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STAFF TRAINING . Wednesday 5 th December 2012. REVIEW OF LEARNING . Aims of the Last Session: •Explore and develop a wider knowledge of differentiation strategies •Gain a greater working knowledge and understanding of how personalising learning can enhance pupil progress

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staff training


Wednesday 5th December 2012

review of learning
  • Aims of the Last Session:
  • •Explore and develop a wider knowledge of differentiation strategies
  • •Gain a greater working knowledge and understanding of how personalising learning can enhance pupil progress
  • The coaching triads were also formed during the session
  • &
  • The Ofsted criteria was scrutinised & unpicked
aims of the session
Aims of the Session:
  • To share some of the CPD from the coaching triads and discuss how it might positively impact your own practice
  • Investigate ways in which to demonstrate progress in lessons through personalisation
  • Set up the focus of next triad CPD
feedback from triads work
  • Spend a few minutes considering these questions:
  • What key learning came from your triad observations
  • What priorities arose from your work within your triad
  • What (if anything) would you do differently next time in order to move on your T&L
setting the scene
Setting the scene
  • Pupils attainment is still hugely determined by what group they come from.
  • Pupils on FSM are over 27% less likely to achieve 5 A*-C inc M&E
  • Only 25% of pupils with SEN (SA/SAP) achieve 5 A*-C inc M&E
  • If pupils have different starting points and different needs and are all to make good progressthey will require different support to get there.
  • One of the biggest challenges is how time consuming planning for it can seem – this is what we are considering today

Types of objectives:

What skill will they learn?

How will they develop?

What knowledge will they acquire?

What will they be able to do?

Lesson objective

Carves up the distance pupils need to travel and defines what pupils will be able to do by the end of the lesson

What can you plan to do in your lesson to help them master these elements?

What are the elements of mastering these?

(steps to success)

Progress in lesson

Where pupils will need to get to

(As per teachers’/pupils’ long term goals, curriculum, exam specification)

Where pupils are

Questioning: Checking starting Moving pupils Checking/identifying

point forward progress

Why personalise?

Personalise ‘Up’

Personalise ‘Across’

Pupil C different learning approach

Pupil A: Start point

Pupil B & C: Start points

Pupil D:

Start point

Pupil A: End point

Pupil B & C:

End points

Pupil D:

End point

Personalise ‘down’


Within your triads watch the DVD clip and make a note of all the ways in which the teacher personalises the learning

(It is a Year 8French Lesson)

Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce

Watch Dylan Wiliam talking about Content Then Process on the Solution Tree YouTube channel at


Now continue to add to your list from the footage and discuss with your triads how you have in the past or intend to in the future personalise up/across/down to maximise progress

Try to have a student/class in mind to really help focus your work

Please be ready to feedback & share your findings


Final Task

Using the yellow sheets take a few moments to discuss and plan your focus for your next triad meeting(s)/observation(s).

Base them on the key learning from today’s session or from the findings from your original work from within your triads

We will take in your sheets, photocopy & return them for you to use