unit 1 philosophical foundations comparative perspectives n.
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Unit 1: Philosophical Foundations & Comparative Perspectives PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1: Philosophical Foundations & Comparative Perspectives

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Unit 1: Philosophical Foundations & Comparative Perspectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 1: Philosophical Foundations & Comparative Perspectives. Lesson 2: How do various governments differ from one another?. Lesson Objective.

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unit 1 philosophical foundations comparative perspectives
Unit 1: Philosophical Foundations & Comparative Perspectives

Lesson 2: How do various governments differ from one another?

lesson objective
Lesson Objective
  • SWBAT evaluate the strengths and weaknesses to different forms of government and then assess the effectiveness of these governments in handling various crises.
word of the day initial activity
Word of the Day/Initial Activity
  • Sovereign
    • A supreme ruler, esp. a monarch.
    • Possessing supreme or ultimate power: "the people's will is in theory sovereign".
  • Sovereign Power
  • View these two pictures below and apply background knowledge of world history to two brief responses.
    • Where does the sovereign power come from for both of these pictures?
    • Which source of sovereign power is better at running a country?
  • Discussion
    • Is there one form of government that is the “best” or is this qualification different for each country?
different forms of government
Different forms of government
  • Forms of government can be defined under two general classifications: Authoritarian vs. Democratic Governments
  • Authoritarian
  • Favoring or enforcing strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.
    • Single leader or group of leaders with complete political control
    • State’s needs come before individual needs
    • No limit on power
  • Democratic
  • Favoring or characterized by social equality; egalitarian.
    • Self-rule
    • Individuals needs are similar with the needs of the state
    • Every citizen gets a vote and bureaucracy is embedded in every decision.
different forms of government1
Different Forms of government
  • Authoritarian
  • Totalitarianism
    • Individual is subordinate to the state, state controls EVERYTHING
  • Communism
    • State controls economy through elimination of private ownership, single ruling, authoritarian party. No social classes, all equal.
  • Theocracy
    • All authority derived from a deity, priest class interprets his meaning.
  • Oligarchy
    • Small group runs country, chosen through wealth or power.
  • Democratic
  • Constitutional Monarchy
    • Monarchy is guided by a constitution- powers spelled out for them.
  • Democratic Republic
    • Citizens vote for representatives who are responsible for them.
  • Parliamentary Democracy
    • Parliament selects the government
  • Federal
    • Power divided between federal authority and constituent regions.
major purposes of government turn talk
Major purposes of government: Turn & Talk

George Washington, On Government

  • “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
  • What words stand out? What’s the jist of the statement? Chart!
  • 1 minute to write down a response to this question:
  • Why does Washington see government as something to respect and possibly be in awe of rather than a simple tool to run a country? Use evidence from the quote and any background knowledge of American history in your answer.
  • Turn & Talk: 30 seconds per partner
  • Share Out
activity ordering
Activity: Ordering
  • Focus Question: How are different governments adapt at handling various societal problems?
  • Directions:
  • Place the different forms of government in order of most able of handling a crisis to least capable of handling a crisis. For each situation, choose two of the governments and evaluate, using evidence from the mini-lesson as well as your opinion, why you placed them in that order.
  • Societal Problems & Situations:
    • Elections
    • Open Market economy
    • Riots
    • Famine
    • Civil War
    • Trayvon Martin Court Case
  • Exit Ticket
  • Based upon today’s activity and your own opinion, which form of government is the best to handle to various problems America has faced throughout its history?
  • Discussion
  • Do you believe that America would function better under a different political system?
  • Parking Lot
  • Develop one critical thinking question from today’s mini-lesson or activity.
  • Write onto post-it and place onto parking lot. You will address these questions as a class during the initial-activity each following day.