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Outlook: 2013 Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Trends

The top 10 digital marketing, advertising and social media trends for this new year. Lots of examples and case study goodness!

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Outlook: 2013 Marketing, Advertising & Social Media Trends

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  1. January 18, 2013 Rebecca Lieb Industry Analyst @lieblink 2013 Outlook: Marketing, Advertising, and Social Trends

  2. Major Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 Real-time marketing and listening platforms Convergence of paid, owned, and earned media Content marketing and content strategy Native advertising Growth of visual information Online and offline channel convergence Mobile marketing Big data Gamification Eradication of internal digital practice silos

  3. Real-time Marketing and Listening Platforms © 2012 Altimeter Group

  4. Real-time marketing is immediate reaction.It’s the marketing of relevancy, achieved by listening and anticipation of consumer need.

  5. Real-time marketing delivers what marketers want most and turbo charges other efforts Source: GolinHarris, The Promises and Pitfalls of Real-Time Marketing. http://golinharris.com/#!/insights/real-time-marketing-research/

  6. Two types of always-on marketing • Event driven • Public events • Brand events • Breaking news • Customer driven • Customer service • Crisis management

  7. Foursquare promotion contributes to record “Small Business Saturday” sales for AMEX An estimated 103 million Americans shopped at small businesses on 2011’s Small Business Saturday. American Express saw a 23% increase in transactions from its inaugural event.

  8. Toyota feels backlash after Twitter spamming its Toyota Camry promo during Super Bowl

  9. Wells Fargo’s Twitter account is now its most effective and efficient customer service tool @Ask_WellsFargo has contributed to an increase in positive brand sentiment by 38%.

  10. Eurocontrol responds to environmental crisis via Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Eurocontrol used #euva and #ashtag to monitor and respond to conversations about 2010’s Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.

  11. Twitter improves search (and ad serving) with real-time human computation ?

  12. Customers have opinions – you must listen and act, and respond

  13. Social listening, monitoring, and measurement are foundations for agility Brands must: Have systems and processes in place to listen, measure, and respond. Let conversation instruct creative design and strategy. Use insights to be proactive. Allows insights to facilitate personalization and resonance. © 2012 Altimeter Group

  14. An always-on organization starts with man power and a structured staff • Work toward deploying a 24/7 response model • Dedicate resources to “Control rooms” and “War rooms” to monitor social conversation • Arm teams with training and tools for success

  15. Source: Expion, Disclosure: An Altimeter client Applebee’s supports 7K employees in 1K locations to monitor & respond in social EFFICIENCY SHARING GOVERNANCE REAL TIME

  16. Dell’s Social Media Listening Command Center monitors conversation, sentiment Dell uses Salesforce Radian6 to power its social media monitoring of more than 22K daily topic posts on the social Web.

  17. Gatorade monitors social conversations from a dedicated room Gatorade’s Social Media Command Center is a “war room for monitoring the brand in real-time across social media.”

  18. Convergence of Paid, Owned, and Earned Media © 2012 Altimeter Group

  19. Defining Paid, Owned, and Earned Media • Requires media buy • Owned or controlled but does not require media buy • User-generated content surrounding brand

  20. Now, let’s define Converged Media • Two or more channels of paid, earned, and owned media. • Consistent storyline, look, and feel. • All channels work in concert, enabling brands to reach customers throughout the customer journey © 2012 Altimeter Group

  21. Creating branded ‘surround sound’: how media types influence and enable each other • OWNED Informs innovation, creative Drives volume to brand Provides platform Provides platform • PAID • EARNED Instructs where to amplify Drives volume

  22. What does this look like on Facebook?

  23. What does this look like on Twitter?

  24. Glidden Paint employs a wide palette of channels, converging media for a streamlined brand experience © 2012 Altimeter Group

  25. Enterprise tech company pays the influencers to ignite earned, drive traffic back to owned 128 Pieces of content created by influencers 24 Influencers commissioned to create content 1.1m Social interactions 9,314 Average actions per piece of content The company paid influencers to share content Across their networks © 2012 Altimeter Group

  26. Enterprise tech company achieves converged media harmonywith quality content While investing in influencers and media partners to amplify, the investment was just as much in the content itself– valuable, sharable, and on-brand.

  27. Brands that do not integrate paid, owned and earned media types are at a disadvantage Fragmented messaging, inconsistent branding Redundant efforts, no communication or collaboration Departments competing for budget Low customer engagement/ advocacy Convergence begins to occur in traditional media

  28. Altimeter identifies 11 criteria to successful converged media deployment

  29. Execution Workflow: Coordinating Paid, Owned, and Earned as one orchestration © 2012 Altimeter Group

  30. But, remember, workflows are unique to the organization

  31. Content Marketing and Content Strategy Photo courtesy of valkyrieh116 under Creative Commons License at Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/valkyrieh116/758542578/

  32. Content marketing is a pull strategy; it’s the marketing of attraction. It’s being there when consumers need you, and seek you out with relevant, educational, helpful, compelling, engaging and sometimes entertaining information.

  33. Content Marketing Builds Stronger Brands Awareness Trust Purchase Intent Word-of-mouth Customer Engagement Lower Acquisition Costs

  34. Content Marketing Changes the Game Earned and owned media Long-term initiatives vs. short-term campaigns New skills as publishers, producers and community managers Evolution from advertisers to storytellers

  35. Altimeter’s Content Marketing Maturity Model

  36. Standing organizations need someone to champion content Every organization needs a torchbearer that will shift the company’s focus to more meaningful marketing communication.

  37. Iron Mountain focuses content on personas Iron Mountain’s email marketing before (left) and after (right) the company developed marketing personas and refocused its content to better align with consumer pain points vs. product attributes.

  38. Eloqua expands its content marketing with creation of VP Content Marketing role Joe Chernov launched Eloqua’s corporate blog and later used it to promote the company’s other content—made trackable by requiring users to provide contact information. This enabled Chernov to measure effectiveness, directly attributing $2.5M in revenue to four free guides in 2010. Lieb, Rebecca. Content Marketing: Think like a Publisher – How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media. Indianapolis: Que, 2012.

  39. Salesforce leverages video to share product demos, webinars, events, and more Salesforce’s 2,600 YouTube videos receive upward of 11K views per day. The company has valued its product demo views (av. 2 minutes per view) as equal to customers receiving service from 66 hyper-efficient sales representatives.

  40. Red Bull recognized as content empire, adds e-commerce site to media strategy

  41. Questions?

  42. Image by Madhava Enros used with Attribution as directed by Creative Commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/menros/84195844/ Native Advertising © 2012 Altimeter Group

  43. Known also as custom content, sponsored content, branded content, content marketing, collaborative content, or even advertorials, “native advertising” is placing brand-generated content onto the pages of real publishing properties.

  44. Native advertising on news sites Boston Globe The Atlantic Gawker Media

  45. Remington targets customers during the purchase consideration cycle with native ads 1 2 3

  46. Samsung amplifies popular earned media as ad units to influence additional consumers

  47. NYT’s Ricochet platform helps brands deliver advertising paired with select articles

  48. Who benefits from native advertising? Although often unpaid, content contributors “sell” their companies, professional services, domain expertise, and personal brands in return for exposure Publishers charge basic CPM or CPC rates for sponsored content, or may calculate costs based on page positioning or feature Consumers begin to regard sponsored content as editorial content, breaking down the credibility wall between advertising and editorial

  49. Growth of Visual Information © 2012 Altimeter Group

  50. Where is content confidence held? Base: 56 marketers; Size of bubbles above reflect marketers' intention to increase/decrease use of that content type over the foreseeable future. * Based on question: What are the most effective types of content you’ve used to promote your brand? ** Based on question: Which type(s) of content do you plan to phase out, use less of, or have found ineffective?; Source: Altimeter Group

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