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RLOs – working with the ingredients PowerPoint Presentation
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RLOs – working with the ingredients

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RLOs – working with the ingredients - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RLOs – working with the ingredients

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  1. RLOs – working with the ingredients A guide to applications and sources that can be used to make learning objects Mike Moran RSCni

  2. Jorum Workshop AIMS • Introduce participants to various tools that can be used to plan and make learning objects • Show how some of them work • Give hands-on experience of exploring the tools – later in the day Mike Moran RSCni

  3. Jorum Workshop Features to be covered • Jing project tool – makes video casts • SnagIt– screen capture and video capture tool • Audacity– open source sound recording and editing software • Flip– video cameras • RLO-CETL– a Higher Education Academy website for supporting the making of learning objects • GLO Maker tool – a development of the RLO-CETL that allows the making of re-usable LOs Mike Moran RSCni

  4. Jorum Workshop Jing Project Features: • A FREE and a Pro version can be obtained • The Pro version currently costs $14.95 per year for a single user • Registration for both is via your email address Comparison of current features Mike Moran RSCni

  5. Jorum Workshop Explanation of JingFeatures Mike Moran RSCni

  6. Jorum Workshop Now here’s a Jing capture we made earlier .... The video has been stored in the same folder as this presentation as a MPEG4 file and plays using Apple Quicktime 7(a free download available from http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ ) From Jing Help site: Taking your first capture with Jing Link to Jing video capture – this one is a guide to starting with Newsfilm Online – a source of more than 60,000 individual video clips from ITN/Reuters going back over a century. The clips are free to use in colleges and universities in UK and can be edited to make your won LOs (www.nfo.ac.uk). Mike Moran RSCni

  7. Jorum Workshop Steps to getting and using Jing • Go to http://www.jingproject.com • Download the version appropriate to your system – Windows or Mac – this will be the FREE version. You can opt for the Pro version later. • The download will place the ‘sun’ widget at the top of your screen, making it easy to start a Jing capture at any time. • Go to the Help centre and view some of the introductory videos, starting with ‘Taking Your First Capture’. • Run the mouse over the ‘sun’ and see the 3 parts of the tool – Capture/History/More – and choose ‘Capture video’ in the menu at the top of the screen and start your recording (thus can be done with or without sound). • A sub menu appears while your capture is being made and you can pause or stop the recording at any time. • Once you have stopped recording, you can save it as a MPEG4 file to your hard drive in a folder of your choosing. • The video can then be played using Quicktime (or any other player compatible with MPEG4 files). Mike Moran RSCni

  8. Jorum Workshop SnagIt Features: • A paid for subscription is available for educational users • Currently costs $37.95 – but a FREE 30-day trial is available • Allows you to capture static screens (documents; images; web pages) and label them • All of the screenshots in later slides of this presentation were done with SnagIt • It also can capture video sequences as you move through a website or other sequence • Sound can be added to the object afterwards using Audacity (see below) • You can see the features and prices at http://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.asp Mike Moran RSCni

  9. Jorum Workshop Audacity Features: • A FREE open source solution that allows you to add sound to visual objects – and to edit the sound tracks • For a short tutorial on how to use Audacity see this TeacherTube video -http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=14749&title=Creating_an_MP3_file_using_Audacity • In planning to use Audacity you can create the visual component using Windows Moviemaker or Jing and then copy and paste the Audacity soundtrack onto it; • Audacity can be used on its own if you wish to create an audio-only podcast; Mike Moran RSCni

  10. Jorum Workshop Audacity The basic controls The trace of a simple recording Mike Moran RSCni

  11. Jorum Workshop Flip– video cameras • These are simple to use video cameras that download the files you have recorded automatically to your computer via a built in USB connector • 3 common models are: • Flip Video Ultra HD (8GB) – approx £120 • Flip Video Mino (2GB) – approx £90 • Flip Video Mino HD (4GB) – approx £110 Mike Moran RSCni

  12. Jorum Workshop The RLO-CETL is the Centre for Excellence for the design, development and use of learning objects. The partner institutions are London Metropolitan University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Nottingham. RLO-CETL Mike Moran RSCni

  13. Jorum Workshop The RLO-CETL has produced over 150 multimedia learning objects in a range of subject areas, including Health Sciences, Study Skills, Intermediate French, Maths, Sports Science and Business Studies. In Completed RLOs you can browse through the catalogue and search the repository of RLOs that are available for use. RLO-CETL In RLO development you can see which RLOs are currently being developed by partners. Mike Moran RSCni

  14. Jorum Workshop GLOs – Generative Learning Objects – represent a further development of RLOs in which the emphasis has shifted towards pedagogical perspectives. GLOs “In GLOs it is the pedagogical pattern at the heart of a learning object that provides the basis for reuse. Many specific learning objects can be generated from this core pedagogical pattern.” RLO-CETL Mike Moran RSCni

  15. Jorum Workshop GLOs – development Mike Moran RSCni

  16. Jorum Workshop The GLO Maker Tool software can be downloaded from the site and used to plan and create GLOs GLO Maker tool Mike Moran RSCni

  17. Jorum Workshop Maths – a selection of GLO titles from the catalogue GLOs – some examples Some of the GLOs can be downloaded directly from the site – but some have to be requested on ILL Mike Moran RSCni

  18. Jorum Workshop Maths – Probability and Inferential Statistics GLOs – some examples Probability associated with inferential statistics http://intralibrary.rlo-cetl.ac.uk:8080/intralibrary/IntraLibrary?command=open-preview&learning_object_key=i04n21368t Mike Moran RSCni

  19. Jorum Workshop French An example in which students are asked to match English phrases with their French equivalent – on the theme of ‘Frequency’ GLOs – some examples French Intermediate RLO 11 - expressions of frequency http://intralibrary.rlo-cetl.ac.uk:8080/intralibrary/IntraLibrary?command=open-preview&learning_object_key=i03n7086t Mike Moran RSCni

  20. Jorum Workshop Science – an example of an animated GLO on Acids, Alkalis and Bases GLOs – some examples Acid and Alkalis – introduction http://intralibrary.rlo-cetl.ac.uk:8080/intralibrary/IntraLibrary?command=open-preview&learning_object_key=i03n7443t Mike Moran RSCni

  21. Jorum Workshop Study Skills – What is Referencing? GLOs – some examples Study Skills – What is referencing? http://intralibrary.rlo-cetl.ac.uk:8080/intralibrary/open_virtual_file_path/i1405n11004t/referencing/index.html Mike Moran RSCni