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What I think about autism? PowerPoint Presentation
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What I think about autism?

What I think about autism?

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What I think about autism?

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  1. “Autism is like a force, like gravity that’s pulling me back from social activities.” What I think about autism? “Autism makes me a unique person.” “What is it and why?”

  2. My Adventure I had been diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and a half. I had faced psychiatrists. Some of them were nice and some of them had pinned me down with bad words. I had a speech delay and I found that communicating to my parents was difficult.

  3. School life I went to this school. This school has changed into .

  4. School Life I went to . I also went to Robert Wilkinson School, Joseph Rowntree and Archbishop Holgate’s school part-time.

  5. College Life Now, I am doing my last year at AH Sixth Form. I am studying WRL, which allows me to go out twice a week to different work placements.

  6. Skills I have gained. Going to Mainstream school was my decision after Applefields. I wanted to know what it was like to be in a normal teenager’s shoes. It had made a difference in terms of my social interaction outside of school.

  7. Just because I have autism doesn’t mean I can’t achieve! The big stepping stone for me was to attend a main stream school full time. I also raised £30.59 for the National Autistic Society from the Disney Quiz. I help out at PACT, which is an organisation that helps disabled people. I was a spokesperson for the conferences that PACT attended. PACT had helped me volunteer in different places.

  8. Sharing the story with a lesson for generations to come. For years, I have struggled with autism, but I have achieved a lot of things. Autism makes me who I am. I may not know how I got it, but I can still achieve, like an average person, maybe way beyond that, not matter the cost. I love sharing my story because it helps you to understand what autism is through my eyes. Thank you for watching.