What is concentration
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What is Concentration?. ?. What is it?. It is not intelligence, but a skill that is achieved through self discipline and practice. Full attention to the task at hand. . CONCENTRATION : Requires Active Learning!.

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What is concentration

What is Concentration?


What is it
What is it?

  • It is not intelligence, but a skill that is achieved through self discipline and practice.

  • Full attention to the task at hand.

Concentration requires active learning
CONCENTRATION: Requires Active Learning!

  • You’ll find that once you are motivated – your concentration will increase, but you need to create the mind set and determination.

  • What is Concentration?

    • It is a skill that is developed through self-discipline and practice.

    • It requires time and effort to develop

    • It is focusing your full attention to the task at hand

  • Have you ever found yourself saying: “I can’t seem to concentrate!” or “I try to study but nothing happens.” Or “ I’ve got so much reading to do for classes that I’ll just never catch up.” Two things that can help you concentrate more is to improve your surroundings and use some techniques to focus your attention.

How much can you remember wall street journal june 7 2012
How much can you remember? Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2012

  • HAVERHILL, Mass. -- A Massachusetts teen was convicted Wednesday of homicide as a result of

    texting while driving and will serve one year in prison. In a landmark case for the state, Aaron Deveau, 18, was found guilty on charges of vehicular homicide, texting while driving and negligent operation of a motor vehicle in a 2011 crash that fatally injured Donald Bowley, 55, of Danville, New Hampshire, and seriously injured a passenger in Bowley's car.

    "I made a mistake," Deveau said Wednesday after his mother told the district court in Haverhill, Massachusetts he would not intentionally hurt anyone. "If I could take it back, I would take it back."Judge Stephen Abany sentenced the teen to two and a half years on the vehicular homicide charge and two years on the texting and causing injury charge. (Stop here)

    He will serve one year concurrently on both charges and the balance of both charges is suspended for five years. His license will be suspended for 15 years. “There are no winners today," Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said in a statement. "A beloved grandfather is dead. A once active woman can no longer work and is still racked with pain from her injuries and a young man is going to jail. When we get behind the wheel of a car, we are obligated to drive with care. ... As we saw in this case, in a split second, many lives are forever changed.“

    In the February 20, 2011, accident, prosecutors said, Deveau's car crossed the center line on a street in Haverhill, which is in northeast Massachusetts near New Hampshire, and hit the vehicle Bowley was driving.

More details
More details:

Bowley'sgirlfriend, Luz Roman, 59, was in his car with him and suffered serious injuries.

Haverhill Detective Thomas Howell testified the impact left the two "almost folded into the floorboards."

Bowleydied March 10, 2011, after he was taken off life support."My brother received such head trauma that ... there was no hope for him," Bowley's sister, Donna Burleigh, said in court.Roman talked about the incident's continued impact."Loss of sleeping, loss of my boyfriend. So many losses, I can't tell you how many," she told the judge.Essex Assistant District Attorney Ashlee Logan argued that Deveau may have erased some of his texts or lied to police after the accident about when he was texting.Deveau said after the crash in a taped interview with police, which was played in court, "I was tired. I was distracted. When I looked away for one quick second, I came too close to her and I was trying to hit my brakes."His defense lawyer said authorities set out from the beginning to link texting to the crash, a cause-and-effect relationship that he contends is not valid.Some 38 states ban text messaging for all drivers, while 31 prohibit all cell phone use by "novice drivers," according to the Governor's Highway Safety Association.

  • ktla-texting-homicide-conviction

Compared to this
Compared to this?

  • The amount of money the federal government owes to its creditors, combined with IOUs to government retirement and other programs, now tops $15.23 trillion.

  • That's roughly equal to the value of all goods and services the U.S. economy produces in one year: $15.17 trillion as of September, the latest estimate. Private projections show the economy likely grew to about $15.3 trillion by December — a level the debt is likely to surpass this month. Many economists, such as the Brookings Institution's William Gale, say a better measure of the nation's debt is how much the government owes creditors, not counting $4.7 trillion owed to future Social Security recipients and other government beneficiaries. By that measure, the debt is roughly a third less: $10.5 trillion, or nearly 70% the size of the economy.

  • That is still high by historic standards. The total national debt topped the size of the economy for three years during and after World War II. It dropped to 32.5% of the economy by 1981, then began a steady climb under President Reagan, doubling over the next 12 years. The combination of recession and stimulus spending caused it to soar again under Obama.

  • U.S.A Today, January 9, 2012


  • How do you achieve the kind of concentration that was evident for the first passage in all reading?

  • The best way to achieve concentration are short and long term planning strategies.

External distractions
External Distractions

These are stimuli from your surroundings or environment that divert your attention away from your work. Examples of this might include:





Cell Phone…No texting!


  • Quiet consistent study area

  • Schedule time

  • These are things you can control!!

Internal distractions
Internal Distractions

  • These distractions come from within you. They may be thoughts or concerns that come repeatedly into your mind as you try to keep your attention focused on the assignment.

  • Have you ever started to study when you think about appointments you have to make, food you have to buy, errands you need to do?


  • Make a list – keep an extra pad of paper next to you so that you can jot down these concerns and analyze them to determine whether or not they trulyrequire immediate action; take action if it’s necessary- it will improve your study time in the long run. If problems or concerns persist - take a few minutes to think about them and write down possible solutions. This will actually help relieve the apprehension and clear your mind for studying.

  • Reduce anxiety- allow plenty of time in your weekly schedule for studying. Additionally, try muscle relaxation and visualization. You’ll find that early success in a course will weaken your fears.

  • Set a time goal- set short term goals to drive concentration. Look over material, set a reasonable completion time, and work to meet that goal.

How well can you concentrate
How well can you concentrate?

  • Count how many times the people in white shirts pass the basketball

  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahg6qcgoay4

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGQmdoK_ZfY