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Dell’s Green Computing Club. A Proposal to Dell: Create a information exchange club to organize Green Computing Initiatives in Beijing. Date : 2008-11-19 Prepare by : Benjamin Koo, Industry Engineering Department, Tsinghua University Email: Phone: +86 10 6279 2539.

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Dell s green computing club

Dell’s Green Computing Club

A Proposal to Dell: Create a information exchange club to organize Green Computing Initiatives in Beijing

Date : 2008-11-19

Prepare by : Benjamin Koo, Industry Engineering Department, Tsinghua University


Phone: +86 10 6279 2539

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  • Background

  • Target Audience

  • Our Mission

  • Objective

  • Activities

  • Schedule

  • Our team

  • Budget

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  • Creating sustainable energy sources has become the strategic goal of many organizations, including government, large corporations, research institutions, and small enterprises.

  • Leveraging knowledge and resources of many different kinds of organizations may create an emerging source of new ideas and new technologies helpful in attaining Green Computing objectives.

  • We propose to create an social group: Dell Green Computing Club (DGC), which will serve as a communication platform to socially-connect different groups and to enable creative interactions around the topic: green energy-related applications.

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Dell green computing club
Dell Green Computing Club

  • A club focused on utilizing computing technologies to create more effective energy production and reduce unnecessary energy consumption

  • Inviting various industrial and thought leaders to present green-energy related concepts and how computing technologies and products can be used to reduce our current dependency on fossil fuels.

  • Provide a forum, primarily based in Beijing, to allow frequent interactions between Dell-related computing solution providers, NGOs, and academic thought leaders to exchange ideas about green computing

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Target audience
Target Audience

  • Dell’s solution partners

    • Various software/IT solution providers/vendors

  • End-user

    1. company users ( > 100 employees)

    2. individual user

  • Research Institute

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Our mission
Our Mission

Information Filter (DGC)

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  • Solution partner

  • Support the development of Dell’s green computing project.

  • Develop solution partner’s green resource project.

  • Find opportunities in green resource market in the future.

  • End-Users

  • Deliver Dell’s marketing messages related to green resource.

  • Collect user’s needs in green resource.

  • Research Institute

  • Demonstrate Dell’s progressive thinking in green resource.

  • Green energy’s application in Dell related product lines.

  • Communicate what Dell did in green tech and show collaboration results produced by Dell/Research institutions’ partnership.


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Activities items1
Activities items

User forum

  • Time : 3 hours - 4 hours

  • Attendees: 20-30 people

  • Speakers: 1-2 person

  • Subject : Get different subject for green resources, Each forum invite different group user.

  • Main Locations: Tsinghua University Campus

    • As needed: the Greater Beijing Area

Communication Platform

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Suggested events
Suggested Events

  • A list of influential key-note speakers:

    • Prof. Li Zheng, Director of Tsinghua’s Clean Energy Lab,

    • Dr. Stephen Wittrig, BP-China’s Research Director

    • Mr. Theodore Gray, Founder of Wolfram Research

      • Give speeches on applying various computing technologies/products to Green Computing Initiative

  • Technology demonstration activities

    • Demonstrate the use of real-time location sensitive technologies (GPS equipped Laptops/PDA-Cellphones/RFID/Zigbee) to clean-energy applications

    • Discussion Panels with multiple domain experts to brain-storm new product development directions and emerging computing/energy related services

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C omplementary solutions
Complementary Solutions


Open Source


Cell Phone



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E communication


Login for free newsletter



On line registration

Join forum

User Forum

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Our team
Our team

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Team members
Team Members

  • Mr. Yuan Gao as the DGC Supervisor will provide an overall guidance to the design of the relationship with the industries and consumers. He will provide guidance on inviting interesting speakers and topics from relative companies.

  • Prof. Benjamin Koo will be responsible for the strategic direction of DGC, mainly in charge of identifying the themes of every forum, invite some research centers involved, and schedule the process of the DGC work.

  • Prof. Weiru Chen, Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. He will be suggesting and organizing activities business strategy aspect of DGC,. He is currently a visiting Professor at Beijing University’s School of Management, and will be a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Sina-Euro School of Business Management. His Singapore-based INSEAD campus connections will be able to bring to DGC the most up-to-date information on Green Computing/Energy related activities in south-eastern asia.

  • Prof. Cha Jianzhong, a professor in Beijing Jiaotong University, is the Director of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the Director of the Intelligent Engineering Research Center. He also holds the UNESCO Chair on Cooperation between Higher Engineering Education and Industries. He chaired many technical conferences in China, and has a strong relationship with the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Chinese Academy of Engineers. He will provide some advise from the educational, technological and industrial point of view.

  • Prof. Bart M. ter Haar Romeny is a professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherland) and is the principal physicist of the Utrecht University Hospital Radiology Department and clinical project leader of the Dutch PACS project. He also holds an Associate Dean position at the North Eastern University in China. He will provide an overall guidance to the design of the technical topic, and provide guidance on inviting some international speakers to the DGC. With his help we can ensure the messages of DGC reach out to an international audience.

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Team members ii
Team Members (II)

  • Prof. Quanlin Li, who has many strong relationship with Chinese scholars and local government officers. He is the Chairman of China’s RFID Consotium. He will be responsible for providing some technological advises to the local committee and inviting top speakers to join the DGC.

  • Prof. Simin Huang, is an expert in Emergency Response System. He holds an official position in Chinese Congress in this area. He is also the director of the Operations Research and Logistic Planning at Tsinghua University. He will be coordinating the public relations in the arena of Energy Related Logistic Planning.

  • Prof. Lei Zhao is the director of Health Care Research Laboratory at Tsinghua IE Department. He will be coordinating experts in his related areas related to human health and medical related energy research topics.

  • Ms. Autumn Lee, who has good relationship with professional conference organizers and knowledge to local commercial resources will help us best-operate the DGC.

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  • Web Development US$ 4,000

    • Website design

    • Registration program

    • Member system

    • Newsletter issue system

  • Monthly Maintenances: (US$800 per months) US$ 9,600

    • Analysis Report

    • Web content update

    • Newsletter issue

    • Project management

  • Web Site hosting (for 12 months) US$ 2,000

  • User Forum : ( up to 6 times) US$ 20,000

    • Speaker fee

    • Venue fee

    • Material package

    • Coffee break fee

    • Invitation

    • Total Budget : US$ 35,600* The budget didn’t include the server and database

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Location: South 614, 613, Shunde Building,

Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Email: (Prof. Koo)

Phone: + 86 10-62792539 (Prof. Koo)

+ 86 10-62780911 (Secretary: Ms. Song)

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Our partners
Our Partners

The following software vendors will provide some resources to support DGC. This includes cash donation, software licenses, expert speakers, and technology supports.

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