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Madison Futsal League

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Madison Futsal League. Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer approved by FIFA By Ilir Lushaj League Director (608) 438-7446 What is Futsal?.

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Madison Futsal League

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madison futsal league

Madison Futsal League

Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer approved by FIFA

By Ilir Lushaj

League Director

(608) 438-7446

what is futsal
What is Futsal?
  • Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer sanctioned Internationally by FIFA and the USSF, played in every country considered a soccer power
  • It is played all over the world by over 100 countries with over 12 million players
  • It is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking, pin-point passing, and a four-second limit on all play restarts it is an exciting game for children as well as adults.
  • Great soccer superstars such as Ronaldo, Pele, Ronaldhino, Robinho, Christiano Ronaldo, Zico, and Socrates grew up playing the game and credit Futsal with developing their skills
  • “Futsal is really how I got started playing soccer. This is my love, the thing that I enjoyed most!” RONALDO
futsal specifics
Futsal Specifics
  • Futsal is the official type of soccer that is played inside on hard-wood floor (confined area) with a low-bounce ball, 4 versus 4 plus goalkeepers, with 7’ (high) x 10’ (wide) goals, that has specific touchlines & other markings on the court.
  • No more than 12 players constitute a futsal team, that plays two 24 min. halves (Madison Futsal reserves the right to modify this time restraint).
  • Futsal has been endorsed by FIFA and has made it an outlet regarding international play since 1989.
  • FIFA hosts an International World Cup futsal event every 4 years
  • Most recent World Cup Futsal event was held in the fall of 2008 in Brazil
futsal information
Futsal Information
  • Futsal originated in the South American countries of Uruguay and Brazil during the 1930’s
  • Since the times of the 1930’s FIFA has endorsed futsal, organizes a World Cup event (every 4 yrs.), and numerous countries have incorporated this type of soccer to introduce and develop player’s skills and mechanics.
  • There is over 50 national futsal leagues played amongst countries like Brazil, Spain, Italy, Japan, etc.
  • In the United States, futsal is starting to draw attention and increase in numbers regarding participation (Super F’ organization = 40+ affiliate sites).
  • St. Louis, MO, Kansas, City KS, & Cleveland, OH were the leading futsal sites with over 125+ teams participating in each league play
futsal concepts and encouragement
Futsal Concepts and Encouragement
  • Futsal is a game played 4 vs. 4, plus GK on hard surface (basketball courts), that is fast pace, where possession of the ball, as well as control and comfort with the ball is cherished the most.
  • In Futsal the movement of the ball, as well as the movement of the players around the ball is constant, and done to compliment the idea of possession in order to create attacking opportunities.
  • Futsal celebrates the showmanship that takes place in situations where individual talent is executed & creates moments of beautiful play that is the by-product of creativity, imagination, mastery, but most importantly the highest level of comfort & rhythm when handling the ball.
who is madison futsal league
Who is Madison Futsal League?
  • Madison Futsal League is the newest Super F affiliated Futsal League.
  • Super F League is the only National Futsal organization that is affiliated with US Soccer, which is sanctioned by FIFA.  Super F League offers amateur soccer players an opportunity to play organized Futsal in local leagues. Super F currently has over 40 leagues in cities all over the country. 
  • Madison Futsal League will bring the game of Futsal that has been endorsed by FIFA, is sanctioned by US Soccer, is equipped with insurance (both player & coach coverage) that includes liability coverage through USSSA, to the greater Madison area.
  • A portion of the league fees go to support US Soccer programs = MNT, WNT, National Futsal team, & other development programs.
madison futsal league programs
Madison Futsal League Programs
  • Madison Futsal League: 5v5 league
  • Madison Futsal League: 3v3 league
  • The Madison Futsal Academy
  • Tournaments
  • Clinics
  • Individual or group trainings
reasons to play futsal
Reasons To Play Futsal
  • Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer approved by FIFA
  • Played in every country considered a soccer power
  • Teaches tremendous ball control
  • Numerous touches on the ball
  • Encourages ball possession
  • Safer - Futsal eliminates the injuries associated with wall collisions
  • Less Expensive - Futsal makes quality soccer more affordable
  • Presents many opportunities to score goals
  • Allows the game to be the teacher
  • Promotes a fun and rewarding environment
  • Madison Futsal League is active during the winter and summer months to provide all the soccer players and clubs of the area with the best way to develop their soccer skills
futsal versus the walled indoor soccer
Futsal Versus the Walled Indoor Soccer
  • Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer approved by FIFA
  • Futsal reinforces outdoor skills and tactics
  • Futsal Promotes Better Technique
  • Futsal allows the game to be the teacher
  • Futsal is safer
  • Futsal is less expensive
  • Promotes a fun and rewarding environment
  • Presents many opportunities to score goals
mission statement
Mission Statement
  • Madison Futsal League mission is to provide a great learning and fun environment to youth and adult futsal/soccer players to develop and take their soccer skills to their next level.
players testimonies
Players’ testimonies!!!
  • Pele = “I developed my skills playing Futsal in my home town in Bauru.”
  • Zico = “I only played Futsal as a youngster. It’s the best start for kids.”
  • “Futsal is really how I got started playing soccer. This is my love, the thing that I enjoyed most!” Ronaldo
  • Ronaldinho = “When you come to play normal soccer, it’s easy if you have come from Futsal.”
thank you
Thank You
  • Contact us: Ilir Lushaj
  • League Director
  • P.O. Box 45196 Madison, WI 53744
  • (608) 438-7446