evolution of the smartboard
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Evolution of the Smartboard

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Evolution of the Smartboard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evolution of the Smartboard. By Robert L. Hopkins Jr. EDUC 8841 Walden University. Early chalkboards. In the Begining. In the past teachers used tradition blackboards and flip charts to explain the lessons. Walk into any classroom and you will find one: A dark green board

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evolution of the smartboard

Evolution of the Smartboard


Robert L. Hopkins Jr.

EDUC 8841

Walden University

in the begining
In the Begining

In the past teachers used tradition blackboards and flip charts to explain the lessons.

Walk into any classroom and you will find one: A dark green board

on the wall, lined with pieces of chalk and felt erasers.

Chalkboards, also known as blackboards, have long been a part of

daily classroom life, but just what is the history of the chalkboard?

Blackboards, easels, corkboards and contemporary whiteboards may seem to us to have always been  standard equipment in schoolrooms as well as business boardrooms, but none of these basic tools even existed in classrooms prior to 1801.
Blackboards soon became equally important in business organizations, as well as in the fields of math and science, long before the materials were even invented from which whiteboards could be manufactured.
1990 whiteboards begin to erase the chalkboard from schools
1990 Whiteboards begin to erase the chalkboard from schools
  • Businesses have been widely using whiteboards (aka marker boards) since the early 1980s
  • In the 1990's whiteboards began appearing in classrooms, but only in small numbers. 
  • By the late 1990's, nearly 21% of all American schools converted from chalkboards to whiteboards

The term smartboardusually refers to a specific brand of electronic

Whiteboard made by the company SMART Technologies, but the

term is increasingly being used to refer to any brand of electronic


  • Most smartboards have the same features, allowing users to input data through the use of plastic pens that contain no ink, the user's hands, a wireless mouse or pointing device. The software for the smartboard is loaded onto a local computer or network, where smartboard-compatible software can then be called upon for use on the screen.
  • Ass you can see by this presentation, one of the tools for teaching students has evolved from the traditional blackboard to the high tech smart board.
  • The blackboard were cheap to produce, but later they found health hazards related to the dust produced from the chalk.
  • The smartboard was the answer to every problem. This invention was reliable, clean and adaptable to any situation.
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