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UW-Whitewater & CESA 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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UW-Whitewater & CESA 2

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UW-Whitewater & CESA 2
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UW-Whitewater & CESA 2

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  1. UW-Whitewater & CESA 2 Licensure Renewal & Support Center

  2. PI 34 Licensure Renewal Requirements After August 2004: • Initial Educator (3-5 years, non-renewable) • Professional Educator (5 years) • Master Educator (voluntary 10-year renewable)

  3. New License Stages Initial Educator(3-5 year non-renewable) • Develop Professional Development Plan (2 or more WES) • Approval and verification of completion of PDP by Initial Educator Team: administrator, IHE representative, peer (not mentor)

  4. New License Stages Professional Educator (5 year renewable) • Develop Professional Development Plan showing increased proficiency on standards • Current educators are grand-parented as Professional Educators & may renew license using 6 credits or PDP • PD team reviews and verifies completion of the PDP

  5. The Professional Development Plan Components • Self-refection before writing your Plan • Writing your Plan - Components • describe your school and position • describe your goal • provide rationale for your goal • provide a plan for assessing and • documenting the results of your goal • develop a plan for how you will meet your goal (objectives, activities, timeline, & collaboration)

  6. The Professional Development Plan Components • Write annual review of your Plan • Document the completion of your Plan • include evidence illustrating results of the goal and impact on student learning. • summarize and reflect upon how you reached your goal

  7. Initial Educator Licensure Cycle Guidelines Year 1: Self-reflection Year 2: Approval of PDP goal by review team Years 2-4: Document an annual review; seek approval from review team for major changes Year 5: Submit completed plan with documentation to review team, verification by review team, & submit license application

  8. License Renewal Support Centers DPI has designated 15 state centers to: • provide related PI 34 license-related services to educators in public and private schools and educational organizations • assist educators renewing their license using Professional Development Plans (PDPs)

  9. PI 34 Licensure Renewal-Related Services • Facilitation of ongoing orientation and support seminars based on WES • Identification & training of mentors • Identification & training for initial educator teams • Assist in creation of PDPs • Manage professional development review process

  10. Additonal References Mahaffey, D.; Lind, K.; & Derse, L.. (2005). Initial Educator Support System: District Guide. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Mahaffey, D.; Lind, K.; & Derse, L.. (2005). Professional Develop Plan: Educator Toolkit. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Mahaffey, D.; Lind, K.; & Derse, L.. (2005). Professional Development Plan: Team Toolkit. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Contacts: www.dpi.state.wi.us/dpi/dlsis/tel/html Publication Sales Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Drawer 179 Milwaukee, WI 53293-0179 800-243-8782

  11. On-line Resources For further information on on-line resources for Professional Development Plans contact: Quality Educator Interactive qei.wisconsin.edu

  12. How Can Educators Get Support for the PDP Process? Collaborative Program:UW – Whitewater & CESA 2 • Professional Development Planning Summer Institutes for Initial & Professional Educators • Professional Development Planning Process Graduate Certificate Program

  13. PDP Summer Institutes Structured process for initial and professional educators to receive mentorship and support to create, reflect, refine, document, and verify successful completion of PDPs including: • direct training on all components, • focused instruction on how to document evidence of student learning outcomes; • higher education representative serving as coaches and review team members, • learning communities to support the PDP writing process, • creation and storage of on-line PDPs, • direct assistance to establish PDP review team members, & • stipends for PDP review team members during the approval and verification cycles.

  14. PDP Summer Institutes • Undergraduate/graduate credit options • Graduate credits apply to PDP Certificate Program and MSE • Scheduled in August for two days each summer. • Includes classroom and on-line interaction • Courses within the Institutes include: EDUINDP 410/610: Creating Your PDP (1 credit) (begins in 2006) EDUINDP 411/611: Implementing Your PDP (1credit) (begins in 2007) EDUINDP 412/612: Verifying Your PDP (1 credit) (begins in 2007)

  15. Prepares educators to complete: EDUINDP 410/610: Creating Your PDP • Create an on-line PDP. • Establish PDP Review Team members and submit PDP • for Team approval by Oct.1st . • Submit PDP Approval Form to state by Dec.1st or or • submit revised goals to state no later than June 1st .

  16. EDUINDP 411/611: Implementing the PDP Designed for educators to: • Work independently or engage in learning communities centered around common professional development goals • Collaborate with content experts and colleagues • Share and refine: • content knowledge • skills • evidence-based strategies

  17. EDUINDP 412/612: Verification of Your PDP Prepares educators to: • Prepare Step IV: Documentation of Completion of Your PDP • Select and organize evidence demonstrating: • professional growth • effect on student learning • collaborative efforts • achievements • Write reflection and summary statements • Establish Review Team members and submit completed PDP for Team verification by January 15th • Receive guidance and support to revise plans not verified • Submit verified PDP to state by June 1st

  18. EDUINDP 410/610 Creation of the PDP EDUINDP 411/611 Implementing of the PDP EDUINDP 412/612 Verification of the PDP 1 ½ days in August on campus with 4 additional hours on-line 1 day in August on campus with remaining 8 hours on line 1 ½ days in August on campus with 4 additional hours on-line Important Dates: PDP Institutes

  19. Contacts for Summer Institutes

  20. PDP Graduate Certificate Program • targets experienced professionals seeking Master Educator License • trains educators to serve as mentors, PDP Team members, and IHE representatives • prepares instructors for PDP summer institutes

  21. PDP Graduate Certificate Program 12 credit program blending 50% in-class instruction with field-based and on-line activities • EDUINDP 710: Mentoring the Initial Educator: A Performance Based Approach • EDUINDP 711: The Professional Development Planning Process • EDUINDP 712: Serving as a PDP Initial Educator Team Member • Elective(3 credits)

  22. PDP Graduate Certificate Program Site-based certificate program in districts • Supports specific needs of districts • Creates culture of professional growth and learning • Assists in the development of mentoring programs, ongoing staff development, & the professional development planning process

  23. EDUINDP 710: Mentoring the Initial Educator Content and learning activities focus upon: • establishing and implementing mentoring programs for initial educators • engaging in strategic actions based on effective schools • sharing a vision of quality based on standards • developing collaborative environments for learning and practice • engaging in reflective practice and creating goals and plans for professional development • focusing on student learning outcomes

  24. EDUINDP 711: The Professional Development Planning Process Content and learning activities focus upon: Guiding and coaching initial educators in the process of developing & verifying PDPs through: • self-reflection • gathering & analyzing current data • using WES to write, implement, and document professional growth and learning

  25. EDUINDP 712:Serving as a PDP Initial Educator Team Member Content and learning activities focus upon: • preparing professional and master level educators to approve and verify documentation of completion of PDPs for licensure renewal • embrace aphilosophy and practiceof review that promotes educator’s growth • use DPI checklists to insure PDPs address all required components • complete DPI approved training for Review Team Members

  26. Training Opportunities for Teams UW-Whitewater Licensure Renewal Support Center Reviewer Team Trainings • approved by DPI • offered 3-4 times yearly in fall, spring, and summer • contact LRSC for schedule of trainings, applications, and information to arrange site-based trainings • Website: www.uww.edu/pdplsc

  27. Contacts for Graduate PDP Certificate Program