October 15 19
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October 15-19. Informational Text/Research Unit. Do Now: 10/15-10/16. Librarians pass out all reading materials Overall for the class, how do you think the presentations went? What did you learn from this experience? What can you do better next time to improve? (7) 25L

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October 15 19

October 15-19

Informational Text/Research Unit

Do now 10 15 10 16
Do Now: 10/15-10/16

  • Librarians pass out all reading materials

  • Overall for the class, how do you think the presentations went? What did you learn from this experience? What can you do better next time to improve? (7)

  • 25L

  • Table of Contents: Informational Text………………25


  • 1. How To project guidelines (10)

  • 2. Informational Text features/Discuss (20)…Handout

  • 3. Identifying these features in an info text (20)

  • 4. IR Visualization(30) (period 1/5 DRA + symbol chart)

  • Schedule in a conference

  • 5. My Brother Sam is Dead (MBSD) novel investigation (30)…model using visualization

  • 6. Exit Slip (10)

  • ACT will be given on Wednesday with your first period class!

How to project guidelines copy on 25r
How To Project Guidelines: Copy on 25R





Play an instrument

Any skill you have that you can teach to the class!

Sample what text features do you notice
Sample:What text features do you notice?

Sample cst questions
Sample CST Questions:

  • What is the primary intent of document A?

  • What is a warranty?

  • What is the primary intent of document B?

Now for practice 15mins
Now for practice: (15mins)

  • Read through the sample article on your desk and on a separate piece of paper please answer the following:

  • 1. What text features do you notice from this article?

  • 2. What is the main purpose of this article?

  • 3. What details or supporting facts does the author give to support his purpose?

  • 4. How do the images help support the author’s purpose?

Reading program
Reading Program

  • Visualization and its symbols. I want you to find three examples of visualization in your reading today and complete the symbol activity!

Exit slip
Exit Slip

  • What did you find most interesting during the class discussion?

  • Why do you think it is important to understand different elements of an informational text?

  • List one fact you learned from one of the texts that you read.

Do now 10 18 10 19
Do Now 10/18-10/19

  • Librarians pass out all reading materials

  • What are some types of informational text? What ideas do you have for your “how to” project? What text features can you include in your directions manual to make it helpful for the class to understand?

  • 10mins

  • Table of Contents: What is research……………….p. 26


  • Do Now

  • Write down your name, partners name (if have one) and the idea for your “how to”……5 pts. (7mins)

  • MLA format review (Go through handout) + practice works cited (15mins)

  • Sample historical diary (in preparation for research project) + Questions (25mins)

  • Novel Read + Model the mini lesson (influence of setting) 30mins

  • IR reading with the mini lesson/go over important reader’s terms 30mins

Sample historical diary clara barton
Sample Historical Diary: Clara Barton

  • 1. What perspective is the diary written in?

  • 2. What details does Clara include in her diary?

  • 3. What mood does she create for the reader? Please select at least one quote that shows this mood and explain.

  • 4. How does the setting influence her story?

  • 5. How does she organize her information?

  • 6. Select three descriptive words she uses and explain how these words create a mental image in your head. Then draw that image.

Academic discourse ways to make connections
Academic discourse: Ways to make connections

  • Text to self (What does this look like? Examples?)

  • Text to world (What does this look like? Examples?)

  • Text to text (What does this look like? Examples?)

Inference 26l
Inference 26L

  • 1. Please quickly write down what you believe is the definition of inference

  • 2. Why do good readers make inferences?

  • Example share out from the forceful four (what an inference looks like)

Period 6 ir book ad
Period 6: IR Book Ad

  • New Comprehension Activity

  • Make an advertisement for your independent reading book. You need to sell this book by including the following:

  • 1. Three (fictional) critical reviews (3-5 sentences each) that are meant to persuade people to buy this book

  • 2. A star rating (out of five)

  • 3. A brief original summary of the book (without revealing the end)

  • 4. A brief description of the author

  • 5. At least one illustration (of the setting, characters, conflict etc.)

  • 6. Clear title

  • 7. Price of the book (both Canada and the U.S.)

  • 8. Use at least 3 text features we discussed from class on Tuesday