the progressive presidents l.
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The Progressive Presidents

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The Progressive Presidents. US History: Spiconardi . Theodore Roosevelt . Despite being a conservative, Teddy used the power of the presidency to deal directly with social and economic problems Presidency had any power not specifically denied in the Constitution.

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the progressive presidents

The Progressive Presidents

US History: Spiconardi

theodore roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
  • Despite being a conservative, Teddy used the power of the presidency to deal directly with social and economic problems
    • Presidency had any power not specifically denied in the Constitution
theodore roosevelt the square deal
Theodore Roosevelt: The Square Deal
  • Consumer Protection
    • Upon reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, TR orders investigations
      • TR supports legislation to ensure purity of food & drugs
        • Pure Food and Drug Act (1906)
        • Meat Inspection Act (1906)
theodore roosevelt the square deal4
Theodore Roosevelt: The Square Deal
  • Regulating Business
    • The “Trustbuster”
      • TR was not against trusts; he believed there were good ones and bad ones
      • Uses Justice Department to prosecute
          • Railroad, meatpacking, and oil trusts
      • Encouraged companies that wanted to merge to work with the government
theodore roosevelt the square deal7
Theodore Roosevelt: The Square Deal
  • Labor Conditions
    • Investigated coal mines in Pennsylvania when company refused to go to arbitration with striking workers
      • Threatened to re-open mines using federal troops
        • This forced management to go to arbitration
        • TR wants a square deal  fair for everyone: management, labor, consumers
theodore roosevelt the square deal8
Theodore Roosevelt: The Square Deal
  • Conservation
    • “We are prone to think of the resources of this country as inexhaustible; this is not so.”
    • Protected nations environment and wilderness
    • Purchased parkland, forests, monuments and wildlife refuges
      • Triples the amount of public land
william howard taft
William Howard Taft
  • Hand picked successor of TR (Teddy kept GW’s precedent of two-terms)
william howard taft reforms
William Howard Taft: Reforms
  • Reforms
    • Contrary to popular belief, busts more trusts than TR
    • Supported eight-hour workday and mine safety legislation
    • Sixteenth Amendment federal income tax
    • Seventeenth Amendment direct election of senators
william howard taft problems
William Howard Taft: Problems
  • Problems
    • Not a great politician like TR
    • Wanted to lower tariffs, while Congress raised them
      • Progressives felt he backed down on this by not vetoing a tariff raising bill
        • Republican Party spilt over protecting American business, while combating trusts
election of 1912
Election of 1912
  • Election of 1912
    • TR upset that Taft allows business men to buy public land in Alaska
    • Decides to run against Taft as a member of “Bull Moose Party”
election of 191215
Election of 1912
  • Best showing of a third party candidate
woodrow wilson
Woodrow Wilson
  • Republicans split vote and democrat Woodrow Wilson wins presidency
woodrow wilson new freedom
Woodrow Wilson: New Freedom
  • New Freedom
    • Concentrated economic power threatened individual liberty
    • Monopolies had to be broken up so the marketplace could truly be open
    • “Without …interference of the government…there can be no fair play between individuals and such powerful institutions as the trust.”
woodrow wilson financial reforms
Woodrow Wilson: Financial Reforms
  • Financial Reforms
    • Underwood Tariff Act
      • lowers tariffs for the first times since the Civil War
      • provides for graduated income tax/progressive tax
    • Creates Federal Trade Commission to investigate businesses
    • Federal Reserve System
      • National Banking System (12 banks)
        • Provided for fair interest rates
        • Money no longer would depend on gold supply
bye bye progressives
Bye-Bye Progressives
  • End of the Progressive Era
    • World War I causes US to focus on war effort and not social change