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Welcome to. INTRODUCTION. You have been CHOSEN to unpack the INNERWEALTH that is packed WITHIN YOU Since ALL was created from DUST, You are GREATER than ALL Therefore:

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  • You have been CHOSEN to unpack the INNERWEALTH that is packed WITHIN YOU
  • Since ALL was created from DUST, You are GREATER than ALL


  • The color PURPLE used in this website is associated with Royalty, spirituality, magic and mystery and also symbolizes the “innerwealth”, strength and power.
who is cashtime international
  • CTI was formed by a group of intellectuals with VAST knowledge in the financial world merged with multi level marketing skills.
  • The idea is to instill financial knowledge through trading and financial stability through Multi Level Marketing.
why cti
  • CTI is the first amongst its competitors to come up with the product that is tangible , realistic and most needed.
  • CTI has the revised compensation plan that is easy to work with.
bariers of life

“The biggest irony”

  • “Most people get up every weekday morning and go to work. They work from nine to five with an hour off for lunch. They get 15 or 20 days leave per annum and public holidays. All of this is done for forty five years, or longer – the best years of their lives. They devote an enormous slice of life to working for money and yet they spend little or no time planning their finances and setting financial goals.”

“The truth”

  • One of everyone’s goals is to achieve wealth/ financial independence! But how many really know how to go about? Or how long it will take or better yet, what they mean by financial independence?


  • Financial Independence
  • It implies independence from financial worries – and more specifically–independence from the need to work.
bariers of life1
  • •This can only be achieved when the income which you receive from your investments exceeds the income that you receive from your work (i.e. your salary).
  • •So we define financial independence as being a point where you are earning enough from your investments to live off without the need to work.
  • •So obviously, the first requirement of making your money work for you is to beat inflation by a healthy margin.
  • ....Let’s talk about few things

The Salary Treadmill

  • “Every month pay-day comes around - rent, bills, and credit cards - and suddenly it’s all gone! You hope to begin saving in a few months’ time…Trouble is that every month it’s the same old story. Round and round and round on the salary treadmill, never making any real progress towards financial independence”-share direct
  • The point is that in this life there are only two ways to make money - you can work for it or you can make your money work for you...”
our product
  • We train people to trade in the international stock market specializing in Forex , which is making more than $ 6 Trillion per day.
  • We offer mentorship and support until you are confident enough to start Trading on your own.
  • The training cost is R7000
  • The duration is 2 weeks plus mentorship and support.
business opportunity
  • CTI present a business opportunity where you can save up to 90 % of the normal training fee.
  • With only R1700 you can take advantage of these savings through Multi Level Marketing business opportunity.
business opportunity1
  • The Distributor joins by paying R1700.
  • No. of boards in the plan =1. Name of the board is “Smart Board”.
  • Board Structure is 1-2-4. Distributor will get entry in the board plan after sponsoring two directs.
  • On cycling out or completion of the Smart Board, the member will get R10 000 plus Re-entry on the Smart Board.
business opportunity2
  • Once you are a member - CTI enables you to earn a recurring income through the popular board plan. In order to qualify to enter the board, you are required to successfully introduce 2 referrals.

Members move through the SMART BOARD from level 1 – 3. On completion of a cycle members earn R10 000 and automatic re-entry to the SMART BOARD .

business opportunity3


  • Trading classes will be provided when a minimum of 30 people in your area have qualified for the training.
  • Cycle payouts are done every Friday provided that a member has qualified before the cut of date, which is Thursday 12:00 Midday.
business opportunity4

R10 000 Smart Board Bonus



No. of Directs


No.of Cycles

In Team


contact us

E-mail Address :






Website: www.cashtimeinternational.com

Telephone No: 017 631 4636