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The “me” project PowerPoint Presentation
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The “me” project

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The “me” project
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The “me” project

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  1. THE "ME" PROJECT The “me” project • By: Juan Gomez • Class:Career Research • Block: 0202 • Teacher: Mr.Cerritos • The “me” project • By: Juan Gomez • Class: Career Research • Block: 0202 • Teacher:Mr.Cerritos

  2. . My Outlook My Outlook on life is to be an Architect because It is one of the most frequently viewed occupations and well paid.

  3. • Reading comprehension •Active Listening • Writing • Speaking • Mathematics • Science • Critical thinking • Active learning • Learning strategies • Monitoring . Skills & Talents These are the basic skills Someone needs to get in Order to become an Architect.

  4. Short term Goals. Avoid drinking a lot of soda. Avoid eating too much fat and cholesterol. Staying active Joining a sport Long term goals Drinking a lot of water Eating healthy food Doing workout and exercise Running Fitness Goals .

  5. Start Working as soon as I get out of high school. Look on scholarships Start working since now and save the money Invest money Finance Goals .

  6. Future Goal Long Term Goals Get started as soon as I get out of high school. Get a scholarship Start saving money Take AP classes Short Term Goals Think about my career Think about the college I want to attend Think about the tuition and requirements Get a 3.5 or higher GPA .

  7. Declaration of Career path Bright futures scholarships Plans after High School My Four Year Plan Professional Prep Florida Academic Scholars 4 Year College or University GRADE 9 Grade 10 GRADE 11 GRADE 12 English 4 thru ESOL English 2-Skills English 3-skills English 4-skills Alg(1A)&(1B) Geometry or Geometry Honors Alg-2 or Alg-2 Honors Pre-calculus or calculus Integrated Science Biology or Biology Honors Science American Government Career Research & Critical Thinking World History American History Jewelry II Personal Fitness Bus-Sys& Tech Jewelry Team Sports Art/2D Soccer Web Design Weight Training Intensive Reading Team Sports Team Sports Team Sports

  8. Favorite Colleges Clemson University, USF, Gulf Coast, and IADT

  9. College choice USF • Inter-state tuition (full-year) $2550 • SAT Test-Required • ACT Test Required • Campus Visit- Optional • Application fee- $20

  10. Career Choice First of all I’m interested in being an architect because I like doing drawings of buildings since I was a little kid . I would also like to be an architect because they get good annual earnings.

  11. Career Choice Description Career Choice • When somebody is an architect it means that they are building designers because all they’re going to do for the rest of their lives is design buildings, houses and other staff.

  12. Information about career choice Information about career choice • Architect • Education, training, and experience are required at different levels for success in different occupations. The education level for this occupation:  • Annual Average Earnings:20,000-120,000 • Reading comprehension • Active listening • Writing • Speaking • Mathematics • Science • Critical thinking • Active learning  • Learning strategies  • Monitoring

  13. Scholarships For which I may already qualify Scholarships For which I may already qualify • I can’t qualify for any scholarships or financial aid as I”’m right now.

  14. City Choice City Choice • I would like to live in a deserted area because they are going to start building markets, buildings and constructing houses for other people that goes to live there.