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SORT Seiri

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  1. SORT Seiri SYSTEMATIZE Seiton SELF-DISCIPLINE Shitsuke SANITIZESeiketsu SWEEP Seiso Understanding 5s

  2. SORT Seiri The Definition of Seiri “SURIIN” Clearly distinguishing between needed and unneeded items and to dispose of these items in a systematic manner.

  3. SORT Seiri SYSTEMATIZE Seiton Definition of Seiton “SINUPIN” • Seiton is the arrangement of necessary items into good order so that they can easily selected for use. • It is arranging needed items so that they are easy to use and labeling them to make their storage sites understandable at a glance.

  4. SORT Seiri SWEEP Seiso The Definition of Seiso “SIMUTIN • Seiso is cleaning up one’s workplace completely so that there is no dust on floors, machines or equipment. • Keeping everything swept and clean and includes finding ways to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust in farm equipment and facilities. SYSTEMATIZE Seiton

  5. SORT Seiri SYSTEMATIZE Seiton SANITIZESeiketsu SWEEP Seiso Definition of Seiketsu “SIGURUHIN ANG KALINISAN” • Seiketsu is maintaining one’s workplace so that it is productive and comfortable by repeating Seiri-Seiton-Seiso. • To cultivate Clean, fresh, spotless workplace where everyone adheres to prescribed procedures.

  6. SORT Seiri SYSTEMATIZE Seiton SELF-DISCIPLINE Shitsuke SANITIZESeiketsu SWEEP Seiso The Definition of Shitsuke “Sariling-Kusa” • Shitsuke is training people to follow good work habits and the strict observation of workplace rules. • It means to cultivate a disciplined work/farm place where everyone is doing something on their own to maintain a clean environment and to correctly understand the 5S philosophy

  7. T 5 he S S teering C ommittee

  8. A 5s Steering Committee is the farm’s governing body on all 5S Related activities. • It is primarily responsible for the over-all planning, implementation, and review of all activities. • It is tasked to formulate the farm’s Master Implementation/Action Plan, conduct 5s evaluation or audits, promote 5s at all levels of organizations, strategize promotional activities and monitor the progress and sustenance of the 5s program.

  9. 5 S A ction P lan

  10. The 5s Action plan describes the activities to be undertaken, by step, phase and month. • It serves as a guide and reminder to your farm workers and the committee members of their responsibilities and schedule of delivering required outputs, of the necessary activities to be undertaken to attain the program objectives, and of their monthly progress.


  12. 5S Activities at the Farm • Visual control means the use of a variety of graphic displays or labels which are just as important in the farm setting. • These visual devices are used: • to tell how things should be and how they actually are so that if there are abnormalities, they can be corrected before damage is done; • To detect abnormalities and prevent its occurrence • To ensure efficient production of quality produce • To prevent or minimize accidents.

  13. 5S Activities at the Farm • Visual Control can be applied to a variety of tasks or situation within the farm: • Monitoring – ex. For medications, feeding and nutrition like the tags or notches used. • Classifying – chart to give the location of each file • Improving Efficiency –reducing the time to look for an item • Differentiating and Coordinating – for storage, operations, equipment, quality and safety.

  14. Setting the 5s Standards and Guidelines at your farm Conducting the 5s Audit

  15. Sustaining 5S This simply means that these activities must be done continuously or at regular intervals. It can be viewed as “a cycle of continuous improvement where activities are constantly upgraded in terms of style, quality, delivery and performance.