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  1. IT WORKS!!! Virgene Mulligan ARS International Vice President, Laboratory Services


  3. The Players

  4. We’ve laughed together. . .

  5. And we’ve cried together

  6. But the objectives have always been the same: • To Provide Consistent Quality throughout the DOE Complex • To Develop a Unique Cooperation between the DOE and the Subcontractor communities

  7. What is Cooperation? • Teamwork (Cooperation): Active participation in, and facilitation of, team effectiveness; taking actions that demonstrate consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Active cooperation by every member is vital to team success.

  8. Why is cooperation important? • It increases productivity • It builds a stable infrastructure • It aids in development of a vision • It promotes success not failure

  9. Key elements of effective cooperation • Commitment and Trust • Communication • Diversity • Adaptability • Creative Freedom

  10. Commitment and Trust • Everyone must be fully committed to achieving the goals • There must be trust among the participants • Probably the most difficult to attain but in the long run, the most beneficial • It has taken several years to get close. . .Needed buy-in from DOE, the sites, the laboratories and the TSDFs

  11. Communication • There must be open lines of communication • There should never be a hesitancy to communicate not only issues and concerns, but also successes • DOECAP has always promoted open communication at all phases of the program • The biggest issue is listening

  12. Diversity • A wide range of competencies promotes a the ability to meet a wide range of challenges • DOE has recognized the varied competencies of its auditors, the laboratories and the TSDFs and uses those competencies to benefit the program • In addition, the audited community has acknowledged the unique capabilities of the laboratories and TSDFs and has begun to work together to support DOE

  13. Adaptability • Change is unavoidable • Must be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions • Adaptability goes hand-in-hand with commitment and trust and is another area that still needs to evolve in the DOECAP community – There is still an apparent resistance to change

  14. Creative Freedom • All members should be able to think creatively and trust others to listen openly to their thoughts • DOE provides forums for input • Annual Meeting • Document review (QSAS) • Direct communication with the DOECAP operations team • Again, trust is an important factor and we are not completely there yet

  15. In Conclusion: • While there are several areas that can still be improved, the overall successes definitely outweigh the limitations • The audited community has realized considerable improvements since the onset of the DOECAP program • The quality of services provided to the DOE has been improved exponentially • Beneficial relationships have been created between all parties