Cj299 associates capstone in criminal justice
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CJ299- Associates Capstone in Criminal Justice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CJ299- Associates Capstone in Criminal Justice. Unit 2 Seminar. Seminar Goals. In this seminar:

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Seminar goals
Seminar Goals

  • In this seminar:

    • we will review the major project due in your capstone course. We will discuss some potential problems that exist in one of the criminal justice fields, as well as discuss some solutions necessary to solve these issues.  

  • Come to seminar with ideas for your major research project and any questions associated with the assignment.

What is the purpose of the paper
What is the purpose of the paper?

  • Professionals are expected to make significant contributions to their field of study

  • Your paper should:

    • identify a problem in your scope of interest,

    • examine the current research to help present a reasonable and accurate description of the problem

    • And seek to identify reasonable solutions

What steps do we take to complete this project
What steps do we take to complete this project?

  • Unit 1- identify the ‘umbrella’ issue”

    • Corrections, juvenile justice, law enforcement, etc.

  • Unit 2-identify three problems under your umbrella

    • Aging populations in prison

    • Medical treatment in prison

    • Juveniles in the adult system

    • Police corruption

  • Cj299 associates capstone in criminal justice

    • Unit 3- Choose your issue

      • Things to consider:

        • Does the issue interest you?

        • Did your research uncover potential solutions to the problem?

        • Will you be able to prove the viability of these solutions?

    • Unit 4- Research your issue

      • Find what has been addressed previously

      • Take careful notes on what has been discovered

      • Consider carefully what solutions have already been proposed

    Cj299 associates capstone in criminal justice

    • Unit 5- Find at least three potential solutions

      • Gather as much information as you can on each

      • Separate the research into that which supports your argument and that which refutes it

    • Unit 6- Identify the most viable solution

      • Submit your thesis statement and opening paragraph

        • Briefly identify your supporting arguments

    • Unit 7- Create a PowerPoint that clearly outlines your thoughts, argument, and your supporting research

    Cj299 associates capstone in criminal justice

    • Unit 8- Write your paper

    • Unit 9- Continue to write and submit your paper

      Your final paper should be:

    • 5-7 typed pagesof actual content, not including the cover page or reference page, etc.

    • It should be formatted under the style guidelines of the APA style manual and

    • must meet the standards established in the student manual provided with this course.

    Thanks for joining the seminar
    Thanks for joining the seminar!

    See you in the classroom