unit 1 addressing modes n.
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Unit-1: Addressing Modes

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Unit-1: Addressing Modes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit-1: Addressing Modes. Prof.M.Rajasekhara Babu School of Computing Science and Engineering mrajasekharababu@vit.ac.in. OutLine. Recap Session Objectives & Teaching Learning Material Session Plan Assembly Language programming using 4-,3-,2-,1-,0-Address machine instructions

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unit 1 addressing modes

Unit-1: Addressing Modes


School of Computing Science and Engineering




SessionObjectives & Teaching Learning Material

Session Plan

Assembly Language programming using 4-,3-,2-,1-,0-Address machine instructions

Computation of Memory to store and Encode an instruction, Memory access to fetch and Execute and an instruction and Memory traffic

Graphical Analysis



re cap

1. Number of fields in 4-address, 3-address, 2-address, 1-address and 0-address instructions

2. Define memory access.

3. Number of memory access for fetching 3-address instruction

4. Number of memory accesses for executing a 4-address instruction

4. List the ways to reduce the number of memory accesses

objectives teaching learning material
Objectives & Teaching Learning Material
  • Session Objectives
    • To teach the instruction set category based on number of operand address by using instruction formats, how to calculate memory to store, memory to encode, M/As to fetch & Execute an instruction and Memory traffic that enable the students to analyze the program in the above said parameters and make the decision on appropriateness of the program.
  • Teaching Learning Material
    • LCD, White board Marker, Presentation slides
  • The mode of access of effective address is called addressing mode.
  • Effective Address
    • The address in which the actual operand is available is called as Effective address

Case1: Letter for him self can be mapped to implicit addressing mode.

  • Implicit addressing mode

Case2: Letter for one of his family member

2. Immediate addressing mode

Case3: Letter for known house

3. Direct addressing mode

Case4: Letter for unkown house

4. Indirect addressing mode

  • Implied Addressing Mode
  • Immediate Addressing Mode
  • Direct Addressing Mode
  • Indirect Addressing Mode
activity brainstorming
Activity: Brainstorming

This activity makes the learner to think a real time analogy for most common addressing modes. Encourage the students to prepare charts, roleplays, presentations etc.,,

Procedure: Ask the students to form groups and tell them to identify real time analogy which is similar to postman analogy for most common addressing modes. Give them 10minutes time to discuss about analogy and we can facilitate that each group can explain about their analogy and mapping to various addressing modes.

The above activity conducted by forming groups and same recorded on paper.


Text Book

William Stallings “Computer Organization and architecture” Prentice Hall, 7th edition, 2006