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Consulting Inc. Madison Wisconsin (608) 833-1095 PowerPoint Presentation
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Consulting Inc. Madison Wisconsin (608) 833-1095

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Consulting Inc. Madison Wisconsin (608) 833-1095 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WC Roof Gardens, part of the WC Consulting Incorporated business group, offering design and construction services for residential roof garden solutions. WC Roof Gardens delivers garden roofs using reliable commercial quality products coupled with well thought out landscape designs that harmonize with the residential aesthetic.Category: Retrofit Project / Extensive Roof GardenDescription: Residential Urban Garage UpgradeObjective: Capture roof space for garden/terrace use. Improve streetscape and entry to residence. Location: Minneapolis MinnesotaSize: 1367 Square FeetCost: $49,000.

Consulting Inc.Madison Wisconsin

(608) 833-1095


The roof garden enhances the path to the residence via the stairs from the street, along the walkway beside the roof garden and underneath the massive White Pine.


Situated on the roof of an existing 4 stall garage, the roof garden overlooks the neighborhood streetscape, providing “seen and be seen” activities for neighbor social interaction.


Views from the second floor master bedroom, bath, and study overlook the roof garden and the activity.

Large windows from the first floor dining room and solarium make a strong connection with the garden.


Varied depth of growing medium.

Typical extensive construction of 6 to 12 inches of growing medium for low hardy perennial northern zone plants.

Planter boxes for winter annual bulbs and flowering vines.


Ecological Benefits

Use of pine needle as mulch.

Reduce heat island effect by eliminating black roof area.

Technical Benefits

Reduce heat extremes in yard.

Storm water retention and slow release to yards.


Owner: Wendel and Carol Chamberlin


Builder: WC Roof Gardens


Construction: Rick Basel


Construction: BA Inc.

Landscape: Landscape Renovations

Hardscape: Brass Glass and Railings

Colonial Stone Walls

Consultant: Gehrke and Assoc. Inc.

Allen Gehrke - President Roof Garden American Hydrotech, Inc.

Materials: Edward J. Jarger