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Karen O’Kane - Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme Director PowerPoint Presentation
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Karen O’Kane - Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme Director

Karen O’Kane - Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme Director

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Karen O’Kane - Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme Director

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  1. Karen O’Kane - Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme Director September 2017

  2. Better Broadband for Norfolk objective County Councillors set objectives within wider Government policy: • To achieve the maximum Superfast (24Mbps+ download speed) coverage for the available investment. • No community prioritised over any other. The rollout is based on the cost to provide a specific fibre solution, divided by the number of properties that will benefit to provide a per property cost.  Funding is then allocated on this basis • The most efficient rollout, to achieve maximum coverage for the available funding. This means rollout plans are subject to survey and timescales within the overall end date are flexible

  3. Better Broadband for Norfolk overview - coverage 424,000Norfolk properties In North Norfolk 11% coverage from BT fully funded deployments. Black and Grey on the map BBfN is dealing with White areas which are defined by EU State Aid rules as containing properties with speeds of less than 15Mbps and no plans from commercial operators

  4. Better Broadband for Norfolk coverage Between July 2013 and September 2015 BBfN1 another 63% of North Norfolk properties were implemented – so combined with commercial coverage 74% of North Norfolk properties had access This contract will implement another 18% of North Norfolk propertiesby end March 2020. Increasing coverage in North Norfolk to 92% of properties 8% of North Norfolk properties will still not have access

  5. BBfN funding – fully allocated The basis of the contract is “gap funding”. This means the subsidy available is the cost to deploy the infrastructure, minus the revenue the infrastructure generates. BBfN funding is: • Public sector investment will be £48 million, from Government, Local Enterprise Partnership, Norfolk County Council and the five rural District Councils • BT will contribute over £15 million capital and all operating costs • Contract protections mean if Take-up of services using the new infrastructure is higher than expected, BT pays a rebate

  6. Local Telephone Exchange DP PCP E side D side Technology New PCP DSLAM Head-end Exchange LV connection x Copper ties Aggregation node Fibre Spine

  7. Technology FTTC – Fibre to the cabinet Re-parenting rules Up to 80 Mbps Not between Local Exchange Areas Not if overall copper line length to Local Telephone exchange increases, thereby reducing “Basic” broadband speeds 500 m 38 Mbps 1 Km 24 Mbps 1.5 Km 15 Mbps 3 Km Sub 2Mbps

  8. Fibre Head-end Exchanges Hunstanton Holt North Walsham Fakenham Kings Lynn Dereham Great Yarmouth Norwich City Swaffham Norwich West Wisbech Attleborough Downham Market Long Stratton Lowestoft Bungay Thetford Dickleborough Illustration only

  9. Little Snoring – existing & planned coverage

  10. Little Snoring – existing & planned coverage Little Snoring is currently served from Thursford cabinet 1 which has been fibre enabled and 156 properties are close enough to have access to Superfast speeds A new fibre cabinet is scheduled summer 2018 which will provide access for properties that are served from Thursford cabinet 1, but due to distance do not currently have access to at least 15Mbps. Covering postcodes NR210AJ, NR210HT, NR210HU, NR210HX, NR210HZ, NR210JJ, NR210JN, NR210JP, NR210JR, NR210JW, NR210RB and NR210RY There are 6 properties served from Fakenham cabinet 5 where no fibre solution is currently planned – NR210PA Planned coverage is subject to survey

  11. Checking coverage and available ISPs To find the structure your property is served from: • Search using the Address Checker option, then enter your postcode, press submit and select your address from the list • Once a fibre solution is available a “VDSL” option will be shown • Current copper infrastructure is described as “ADSL” •

  12. Basic Broadband Voucher Scheme for properties with less the 2Mbps • Central Government Scheme is available, voucher for set-up • All three Norfolk wireless providers are suppliers on the scheme • ITsWisp - • Symettris- • WiSpire - • Specialist satellite provider • Rural Broadband - • Government’s Guidance Note and Application Form on the Better Broadband for Norfolk website