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Welcome to Scoofooland. Home of the Oogawaks. Success in the biological sense…. Survival and Reproduction!!!. Traits that help in survival and reproduction…. ADAPTATIONS. How might food effect your potential for “success”?. Getting food faster = more time to mate More food for offspring

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Welcome to scoofooland

Welcome to Scoofooland

Home of the Oogawaks

Success in the biological sense
Success in the biological sense…

Survival and Reproduction!!!

Traits that help in survival and reproduction….


How might food effect your potential for success
How might food effect your potential for “success”?

  • Getting food faster = more time to mate

  • More food for offspring

  • More energy to support development of gametes and zygote

  • In order to reproduce…YOU MUST GET FOOD!

Background information on oogawaks
Background Information on Oogawaks

  • Nests are made of clear plastic

  • Star fruit is the food of choice

  • Feeding appendages look like Q-tips (NO HANDS ALLOWED)

  • Star fruits are gathered one at a time with appendages

  • No food = No Reproduction = Death 

  • More food = Reproduction = Offspring 

  • As with every reproductive event / generation… there are mutations…

Generation 1
Generation 1

  • All Oogawaks have Q-tip appendages

  • Oogawaks have 10 seconds to forage for food

  • Remember use your appendages – NOT YOUR HANDS

  • Ready, Set, Go!

  • So how was it? Hard / easy to get food? Who was successful?

Generation 2
Generation 2

  • You are now the offspring of the 1st generation

  • A mutation has taken place in 1 Oogawak family

  • The mutation results in toothpick appendages which allow the lucky Oogawak to snag 4 star fruits at once!

  • 10 seconds on the clock…

  • Ready, Set, Go!

  • How does the mutation effect Oogawak success?

  • What % of the next generation of Oogawaks will have the mutation?

Generation 3
Generation 3

  • You are now the offspring of the 2nd generation

  • The mutation is now more prevalent in the Oogawak population

  • 10 seconds to feed…

  • Ready, Set, Go!

  • What happened? What will the next generation look like?

  • Eventually what will happen to the population as a whole?

  • What would you call the toothpick mutation? Why?

Steps of natural selection
Steps of Natural Selection

Were all of the Oogawaks the same? What varied?

1. There is a population with variation.

Did the variations affect the life of the individuals? How?

2. Some variations prove favorable.

What could the individuals who got more food do?

3. Those with the favorable variation produce more offspring and their offspring have the favorable trait.

What happened to the frequency of that favorable trait in each new generation?

4. Over time, each new generation has a greater % of individuals with the favorable trait; eventually the whole population will have it