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Sustainability. Tina Czech, Birch Grove Elementary School Ann Osterhus, Facilitator. Introductions. Introduce yourself to the group with name, school and district name. Share one concern, question or comment about implementation in year 3

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Tina Czech, Birch Grove Elementary School

Ann Osterhus, Facilitator

  • Introduce yourself to the group with name, school and district name.
  • Share one concern, question or comment about implementation in year 3
  • (Tina and Ann will note your comments to generate network topics for the end of the meeting)
pair and share
Pair and Share
  • On a scale of 1-10 where is your building at in terms of sustainability?
  • What is your building currently doing to sustain PBIS?
  • What are the barriers or challenges to sustainability?
sustaining sw pbis
Sustaining SW-PBIS
  • Research
  • Increasing Buy-In
  • Awareness
  • Community and Parent Involvement
  • Administrator and Leadership
research kent mcintosh
Research-Kent Mcintosh
  • SUBSIST – School-Wide Universal Behavior Sustainability Index: School Teams
  • A survey of 257 schools nation-wide
  • SUBSIST available as a checklist for school teams
research findings
Research findings
  • Administrator Support
  • During both implementation and sustaining
  • Actively support SWPBIS
  • Ensures regular time for and attends meetings
  • SWPBIS is a top priority
  • Fidelity of Implementation
  • During both implementation and sustaining
  • Adequate implementation provides positive feedback on student outcomes
  • Without effects may not be observable – practice abandonment
research findings continued
Research findings, continued
  • Effective and Efficient Teaming
  • During both implementation and sustaining
  • Regular meetings, at least monthly
  • Knowledge and skills of members
  • Meeting organization and efficiency
  • Data
  • During both implementation and sustaining
  • Data Driven Decision Making
research findings continued1
Research findings, continued
  • Features More Important for Sustaining
  • Maintaining a HIGH level of fidelity of implementation
  • Envisioning SW-PBIS as part of systems already in use
  • Parent and Community Involvement
  • Integrating new initiatives into SW-PBIS
  • Maintaining 80% commitment from staff (preliminary results)
  • Continue to do TIC and use it as a planning tool
  • Create a yearly action plan and update at each meeting
  • Meet monthly, or more, as a team
  • Use precision statements in problem solving
  • Create useful, short-term data sources to measure implementation
  • Strive to always reach 80% or greater fidelity of implementation
  • Share data monthly with stakeholders
  • Maintain a SW-PBIS notebook and keep it up to date
how bg sustains pbis
How BG sustains PBIS
  • Train new staff
  • Present at open house
  • Inform parents
  • Ever-evolving
increasing staff buy in and awareness
Increasing staff buy-in and awareness
  • Workshop review with all staff, new and returning
  • PBIS “refresher course” every winter
  • Share and action plan around data
increasing staff buy in
Increasing staff buy-in
  • Keep staff personally invested!!!
  • Recognize staff as well as students
  • Keep whole staff involved in decisions
  • Examples of staff morale activities:
  • Tropical Lounge Escape
  • Secret Snowflake
  • “Who Cares” slips
  • Fill your bucket
  • A Million things went right today
  • Festive sweater Fridays
  • Halloween feast
  • Valentines
  • Easter treat
community and parent involvement
Community and parent involvement
  • Open House:

Table set up at open house

  • Students who could name all 5 themes received a paw-print
  • Especially helpful for new parents
  • 2) Parent Handbook
parent handbook sample
Parent Handbook Sample
  • Dear Parents and Students:
  • Welcome to the Grove! Our school is committed to providing a strong educational program for our children. We are
  • devoted to creating a nurturing, safe and welcoming school climate for our families and students. We encourage family
  • involvement and want to work as partners with parents to provide the best educational experience for our children.
  • This handbook was created to help you learn about our policies, procedures and expectations as a member of the BG
  • community. As with most printed material, unforeseen circumstances may warrant some changes as we go through the
  • school year. However, we have made an attempt to give you clear and accurate information that will be valuable as we
  • go through the school year.
  • We want all students to be happy at school and to learn all that they possibly can. Student success is very important. To
  • make sure students are successful we have a program called BG CARES: Bobcat Pride.
  • BG CARES: Cooperation
  • Assertiveness
  • Responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Self-Control
  • Bobcat Pride addresses the entire school; classroom, hallway, bus, cafeteria and lunchroom. Our goal is to work as a
  • team to learn more, support each other and have fun in the process. Last school year we continued to see a reduction
  • in major referrals since we began using BG CARES in 2010.
  • Please contact us if you have questions, comments or concerns about what is found within these pages. Additional
  • information can be found on our district web page at
  • We look forward to another fantastic school year!
  • Sincerely,
  • Jeff Zastrow
  • Principal
parent handbook sample cont
Parent Handbook Sample, cont.
  • 279 District Mission:
  • Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students with the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams,
  • contribute to community, and engage in a lifetime of learning,
  • Core Values and Strategic Objectives
  • We believe that –
  • Lifelong learning is essential for the individual and the community to thrive;
  • Everyone has equal intrinsic value;
  • Trust is essential to sustaining successful relationships and to achieving results;
  • Better decisions emerge when diverse perspectives are intentionally included in a collaborative process;
  • Everyone benefits when cultural differences are acknowledged and understood, and individuals are treated respectfully
  • and equitable; and
  • Everyone can learn more
  • Birch Grove School for the Arts Mission Statement
  • THROUGH THE ARTS, we will implement research-based instructional strategies, engage students in learning through
  • challenging and meaningful assessment, provide a safe and respectful environment to promote peace, and nurture
  • creativity and growth.
  • Birch Grove Pledge
  • At Birch Grove students and adults are Cooperative, Assertive, Responsible, Emphatic, and Show Self-Control. This leads
  • to a safe, positive learning environment that increases student achievement.
  • At Birch Grove, we update our goals every Fall. We will continue to focus on helping each child grow academically and
  • socially through an emphasis on the arts.
  • Our goals focus on student and school-wide success in math and reading.
  • We give extra reading and math support to students based on their needs.
  • Birch Grove Elementary School for the Arts is a Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions (PBIS) school. We just call
  • it Bobcat Pride! With this framework, we continue to create a safe and positive environment for our parents, students
  • and staff through a model we call BG C.A.R.E.S.
  • We are looking at maintaining this positive school culture.
ever evolving
  • Continue to scrutinize, change, and perfect all aspects of your PBIS program
  • This year: new posters, new paw prints, student of the month assemblies, teacher paw prints
administration and leadership
Administration and leadership
  • Continue to share ideas and data with leadership
  • Struggle between verbal support and actions
  • Encourage leadership to attend coach’s meetings
sustaining in minnesota
Sustaining in Minnesota
  • Continue doing a SET yearly
  • BoQ (upon invitation from MN) after 2 more 80% SETS (after training)
  • BoQ for 2 years, followed by a SET
  • Apply for MN Recognition upon receiving an invitation
  • Attend Coach Meetings
  • Cohort 9 and 10 (5/year) and/or Sustaining Sessions (2/year)
  • Watch for other invitations
  • Attend Yearly PBIS State Institute
  • Read email bulletins sent quarterly
  • Give Back – present at sustaining meetings, become involved in coach conference calls, ask for ways in which you can give back, become a trainer, attend Coach Cohort meetings and share your experiences
sustaining tools
Sustaining Tools
  • Coach Calendar for sustaining coaches
  • Desk Mat
  • SUBSIST Team Self-Evaluation
  • Practice Profile Rubric
  • MATT, BAT, BoQ, SET, TIC, SAS, School Safety Survey, others
partner share
Partner Share
  • 2 steps you (and your team) will take towards sustainability
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Questions
  • Networking Topics
  • Sharing
  • Individual help and/or planning