if you can t beat them laugh at them a look at the political s atire of the progressive era n.
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The Progressive Presidents

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The Progressive Presidents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you can’t beat them, laugh at them. A look at the political s atire of the Progressive Era . The Progressive Presidents . Group Questions.

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if you can t beat them laugh at them a look at the political s atire of the progressive era
If you can’t beat them, laugh at them.

A look at the political satire of the Progressive Era

The Progressive Presidents

group questions
Group Questions
  • Symbols are used in cartoons to visually present abstract ideas. Many such as Uncle Sam are widely recognized. What symbols are used in this cartoon?
  • Cartoonists employ humor to make powerful statements in an effective, less heavy-handed manner. Does this cartoon use humor to make its point? If so, how? Is it sarcastic? Ironic? Ridiculing?
  • Exaggeration is what sets editorial cartoons apart; they must grab the reader and deliver a message in a few seconds. What is exaggerated in this cartoon, and what purpose does it serve?
  • How does your cartoon connect to one of the key concepts found in chapter 27? (Hint, use your guided reading)
  • Create a thesis statement that sums up the cartoons main message
  • Why is this concept important today?


  • Humor
  • Exaggeration
  • Connection to Key Concepts
  • Thesis
  • Importance
  • Bonus-Find a political cartoon reflecting a similar issue in today's society.
  • Symbolism
    • Ghost of founding ideals (think ghost of Christmas past)
      • This represents…what is more important, the sprit of the law or the letter of the law.
  • Humor
    • “I thought I dodged that”
      • This satirizes (makes a funny) the situation by…ridiculing president Roosevelt’s attempt to escape the two term limit.
  • Exaggeration
    • My platform, my ideals
      • This exaggerates Roosevelt's reputation for commanding attention and pushing to “get his way”.
  • Connection to Key Concepts
    • This Political cartoon connects to question six: “Summing up Roosevelt”
  • Thesis
    • While Roosevelt’s aggressive methods and brash style lead the way to many progressive reforms, his attempt to run for a third term lead many Americans to question whether his motives were driven by a desire to help, or a desire to control.
  • Importance
    • This cartoon reflects the Americans belief that Presidents should not serve more than two terms. This ideal is based on the belief that longer terms would give individuals extreme amounts of power, and possibly have a negative effect on the freedoms of Americans.