it really works n.
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It really works! PowerPoint Presentation
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It really works!

It really works!

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It really works!

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  1. It really works! Health problems; medication and remedies; products in a pharmacy

  2. Agenda Welcome back!! • Warm-up • Common health problems • Listening • Discussion and giving health advice • Play a board game!

  3. Warm Up-10 things • Tell a partner 10 things you did last week. • Anything: I slept, I took a shower, I saw a movie. • Your partner will listen, tell you 5 things, but they cannot be the same things.

  4. Common Health Problems Can you identify the following problems?

  5. Common Health Problems Can you identify the following problems?

  6. Common Health Problems • With a partner, talk about the health problems you have had recently. • What do you do for the health problems you checked? • How many times have you been sick in the past year?

  7. Listening • What’s the matter with Steve? • How long has Steve been sick? • How often should Steve take the medicine? • What does Carla suggest he should do? • What does Steve decide to do?

  8. Infinitive Complements Tell me… What should you do for a cold?

  9. Possible Answers Phrase +Infinitive It’s important to get a lot of rest. It’s sometimes helpfulto eat garlic soup. It’s a good idea to take some Vitamin C.

  10. Difficult Situations What do you do when…? • You feel very stressed • You have an argument with a friend. • It’s 2:00 am and you can’t sleep • Someone standing near you faints • You need to study, but you can’t concentrate.

  11. What do you suggest? • Listen and practice. • Listen to the pharmacist talk to the next customer. What does the customer want?

  12. Modal Verbs can, could, may for requests; suggestions Can/may I help you? Can I have a box of cough drops? Could I have something for a cough? May I have a bottle of aspirin?

  13. Listening- “Try this!” • Listen to four people talk about a pharmacist. Check each person’s problem. • Listen again. What does the pharmacist suggest for each person?

  14. Writing-A letter to an advice columnist Dear Fix-it Fred, I have a problem and need your advice. What do you suggest for losing weight? My friends say I look fine, but I don’t think so. I’ve tried several diets, but they don’t just work for me. I’m desperate! Can you please help? Not Slim Jim

  15. Writing-A letter to an advice columnist Dear Fix-it Fred, Several months ago, I moved to another town to start college. I call my boyfriend back home every weekend. Now he says the distance is too great and we should break up. I want to stay together. What do you suggest? Heartbroken