jennifer zimmerman s early reading experiences n.
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Jennifer Zimmerman’s Early Reading Experiences PowerPoint Presentation
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Jennifer Zimmerman’s Early Reading Experiences

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Jennifer Zimmerman’s Early Reading Experiences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jennifer Zimmerman’s Early Reading Experiences. C & I 449 Summer 2011. Grandma’s House.

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Jennifer Zimmerman’s Early Reading Experiences

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    1. Jennifer Zimmerman’s Early Reading Experiences C & I 449 Summer 2011

    2. Grandma’s House My Grandmother introduced me to reading by reciting rhymes at first. I used to sit on her foot and she would bounce me as she recited silly rhymes. I loved it and have carried on the tradition with my own children. Grandma also introduced me to LittleGolden Books. She had a coffee table that opened. It was full of LittleGolden Books. Some of my favorites were: The Poky Little Puppy and The Shy Little Kitten. She always read with wonderful expression and even asked me questions about the story as we read. I loved snuggling up in her rocker with her as she read.

    3. My Home and Family I am the youngest of four children. I was an oops! I came eight years after my youngest sister. She often played school with me and probably read to me, but I do not remember it. We did not have a set story timeor any story time that I can remember. My parents were busy working. My Mom actually taught others to read. She was a fourth grade teacher in a neighboring town. I did help her one summer when she taught a group of foreign students to read. I think that is when I discovered my love of teaching.

    4. More Home and Family We did have an office in our home where informational books were kept on shelves. In the office inside a bright colored foot stool were the children’s books. I have two favorites that I can remember from there. Miss Tessie Tate by Jean Horton Berg is one. I remember that the main character was elderly and used roller skates. The Monster At the End of This Book was the other. It was a Big Little Golden Book. I loved reading the Monster at the End of this Book. I was such a chicken. I think I actually thought the book was scary at first. Since the main character was Grover from Sesame Street, I find it comical that the book scared me.

    5. Rooks Creek School My elementary school was small and rural. It still exists today. Each classroom had two grades, so First and Second Grades were combined. The classrooms also had a small collection of books along one wall, but no library or librarian.

    6. School Years: Grade 1 In first grade I remember reading Dick, Jane and Spot Books. They must have been anthologies because they were really thick. I also remember my first and second grade teacher reading to us. She sat up front while we rested our heads on our desks as she shared. I remember liking Curious George.

    7. 4-H Book Project One other book I enjoyed was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. I had to do a book project for 4-H in about fourth or fifth grade. I chose to do a diorama with a short summary. I remember working hard on the project and enjoying the story. I also remember the rewarding feeling of doing well on the project.

    8. School Years: Grade 7 In Seventh Grade I had to complete an oral book report . I did it on the Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. I dressed in old cut off jeans, a flannel shirt and a straw hat. I rubbed mud on my legs and face. My teacher grinned throughout my entire performance. She loved it, but I was petrified. I was a shy child, who she probably knew struggled with the assignment. Truthfully, at his time in my life reading was not my favorite thing to do.