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2014-2015 and beyond. Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Insanity. The Voice of the agent What does that mean for NAIFA SC?. We are in an identity Crisis. Who is NAIFA?. What worked in the past no longer works!!. The future is bright!

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Who is naifa

  • We are in an identity Crisis

Who is NAIFA?

What worked in the past no longer works!!

  • The future is bright! different result.

    • Put on your shades

  • Every successful business starts with a plan

  • This is our plan…..

    • Let the Locals focus on what they want to do

    • Reduce Board Members

    • Reduce the # of locals

    • Focus on Advocacy, Education and Grassroots

Every Year since 2008 we have been on a downward spiral for different result.membership

  • Current Membership is at 626 members

  • 12 local associations

  • 1 At large Association

  • Membership is the driver for NAIFA SC

    • Partner with Past President's Advisory Council to help spread the value proposition of NAIFA SC to agents throughout the state

    • Focus on top 10-20 companies within the state

      • Build Relationship with Manager’s who appreciate the value NAIFA can bring to the table

      • Establish a Lone Executive within each company to help recruit members with us and for us

On the local level

Consolidate Locals and RVPs different result.

  • Disband locals that are small or not thriving. This does not mean you cannot continue to hold meetings or hold CE or Charity Events.

  • Allow the locals to continue doing what they want to do without the red tape. Have an advisory council instead of a board for each local.

  • Continue Grass Roots Efforts for APIC/IFAPAC

On the Local Level

On the state level

  • Hold 3 Regional Meetings per year in the Low Country, Upstate and Central Regions

  • Have an Annual Meeting once a year in different parts of the state

  • State would help provide, speakers, sponsors and attendance

  • Simulcast live meetings all over the state

  • Local Advisory Councils would assist with the logistics for each meeting

  • State would allocate money for Local Advisory Councils to use

On the State Level

Five year plan

Eventually est. 2019

Projected 2015

Current 2014





Five Year Plan



Low Country


The end result

  • Put NAIFA SC on the map for being the leading resource for Insurance and Financial Planners

  • BRAND NAIFA SC to the elite association that it is,

    • Is your agent a member?

  • Restructure our value proposition that focuses on Advocacy, Education and Grass Roots

  • Transparency

  • Master Calendar

  • Streamline Website For all members

  • Centralized Speakers Bureau

  • Centralized CE and Education Resources

The End Result

How do we do this

How do we do this?

Going into Next year: We Build on the Plan and WE VOTE!! Insurance and Financial Planners

Proposed By Laws Changes and Policy and Procedures changes to start implementing this movement towards redefining NAIFA SC