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Gurmat Camp

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Gurmat Camp

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Gurmat Camp

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  1. Gurmat Camp Session 2 Nirankar

  2. Origins of the Word Nir Ankar That without Form Simply FORMLESS

  3. Many Names Nirankar is just one name for God Allah Ram Waheguru Rahim Jehovah Tao Lord Parbrahm

  4. Non Religious People who are not part of any religion may use other words Energy Creator Almighty Spirit The Infinite Supersoul

  5. But….one Truth Regardless of the names used There is only one TRUTH Enlightened souls, or Brahm Giannis, are not restricted to names…they see the reality behind the names

  6. Everything comes out of Nirankar All living things birds, animals, fish plants, trees and bacteria All inanimate / non-living things rocks, mountains, oceans planets, solar systems, etc

  7. And… Even those things beyond our senses come from Nirankar e.g. gravity, electrostatic forces, radioactive waves and so on

  8. Birth, Life and Death Everything exists, rests, lives and dies in Nirankar G = generator O = operator D = destroyer

  9. Filled and Surrounded Everything is IN Nirankar But… Nirankar is in everything too !

  10. Bhagavad Geeta I exist in all places. I am in those places that you can see, but also in those places that you cannot see. I am in those things that you can perceive, but also in those places that you cannot perceive.

  11. Fish in the Ocean

  12. Submerged Whether we go to the farthest galaxy or innermost part of our minds, it will be covered, smothered and filled with Nirankar There is not even a pin-point where Nirankar does not exist

  13. Creator & Creation Baba Avtar Singh Iko noor di upaj hai sari, ik da sagal pasara hai iko ik hai sarav viapi phir vi sabh tu niara hai

  14. Creator & Creation Kahlak, khalak, khalak mein Kahlak The Creator and creation are so intermingled that a Brahm-Gianni may not see any distinction

  15. Ocean and Waves The creation is like waves, and the creator like the sea The sea exists, whether waves are to be seen or not Nirankar exists, whether His Creation is to be seen, or not

  16. Living Truth Brahm Giannis witness Nirankar as a living reality, and share a close relationship with Him

  17. Close at hand They experience God to be close at hand, at every moment, and communicate with Him out of love

  18. Qualities Beyond birth, death and change Adh sach, jogadh sach hai bi sach Nanak hosi bi sach

  19. Qualities Sarab Kala Samrat All-Powerful Sat-Chit-Anand (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss)

  20. Upanishads There is a Spirit who is amongst the things of this world, and yet he is above the things of this world.

  21. Upanishads He is clear and pure, in a void of vastness. He is beyond the life of the body and the mind.

  22. Upanishads Never born, never dying, everlasting, ever one in His own greatness.

  23. Upanishads He is the Spirit whose power gives consciousness to the body : he is the driver of the chariot

  24. Ralph Waldo Trine This is the spirit of infinite love The moment we recognise ourselves as one with it…

  25. …we become so filled with love that we see only the good in all. And when we realise that we are all one with the infinite spirit…

  26. …then we realise that we are all one with each other We then realise that we cannot serve or hurt another, without by that very act serving or hurting ourselves