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Sell an Identity

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Sell an Identity. Chapter 2. Exercise. The following questions regarding Team Identification can be discussed with reference to a recent visit to a sporting event or by assigning/taking students to visit a sporting event to observe. Antecedents to Fan Identification.

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Sell an Identity

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    1. Sell an Identity Chapter 2

    2. Exercise The following questions regarding Team Identification can be discussed with reference to a recent visit to a sporting event or by assigning/taking students to visit a sporting event to observe.

    3. Antecedents to Fan Identification What causes fans to identify with the team?

    4. Player Attractiveness • What are some personal examples of your favorite players? What has made them attractive to you? • What kind of players do fans find attractive? • What makes the fan become attracted to a particular player? • How can teams use indirect/direct contact to increase the familiarity & attractiveness of the players? • Do players/teams have to be winners for us to find them attractive?

    5. Social Acceptance For the team you select to discuss: • How popular or socially acceptable is it to be a fan of the team? • How do family, peers, and the community influence how you feel about a team? • Can you be highly identified with a team if your family and friends don’t like the team?

    6. Social Acceptance How does the facility influence social acceptance of the team?

    7. What can teams do to increase social acceptance? Proactively involve fans to give input Research fans to find out what they (dis)like Encourage players to live locally Publicize efforts to reach diverse fan base Acquire players with local connections Initiate public service activities Develop marketing campaigns around “your team” Social Acceptance

    8. Variety-Seekers • Examine the team’s promotion schedule. • For example, the Philadelphia 76ers schedule is at • Which of the promotions are likely to attract variety-seekers? • How likely is it that the team can convert fans who attend for the promotion into highly identified fans? Samuel Dalembert Bobblearm

    9. Why does increasing involvement with the sport increase the likelihood of fan identification? Was situational involvement very high or low at the game you attended? Why/why not? In terms of low or high enduring involvement, which fans are likely to have the greatest level of situational involvement with the game? Involvement

    10. Involvement Which of these is the team doing well? How could they improve?

    11. How do fans react when the team performs poorly? Do teams have to win to have good attendance? What should marketing efforts focus on? Winning? Performance

    12. Consequences of Fan Identification How do highly identified fans behave?

    13. What are some examples you (have) observed of fans: BIRGing CORFing Who is more likely to BIRG and not CORF? Why do fans BIRG and CORF? BIRGing CORFing fan?

    14. How do fans make self-serving attributions? Give examples of how fans you’ve seen exhibit: In-group favoritism Out-group derogation How kinds of attributions do fans make when players are traded? Attributions Cameron Crazies (Duke University)

    15. Highly identified fans want to meet together, buy merchandise, and consume team-related media. What are some ways the team could facilitate fans meeting together? Offer promotions geared toward bringing groups together Include fans in public service or community events Build & support fan clubs and increase access to team Support Behaviors

    16. Support BehaviorsMeeting Live marketing to bring fans out to meet & compete for prizes (Tennessee Titans)

    17. Which team jerseys are the most popular? Why? What kinds of promo items do highly identified fans want? Why are highly identified fans willing to pay top dollar for high quality merchandise? Support BehaviorsMerchandise

    18. Why do some fans listen to the game on the radio while actually attending the game? Why do fans listen to the post-game on the radio on the way home from the game? Didn’t they just see what happened? Support BehaviorsMedia Fans at home listening to the game.

    19. How does low or high identification influence how fans feel about a game? Emotional Enhancement

    20. Give an example of a “perfect moment” you have experienced or observed at a sporting event? How can teams enhance fan excitement & enjoyment at the game? Emotional Enhancement

    21. What positive and negative spontaneous behaviors have you observed at a game? Why are these actions spontaneous? How can teams effectively deal with problematic fan behaviors? Spontaneous Behaviors

    22. “Tell me whom you love and I will tell you who you are.” ~Houssaye