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RFID and Your Phone PowerPoint Presentation
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RFID and Your Phone

RFID and Your Phone

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RFID and Your Phone

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  1. RFID and Your Phone Sebastian Nyström Nokia Ventures Organization

  2. Early Nokia Experiences with RFID Near Field Communication (NFC) Nokia 5140 RFID Reading Cell Phone Case Trials Q & A Agenda

  3. Early Experience with RFID

  4. Application: Payment for small retail purchases Product: Passive RFID tags in Nokia phone covers3300/3500/6360 MasterCard PayPass – Dallas, Orlando

  5. Application: Started with public transport payment Expanded to retail shopping, access & security Product: Passive Octopus card (RFID tag) in Nokia Phone covers 3310/3330 Octopus Travel Card - Hong Kong MiniOctopus Card

  6. Supply Chain Security Trial - DHL&EMS

  7. Near Field Communication (NFC) March 18th 2004 – CeBIT Hanover, Germany Nokia, Sony & Philips Establish NFC Forum

  8. NFC technology gives the consumer electronics industry a new bridge over many devices

  9. NFC is based on RFID technology • NFC works in the globally available 13.56 MHz band • The effective working distance is up to a few centimeters • Based on ISO 18092 including ISO14443A MiFare and FeliCa standards, i.e., compatible with the most broadly established smart card infrastructure covering >80% of the market Technology • Tags in smart objects are powered by the radio signal of the reader, and do not require any battery or other source of power • The tags contain some memory that can store URLs, SMS and similar information • Costs currently a few ten EUR cents and decreasing rapidly Tags Devices • Devices do not contain tags, but can communicate using the same interface • Devices can not only read tags, but also write to enabled tags Sources: Nokia, Froster & Sullivan; Forrester

  10. New exciting, easy and intuitive way of using mobile phones with NFC technology Easy and concrete access to services, content and repeat functions by touching Example: Connect to operator service portal, Song download Transfer of digital items between devices as a simple gesture of giving Example: Sharing large video clips In the future, also fast and convenient local payment and ticketing Example: Public transport tickets

  11. Touching is a New, Intuitive Way of Using Cell Phones • NFC enabled cell phones will be more intuitive to use for consumers and enterprises • Touch-based usage will improve the user experience of existing services, and will create completely new applications and value • A new infrastructure of smart objects, tags and devices will emerge to complement existing technologies

  12. Reading distance is very short (a few cm), supports a new touch experience Different from existing RFID as it allows two devices to connect together NFC is compatible with a large number today’s payment & ticketing systems NFC Is Aligned With User’s RFID Requirements

  13. The NFC Forum - A global, special interest group (SIG) • The vision of the NFC Forum is to enable users to access content and services in an intuitive way by simply touching smart objects and connecting devices just by holding them next to each other. • To bring this vision to life, Nokia, Philips and Sony invite leading companies from mobile communications, consumer electronics, chip manufacturing, computing, media and entertainment, telecom and payment services to join the NFC Forum. • The NFC Forum is a non-profit organization and aims to support use of the technology in the industry by providing a platform for interested companies to achieve interoperability of devices with other devices and services.

  14. Nokia 5140 RFIDReading Cell Phone March 17th 2004 – CeBIT Hanover, Germany World 1st GSM phone with RFID reading capability launched by Nokia

  15. Nokia 5140 Cell Phone with Xpress-on™ RFID Reader Shell • Send an SMS • Open Browser to URL • Make Call • Business Card • Calendar Entry

  16. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit • Includes RFID tags, software(Java Midlet) andXpress-on™ RFID Reader Shell • Works out of the box! • Industry standardISO 14443A @ 13.56MHz • Focus on professional field force and RFID evaluation • Real-time data capturing and sending with one device • Shipping mid-2004

  17. Service & Maintenance • Touch the service RFID tag to receive the latest information about the service history or what needs to be done • Attendance/inspection confirmation with atime & date stamp and real time connectionto IT system

  18. Real-Time Work Attendance, Time and Task Completion

  19. Waste Collection Pilot • Collectors monitor the cleanliness of the waste points • Touch the “cleaner request” tag to send a message requesting a cleaner visit only when necessary Conclusions • Really simple to use • Paper based reporting reduced • Driver routing optimized • Billing cycles shortened • Improved end customer reporting • Cleaners come, only when needed, to correct location

  20. Outdoor Media Real Time Proof of Attendance for: • Cleaning • Poster Changing

  21. Demonstration