Cancer Surgeries - A Cancer Treatment
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Cancer Surgeries - A Cancer Treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Surgery remains to be the first option and the best treatment to cancer and the biggest benefit of it is that there is a chance of removing the entire cancer body.

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Cancer Surgeries - A Cancer Treatment

Surgery remains to be the first option and the best treatment to cancer and the biggest benefit of it is

that there is a chance of removing the entire cancer body. However you should know that cancer

surgery is undergone with more than one goal to achieve. Here are the common reasons cancer surgery

is carried out for:

Prevention - When there's a reason to believe that there's a high risk of developing cancer in certain

tissues and organs of your body. The doctor you are seeing may recommend you on removing those

tissues and organ before the cancer develops.

Diagnosis - To study the cancer, the doctor may use a form of surgery to either remove the entire

tumour or just a part of it. This allows the doctor learn whether the growth is cancerous or


Staging - This form of surgery helps your doctors define what stage your cancer has evolved to. It also

allows the doctor to measure the size of your tumor and determine whether it has travelled to your

lymph nodes or not.

Primary Treatment - This type of surgery is where your doctor will remove the entire tumor of your

cancer. This is the best chance for a cancer patient especially if the caner has localized and hasn’t

spread. If it’s localized this surgery is what your doctor will recommend as your primary treatment.

Debulking -When there isn't a possibility of removing you’re the entire cancerous tumor because of risk

to other organs the doctor will remove as much possible as he can so that radiation and chemotherapy

can be the best treatment.

Relieving Systems - Sometimes doctors carry out surgery in order to remove the tumor and improve the

quality of your life. For example doctors perform surgery to remove tumor that is causing stress to you

because it’s pressing against your nerve or blocking your intestine.

Cancer surgery is just one method that is considered the best possible cure not on the whole though.

However there are cancer screening methods to determine the form of cancer you have and surgery is

not necessarily required although it may be required to know the stage of your cancer. Therefore if you

have a doubt about having cancer you should immediately get a cancer screening instead of opting for a

surgery to diagnose whether you have cancer or not. Also there are several cancer screening

programmes conducted by hospitals.