP or MGCP 1:N PON Splitter EPON Link Edge Router ME2200 (GEPON OLT) Softswitch ONU SIP/MGCP (IP or PPPoE)

  23. IPTV Service Application • Key IPTV Functions • Multicast VLAN • QinQ VLAN Tagging • IGMP Snooping and Proxy • Controlled Multicast  Channel Preview, Conditional Access, etc. IPTV Platform IP Headend STB ONU 404i 1:N PON Splitter EPON Link Multicast Server Multicast Router ME2200 (GEPON OLT) PIM IGMP IGMP STB IGMP Snooping IGMP Proxy IGMP Snooping

  24. SFU Triple Play Application: Voice, Data and Video (RF Overlay ) 54 to 870MHz CATV over 1550nm SCTE 55-1, SCTE 55-2, DOCSIS Return Paths over 1590nm 4-5 TV sets Capability to Remotely Turn off the RF Subsystem GEPON based RF-overlay solution Cable Headend PC GEPON OLT RF enabled ONU 1490/1310 nm FE 1:N Splitter Quadplexer IP Network POTS Phone WDM Coax STB EDFA DNCS 1550 nm RF Video Digital/Analog TV (SD, HD) Return Path Receiver Optical Transmitter 1590 nm Optical Receiver Customer Premise • Optical Conversion Solution using 1590nm • Technology Agnostic: Works for all Return Path technologies: SCTE 55-1, 55-2, DOCSIS Solution Highlights Technology Agnostic Enhanced User Experience • Single BOX delivers Voice, Video and Data services: Easy to Install, Provision and Maintain • Reuse of existing Headend Forward and Return Path Infrastructure and STB. • Use one Fiber for delivering everything. Investment Protection

  25. GEPON NMS MN9300 (GEPON EMS) • Provide GUI Interface to the operators • Issues management operation directives • Receives notification from OAMP Agent OAMP Agent (GEPON Agent) • Manages the associated managed objects inside the GEPON network • Send response to the directives issued by MN9300 • Send notifications reflecting the behavior of these managed objects • Topology Management • Inventory Management • Configuration Management • Fault management • Performance Management • Diagnostic Management • Log Management • Security Management • System Management • ONU Management • NBI for OSS Integration • Online Help • Provisioning Tool to support Batch Provision and Upgrade

  26. Giga-FTTH configuration Giga FTTH condominium Site house Ethernet 1Gbit/s is shared with max 32 users Ethernet or VDSL or • Wide Coverage Area => up to 10/20km • Large Capacity Broadband Access • => 1Gbps for up/downlink • Suitable downlink speed for high capacity Internet application • Effective 30Mbps bandwidth (Average for 32 channel)

  27. Japan ExperienceVDSL Deployment 100/100M data rates over 200m in-building copper loop Apartment Lifeline POTS (Used if broadband fails) Customer Premise Telephone FE ~200m VDSL FE Internet FE Outdoor cabinet or building equipment room VDSL ONU VDSL CPE Home Gateway IPTV STB FE : 100BaseTX cabling Closer CO 100 fibers 100 fibers 1 fiber 200m 1800m Drop Cable20m

  28. NGN towards an all IP based multi-service network Today Vertical Networks (single service) Applications Service Service Service Service … B2B B2C B2E Home IMS Service Platform Access Network, Backhaul Network Wireless/Optical/IP Network Mobile Fixed 2G2.5G Metal Mobile Fixed Data Net WLAN,WMAN Fixed Telephony DSL 3G 3.5G S3G U3G Fiber 4G WiMAX WiFi Optical/IP Network Multi-reach WDM, ROADM, WXC Multi Service Transport Platform, GMPLS Multi Service Aggregation Switch G/GE-PON, Multi Service Access Node Wireless Network Access Microwave Radio Trunk Microwave Radio WiMAX IPRNC Fixed Telephone PC PDA Mobile Optical/IP/Wireless Integration Tomorrow Horizontal Network (multi-services) NEC realize the End to End NGN Solution