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Star Wars: Death Troopers PowerPoint Presentation
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Star Wars: Death Troopers

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Star Wars: Death Troopers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Star Wars: Death Troopers
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  1. Star Wars: Death Troopers Author: Joe Schreiber By Francisco Campa

  2. A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…... • It was a time where the empire took control of the galaxy • Right before episode 4 in the movie series • In combined two of the greatest things ever thought of…….. • Star Wars • Zombies!!!!

  3. The Location • -A space prison called The Purge • Filled with hundreds of the galaxies scum and conspirators of the Empire • -A abandoned star destroyer • Looks to be desolate but has awful secrets and monsters inside

  4. Most of the Main characters • Kale and Trig Longo- Brothers trapped in the prisons for crimes in the black market with their father. Was there for their sentence and to see their father die from a stormtrooper. • Zahara- Top medical at The Purge and serves to help and cares more for the inmates than the troopers who work there. • Captain Sartoris- A rogue Trooper who’s unnecessary treatment of the inmates and brutality would have gotten him decommission if it wasn’t for the virus.

  5. Summary In the space prison where Trug and Kale were stuck at, the boosters in the ship broke.They were stuck there motionless for seven days until they saw a mysterious abandoned star destroyer near them. Captain Sartoris and his men went to get parts from it to fix their boosters to get out of here. When they got back, they brought something else with them, a deadly virus. The medic Zahara tried to help as much as she can but within hours almost all the people in the prison died. As Zahara tried to find any remaining survivors of this epidemic the bodies were gone in every floor. By the time she found ? and ? there found out they were not alone and that the dead has risen to attack and feast………………..

  6. Why You Need to read this BOOK!! • Its suspenseful and keeps you on your toes the whole time • Its has great dialogue and creates a great imagery of the horrors in space • The zombies here are amazing combining some elements of George Romero Zombies and More moderns ones we see today in movies. • It’s Star Wars, Anything can happen during this story So, Who’s up for the adventure…..