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Welcome. Safety Management Systems S.M.S Presented by Malcolm Rusby European Safety Director TAG Aviation. The JAR-OPS Requirement. Safety Management.

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Safety Management Systems S.M.S Presented by Malcolm RusbyEuropean Safety Director TAG Aviation

safety management
Safety Management
  • The Safety Management System requirement :
  • JAR-OPS 1.037 requires an “Accident Prevention Program”
safety management1
Safety Management
  • JAR-OPS 1.037 also requires :
  • The Operator shall have a program to achieve and maintain risk awareness by all persons involved in the Companies business,
  • An occurrence reporting scheme which has a anonymous element.
safety management2
Safety Management
  • Further JAR-OPS 1.037 requirements :
  • Evaluation of relevant information relating to Incidents and Accidents and the Promulgation of Safety related information.
  • A Person accountable for managing the Program.
safety management3
Safety Management
  • 1999 Management of Health and Safety at work Act which includes :
  • Risk Assessment and SMS
  • Driven by E.U. Directives
  • Includes Fire Awareness and Safety Management.
cap 712
CAP 712
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Commercial Air Transport Operations.
introduction to s m s
Introduction to S.M.S
  • A working SMS will Improve communication across your Company“ Harmonisation “
  • Creates / Promotes Safety Policy and Culture
  • People orientated organisation “Ownership”
  • Meets corporate objectives and initiatives
safety infrastructure





Safety Officers

s m s the building blocks
S.M.S the Building Blocks



Safety Risk Management

Safety Promotion

buy in
“ Buy In “
  • The S.M.S must be “Closed Loop”
buy in1
“Buy In”
  • Everybody has a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others !
  • “Duty of Care”
  • Everyone needs to be part of the system !
s m s model
S.M.S Model

Safety Policies and Procedures

Specific Business Focus

Corrective Actions

Hazard Identification

Safety Committee

“ Oversight”

Risk Assessment

Company Incident \ Accident reporting System

Anonymous reporting System

s m s a system of two halves
S.M.S a System of two halves
  • +





proactive s m s elements
Proactive S.M.S Elements



Training / Policy




Safety Concern


Red – the risk is unacceptable and action must be taken immediately to reduce it to a tolerable level.
  • Amber – the risk is tolerable if the costs are significant and the benefits gained are minimal.
  • Green – The risks are acceptable and no further action is required.
reactive elements


or Policy Changes


Reactive Elements

Risk assessment

Incident Investigation

Hazard Identification

Incident reporting System

public disasters
Public Disasters
  • Space Shuttle – Challenger
  • Kings Cross underground fire
  • Herald of Free Enterprise
  • Piper Alpha
  • Chernobyl
  • Paddington
  • Etc etc etc etc etc
one common denominator
One Common Denominator
  • “ A break down in Safety Management “
  • Reporting procedures
  • Reporting Links - Internal Reporting System
  • MOR’s Mandatory Reporting System ( external )
  • Anonymous Reporting System
communication process
Communication Process
  • Management of Reports
  • Investigating Reports
  • Safety Forums
  • Safety bulletins
safety manager
Safety Manager
  • Is responsible for safety within the Company.
  • Reports Directly to the C.E.O. on Safety matters.
  • Monitors Trend Analysis.
  • Chairs Safety Committee’s
the safety officer
The Safety Officer
  • The Safety Officer must have clear responsibilities for :-
  • Day to Day running of the S.M.S.
  • Management of the safety improvement plan.
  • The facilitation of Hazard Management and Risk Assessment.
  • Advise other managers on Safety matters.
  • The Emergency response Plan.
  • Investigation of Accidents and Incidents.
  • Dissemination of appropriate Safety information.
  • Must be part of safety Oversight (Safety Review)
reporting procedures
Reporting Procedures
  • The Company must have very clear Incident /Accident reporting procedures.
  • Upon receiving an Incident report, prompt reply to the sender is essential to ensure the reporter see’s that the company is taking the report seriously.
  • The reporter should be kept in the loop during the investigation and receive the “Closure report “
  • Benefits
  • Costs
  • Staff
  • Customers