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  1. Introducing Search and order acrossAll Affiliatesor one at at time…The choice is yours Register today

  2. Welcome to PubEasy! Your personal PubEasy ID Numbers and Password will be sent to you when you register. Enter your password to login to the service.

  3. The choice is yours... …or choose a specific Affiliate Search the entire Community…

  4. Traditional PubEasy Services Simple to use menu options are the same at all Affiliate sites.

  5. Traditional PubEasy Services Search and check current price and availability of products, access jacket images and download bibliographic information.

  6. Traditional PubEasy Services Place online or batched orders using simple to use methods and receive instant order acknowledgements.

  7. Traditional PubEasy Services Access Publisher Catalogues or create your own Personal Catalogues for core stock lists.

  8. Traditional PubEasy Services Check the status of any of your orders even if they were not originally entered via PubEasy. Track delivery information with various carriers and shippers.

  9. New PubEasy Central Services Combines existing standard functionality with new features.

  10. New PubEasy Central Services Search and check current price and availability of products across the entire community at once.

  11. New PubEasy Central Services Use PubEasy as a resource to locate new titles, publishers and authors in the new marketing section.

  12. New PubEasy Central Services Place orders in one location and PubEasy will route those orders to the appropriate Affiliate.

  13. New PubEasy Central Services Check the status of any of your orders from one location. Track delivery information with various carriers and shippers.

  14. New PubEasy Central Services Integrate and automate PubEasy with your own internal EPOS system using the Transact features to place orders, track orders, check product availability and download information.

  15. New PubEasy Central Services Enter an ISBN, Title, or Author here… PubEasy will do all the work for you with a mixed Affiliate result.

  16. … select your filters here. Central Services: Filter Search Enter traditional search information by ISBN, Title, Author, Series, Imprint here… … select your filters here.

  17. Traditional PubEasy Tools in Central Use Copy and Paste to check price and availability and/or to place orders across multiple Affiliates.

  18. Results from Multiple Publishers at Once PubEasy will route an order from a mixed result to the appropriate Affiliate

  19. Review Orders from One Central Location Search and check the status of any of your orders