Sales institute of ireland mobile technology event
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Sales Institute of Ireland Mobile Technology Event. Ger Corkery 7th Nov 2012. Who are Molson Coors. Leading global brewer with 19,500 employees*, 39 breweries*, and operations in more than 40 countries Diverse portfolio of more than 95 strategic and partner brands

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Sales institute of ireland mobile technology event

Sales Institute of IrelandMobile Technology Event

Ger Corkery

7th Nov 2012

Who are Molson Coors.

  • Leading global brewer with 19,500 employees*, 39 breweries*, and operations in more than 40 countries

  • Diverse portfolio of more than 95 strategic and partner brands

  • Leading brands and strong presence in three of the world’s largest markets

    • Second largest brewer in the U.S. Through MillerCoors (JV with SABMiller)

    • A leading brewer in Canada via Molson Coors canada

    • Top tier brewer in U.k. & Ireland through Molson Coors UK

  • Leading brewer in Central Europe through Molson Coors Central Europe operating in 9 countries

  • Focus on global growth, leveraging Molson Coors International as entrepreneurial global business unit

* Includes employees at all partially and wholly owned subsidiaries

What Sets Molson Coors Apart

  • Brewing Heritage: 350 years of pioneering spirit & family brewing heritage with Molson and Coors families retaining significant ownership in the business

  • Extraordinary Brands: A long standing commitment to building strong brands that excite and inspire beer drinkers

  • Leading Innovations: A passion for delivering value-enhancing innovation for drinkers worldwide

  • Global Partnerships: A successful track record of former brewer partnerships that generate value for both parties

  • Culture of Responsibility: A strong sense of doing business the right way and playing our part in the communities where we operate

  • Drive: Molson Coors is focused on becoming a top global brewer in profit

Molson Coors in Ireland

  • A New Business: Molson Coors Ireland established operations in Jan 2010

  • Driving Employment: We have recruited nearly 50 people in the last 3 years with 15+ additional jobs planned for 2013. We also support a number of indirect jobs through our distribution model & Technical support for our Draught Estate.

    • Includes a motivated & capable Sales Team who visit every stocking outlet on a regular schedule

  • Growing in a difficult Economy: Molson Coors has grown by 30% in 2011 and is up 70% YTD in 2012. Our brands now represent over 11% of Lager sales on the Island

  • (*source Nielsen/RetailworxSept 2012)

  • Engaged with the Industry to “Champion the Pub”

  • Investing in Ireland: From 2010 to 2012 we have invested over €21m in the Irish Business

  • Planning for Growth:

  • In the next 5 years we plan to accelerate our growth to double our business in Ireland…..

So in Summary……

Molson Coors is a Global Brewer with “Big” ambitions & the Ireland Business Unit is set up to realise same…..

So how does mobile Technology help?

In summary, it improves the “Efficiencies & Effectiveness” of our people & how we do business.

I’m going focus on mobile technology from a field sales perspective for the balance of my presentation

Let’s remind ourselves of where we have come from….

Not very effective or efficient…..

Where are we at now?

Integrated Systems & technology solutions that are “fit for purpose”

Molson Coors Field Sales Team Technology

  • Smart-phones

    • They naturally make phone calls, text, MMS etc

    • However also have email & calendar capabilities

    • “Apps” like margin calculators, memo’s etc add further value

  • Laptops

    • Still best for “building” presentations, commercials reports.

    • Access to shared drives, internal systems eg SAP

  • Tablets

    • Extremely mobile & ideal for viewing & presenting

    • Field Data capture

    • Mobile email access

  • Box

    • Cloud Storage / back up of work files

    • Collaboration & file sharing

Molson Coors Field Sales System Overview

IntelliBrand from Wasptech Ltd.

Customer Info & Journey Planning

Field Data Capture

Digital Sales Folder & Customer Presentation Tool

Business / Personal Objective Sharing & Reporting

Notes / Tasks Capture & Reminders

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Email & Communication

What get’s measured, get’s done…

Driving Behaviours

Head Office / Management agree Objectives

Performance Reports are generated

Rep completes Structured Sales Call

Reports Identify Opportunities

FSS Questions / ProcessesDrive Behaviour in Outlet

Rep capturesData on Tablet / FSS

Sales levers

What we measure



Mobile Technology aids Management

  • We already established “What gets measured gets done”

  • Now imagine putting a value on each of these interventions…..

  • You can pretty quickly put a value on what the team & individuals are delivering…..

  • This helps the Field Sales Manager to;

  • Pay for performance – Reward & Recognition

  • Prioritise the higher value interventions

  • Justify the value of the team & build arguments to increase the team

  • Understand what team members need more support / development

  • Across the other business functions, this detail aids;

  • Shaping future strategies & Account Plans

  • Head Office negotiations / agreements with Key Customers

  • Development of Brand Activity, POS Solutions etc

  • Accuracy of forecasting

Ultimately “Brilliant Execution” of high value interventions is the spearhead of our Business

Cost vs Benefits of mobile Technology

Mobile Technology sounds expensive, but is it really?

  • A quality tablet computer costs about € 400….

  • Use it as a Digital Sales Presenter & remove the cost of printing Brand Pages, Visual Selling Aids etc

  • We found printing & postal savings per user to be over € 500 per year. (net saving of € 100 in Year 1 & more in Year 2)

  • We also found that the digital presenter worked better

    • Customers wanted to see more content

    • Sales people maintained a more up to date suite of selling tools

    • Sales Tools are more comprehensive & easier to access.

      • Thereby enabling more sales opportunities to be realised

Some Learning’s

  • On Technology in general.

  • Hardware is only an enabler

    • Its how you use the Hardware / software that delivers the value…

  • Provide on-going training to all stakeholders for the technology that they have to aid their roles.

    • Especially focus on Software & Programs.

  • Appoint & Develop Super-Users across your Organisation.

  • Minimise the use of alternatives or “the old system”

  • On Field Data Capture

  • Less in More.

    • Data Capture is not Selling.

  • Measure only what matters & only if you can influence it.

  • Be consistent with your measures – “Trend is my friend”

  • Create simple reports that are easily interpreted & relevant to their audience.