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Orso University

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Orso University. By: Grace Chung. Ask. 1. How many earthquakes have occurred over the past year? 2. What is the climate like? 3. How much crime activity is there? 4. What are the charges to make and maintain Orso University? 5. What is the population? 6. Are there any faults nearby?.

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orso university

Orso University

By: Grace Chung

  • 1. How many earthquakes have occurred over the past year?
  • 2. What is the climate like?
  • 3. How much crime activity is there?
  • 4. What are the charges to make and maintain Orso University?
  • 5. What is the population?
  • 6. Are there any faults nearby?
acquire floodplains
Acquire floodplains
  • A. What are the three different categories of floods? Rank them in order from strongest to weakest
  • The three different categories of floodplains are 10- year flood, 100- year flood, and 500- year flood.
  • 500 year flood
  • 100 year flood
  • 10 year flood
analyze floodplains
Analyze floodplains

Worst floodplain scenario

In my opinion the coastal floodplain would be the worst floodplain. During a tropical storm or a hurricane, huge storm surges and waves would come and destroy Orso University. Creating the school on a coastal floodplain would endanger all of the students and staff. Not only would there be increased risks of injury or even death, but the destruction of Orso University would take time from learning and money for the costs of repairs.

Floodplains from best to worst

  • Shallow floodplain- Flooding is not very deep and lasts several hours rather than days.
  • Valley floodplain- Flooding only lasts for a few days.
  • Major River floodplains- Floods usually lasts for a week, sometimes longer
  • Coastal Floodplain- storm surges and waves would completely destroy and demolish everything in it’s path. A complete recovery from the storms would take a very long time.
acquire hurricane data questons
Acquire-Hurricane Data questons
  • B. What is a storm surge? A storm surge is a large amount of water, usually 50 to 100 miles wide, that makes its way across the coastline when the hurricane makes landfall.
  • C. Why is a storm surge such a huge problem in the Gulf of Mexico instead of places like the Atlantic Ocean? In the Gulf of Mexico, the water is more shallow so the storm surges are bigger.
  • D. Explain the three causes of a storm surge. 1)When high and low pressure builds, it sucks the sea toward the middle of the storm. 2) Hurricanes 3) Wave and current action associated with the tide.
  • E. What makes a storm surge so devastating? Storm surges are extremely dangerous. It causes great damage and takes everything that’s in it’s way.
acquire fault data
Acquire- Fault Data

F. The images included on the map are examples of which type of weathering? Physical

G. How far are Harris County’s faults moving per year? 0.2-0.8 inches per year

H. How would faults and weathering impact your university? Because cracks would cause damage to the building, their would be costly repairs and a risk for injury.

analyze fault data
Analyze Fault Data

What types of problems do you anticipate from the fault data?

If there are faults nearby, the chance of the university getting destroyed is likely. The costs of repairs would be very pricey. Teachers and students would also be at risk of getting hurt.

The locations in order from worst to best

1.Downtown East 650 Oats Road- Out of the five locations, this one has the most faults. Repairs can cost around $5000.

2. Bayside 12328 Bay Area Blvd-Has several faults and repairs can cost around $2000.

3. Downtown Central 1400 Travis Street- A couple faults and repairs can cost around $1000.

4. NE Houston 12688 FM 1960- No Faults nearby and it has an estimated $500 repair cost.

5. West Tomball 29608 Liberty Lane- No faults nearby and has an estimated $100 repair cost.

acquire crime data
Acquire- Crime Data
  • I. Give three examples of layers that you could add to this map that would provide additional information about the crime level in each area. Do not use additional crimes for your answer, credit will not be given.
  • Amount of police stations around the area
  • Local hospitals around the area
  • The amount of law enforcement in the area
analyze crime data and land prices
Analyze Crime Data and Land Prices

Explain how Crime Data will affect the recruitment of future students.

if there are a lot of crimes in the area, it will give the school a bad reputation. Because students would want to live and go to school in a safe environment, many students would not want to go to Orso University.

Explain how land prices will affect the recruitment of future students.

If the land prices are high, it will increase the tuition fee. All students have other expenses to consider such as housing, books, etc, and they may not be able to afford it all.

Explain how the board of directors and investors will respond to both sets of data.

The board of directors and investors will look for a safe area with reasonable prices for land. The price of the land cannot be too expensive because there would be no more money to make the rest of the school.

analyze conclusion
Analyze- Conclusion

most significant to least significant

1.Crime data is very important in deciding where to build a university. A dangerous environment is a risk to the student’s safety. The protection of the students should always be a top priority and a violent living area would get in the way of that.

2. Fault Data and Mechanical Weathering- Fault data and mechanical weathering would cause severe damages to the school’s foundation. The repairs would be costly.

3. Hurricane storm surge and potential damage- It can not only harm the students, but the school would be in danger of getting severely damaged.

4. Floodplains- Flooding can also ruin the school’s structure and the repairs would cost a lot of money.

5. Land prices- The cost of land would affect the price of tuition and whether or not students would want to attend the school.

6. Watersheds- Watersheds just store water. There may be a little flooding when it overflows, but nothing too severe.

land prices analysis
Land Prices Analysis

Explain how land prices will affect the recruitment of future students.

The price of land will affect the size the school will be built. The tuition fees will probably be determined based on how much it will take to buld the school.

apply where did i choose to put orso university
Apply- Where did I choose to put Orso University?

This best place to put Orso University in my opinion would be in NE Houston. The crime rate is very low so it would be safe for the students. Flooding is very minor and it is barely affected by hurricanes so the cost of repairs wouldn’t be too expensive. There is one small fault near the location but it wouldn’t cause too much damage. The price of land is also very cheap so it would be easier for the students to pay their tuitions and there would be enough money left over to build Orso University properly.

Not Cambridge Univeristy!!