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Sell Sell Sell

Sell Sell Sell

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Sell Sell Sell

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  1. Sell Sell Sell • Prepared for: Terry Ledden/Sandler Training, 1 Antares Drive, Suite 120 (Lobby Level), Ottawa ON • Date and time: October 19, 2012 at 0730 • CEO Session • Follow @TerryLedden and learn more about him at:

  2. Sell Sell Sell • If you can’t sell, you can’t be an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, artpreneur or CEO • “Everyone in your organization is in sales,” Prof Bruce • Large homebuilder announces new project • Call for info • ‘Huh?’ • Your receptionist is your CIO!

  3. Sell Sell Sell • ‘A brand is important because it’s important’ • Say what? • Marketing  builds a Brand • Brand  builds Trust • Trust  creates the opportunity to Sell • Sales  provides revenue for more Marketing

  4. Sell Sell Sell • When you meet someone whose b-card says, ‘VP, Marketing and Sales’, you’ve just met someone who doesn’t know whaty they are doing • Mutual Life  Clarica  Sun Life • Pirate Insurance Co of Kinakuta

  5. Sell Sell Sell • Selling is the tooth end of the snake/not the tail • “Number one, cash is king...,” Jack Welch • Cash doesn’t lie/AP, AR, INV, Bank Balances

  6. Sell Sell Sell • Michael E Gerber says every SMEE needs– technician, manager and leader • Leaders can NEVER delegate sales

  7. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Canderel and others enter the Ottawa marketplace and out compete the locals • Office rents go from $18 in 1982 to $6 in 1987 • We were constantly trading up in terms of business size and complexity • Move to a market with fewer competitors and some more DV– get out of the way of the elephants • “What does TO have that we don’t have?”

  8. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • A Zoo, the Princess of Wales Theatre, a NHL Team • NHL is getting ready for expansion again • Randy, MBA from Clarkson: “Let’s do it.” • Cyril Leeder, CA: “How much is it going to cost?” • Estimate: $35 million (then going rate for NBA expansion team)

  9. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Franchise cost: $50,000,000 USD in 1990 • Pre-sold 15,000 PRNs for $25 each for a team that does not yet exist • Pre-sold 500 Corporate sponsors for $500 each • Pre-sold 32 Original Corporate Sponsors for $15,000 each • Pre-sold media rights for radio and TV for $250,000 and $4,000,000, respectively

  10. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Pre-sold 30-year arena management contract for $15 million + a corporate guarantee • Pre-sold pouring rights for $3 million • Pre-sold product rights for $1 million • Pre-sold 10,000 season tickets 22 months before the first game for $22 million in cash • Pre-leased 100 suites at $100,000 per suite per year or $10 million per year for 5 years = $50,000,000

  11. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Bought 600 acres for $12k per acre, won a NHL franchise, built a MCF (Major Community Facility– aka, Scotiabank Place) in the middle and sold extra 500 acres for $112k per acre to make $50,000,000 • You get the picture… PRE-SELL, PRE-SELL, PRE-SELL… find ‘launch clients’ before you launch

  12. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Having launch clients (pre-sales) changes everything • Gives everyone involved confidence that you are on right track • Increases credibility and is important source of (cheap) capital • Minimum number of launch clients you need is three • Can convince one fool to buy any product or service, maybe two but probably not three

  13. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Meet with each member of the BOG at least twice • Meet with the President of the NHL • Go to Palm Beach with 120 followers including the Ottawa Fire Department Marching Band • Slogan: “Bring Back the Senators” • Name things like: “The Palladium”– give it the breath of life (like the Elves did in Middle Earth)

  14. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Prioritize • Lobby • Know what you are doing (learn from Bill Torrey/Glen Sather/Sam Pollack) • Plaster Palm Beach Airport with Bumper Stickers • Make your presentation a conversation • Never stop • Last thing they see is your happy, smiling face

  15. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Be someone others can have trust in; trust is the foundation of a successful life in business and in your personal situation • “Go where hockey is known and loved and we’ll take care of your franchise.” • Beat Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Hamilton and St Petersburg • Media proclaims: ‘Milwaukee/Seattle’ • Stand your ground– “You will NEVER, EVER get a NHL Team in… Ottawa.”

  16. Sell Sell Selling… the Ottawa Senators • Dec. 6, 1990, the NHL awarded franchises to the cities of Ottawa and Tampa • But really they awarded them to Phil Esposito (for Tampa) and Bruce Firestone (for Ottawa) • They trusted us • Our theme song– Tom Petty’s DON’T BACK DOWN • We get a unanimous vote from the NHL!

  17. Sell Sell Sell • In entrepreneurship, results count and results come from a fundamental source: trust— remember this— “People like to buy from people they like and trust.”

  18. Sell Sell Sell • Follow me on Twitter: @ProfBruce • Find me on LinkedIn: • Read my blogs at: www.eqjournal.organd • Read my books at: • Study with me, info at: • Participate in SKIP-AID August 2013:

  19. Sell Sell Sell Appendix— • Sens first game: • Sens first Goal: • Professor Bruce M. Firestone, B. Eng. (Civil), M. Eng-Sci., PhD.; Executive Director,; Founder, Ottawa Senators; Entrepreneurship Ambassador, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa; Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, Century 21 Explorer Realty Inc., Author, Quantum Entity Trilogy