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Global Dimension & Climate Change

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Global Dimension & Climate Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Dimension & Climate Change. Session 5 : Preparation and prevention of flooding. Session 5 Objectives :. All pupils will recognise that there is a difference in preparedness for flooding between the UK and Pakistan.

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global dimension climate change

Global Dimension & Climate Change

Session 5: Preparation and prevention of flooding

session 5 objectives
Session 5 Objectives:
  • Allpupils will recognise that there is a difference in preparedness for flooding between the UK and Pakistan.
  • Mostpupils will be able to explain why there is such a difference in flooding preparedness and the impact this has on flood recovery.
  • Somepupils will be able to explain how flood prevention works and how effective these measures are.
what do you think
What do YOU think?
  • This picture shows a fight breaking out at one of the camps formed after the flooding. It started because the blankets ran out.
  • The woman at the centre was interviewed after and said that when aid reached them ‘it was too little, too late’.
flood prevention
Flood prevention

CASE ONE: Winnipeg, USA:

  • Winnipeg was severely flooded in 1950.
  • To protect the city from future floods, the government undertook the construction of a massive system of diversions, dikes, and floodways (including the Red River Floodway and the Portage Diversion).
  • The system kept Winnipeg safe during the 1997 flood which devastated many communities upriver from Winnipeg.
flood prevention1
Flood prevention

CASE TWO: China:

  • In China, flood diversion areas are rural areas that are deliberately flooded in emergencies in order to protect cities.
  • However this has led to a lot of deforestation.
flood prevention2
Flood prevention

CASE THREE: Ziurdezee works, Netherlands :

  • The Zuiderzee Works are a manmade system of dams, land reclamation and water drainage works, the largest hydraulic engineering project undertaken by the Netherlands during the twentieth century.
  • The project involved the damming of the Zuiderzee, a large, shallow inlet of the North Sea, and the reclamation of land in the newly enclosed water using polders.
  • Its main purposes are to improve flood protection and create additional land for agriculture.
flood prevention3
Flood prevention

CASE FOUR: Afsluitdijk, Netherlands :

  • The estuaries of the rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt have been subject to flooding over the centuries.
  • After building the Afsluitdijk, the Dutch started studying the damming of the Rhine-Meuse Delta.
  • Plans were developed for shortening the coastline and turning the delta into a group of freshwater lakes. By shortening the coastline fewer dikes would have to be reinforced.
task flood prevention
TASK: Flood prevention
  • Using what you have learnt about flood defences, you now have to work as a TEAM to plan, design or buildone of them.
  • You can only use the materials provided and MUST produce a detailed plan of your work!
  • You will have to FEEDBACK to the class about what you find out!
money money money

Money, money, money!

It revealed that only 356 of 630 schemes that had previously been in line for 2011/12 capital funding are set to receive money this year. This means many towns in Britain will be left unprotected.