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Ted Bundy. America’s Most Infamous Serial Killer By: Caroline Pratt. Early Life. Born on November 24, 1946 Raised by his grandparents Grew up thinking his mother was his sister Biological father was an unknown war veteran “Jack Worthington?” No dominant father-figure in his life

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ted bundy

Ted Bundy

America’s Most Infamous

Serial Killer

By: Caroline Pratt

early life
Early Life
  • Born on November 24, 1946
  • Raised by his grandparents
  • Grew up thinking his mother was his sister
  • Biological father was an unknown war veteran
    • “Jack Worthington?”
    • No dominant father-figure in his life
  • Socially distant from classmates
    • I didn't know what made things tick. I didn't know what made people want to be friends. I didn't know what made people attractive to one another. I didn't know what underlay social interactions.”
  • Fascinated by sex and violence at a young age
university years
University years
  • Remained socially distant
    • Didn’t have very many friends
  • First girlfriend: Stephanie Brooks (pseudonym)
    • Personal immaturity
    • Lack of ambition
  • Second girlfriend: Elizabeth Kloepfer
    • Dated for six years
    • Began a relationship with Stephanie while dating Elizabeth
      • Neither knew about the other at the time
  • Both women had straight hair which they parted in the middle
    • Similar to a substantial majority of his future victims
  • First wave: Washington
  • Second wave: Utah and Colorado
  • Third wave: Florida

1974, 1976, and 1978

  • Victims: at least 30
    • 10 remain unidentified
    • 5 known victims have not been recovered

Profiling: public place, women, middle-class, between 15 and 25, long hair that is parted in the middle…

1974 murders
1974 murders
  • Jan. 4: Joni Lenz (survived). Bludgeoned in her bed as she slept.
  • Feb. 1: Lynda Ann Healy (21). Beaten & bludgeoned unconscious while asleep and abducted from the house she shared with other University of Washington co-eds.
  • Mar. 12: Donna Gail Manson (19). Abducted while walking to a jazz concert on The Evergreen State College campus, Olympia, Washington.
  • Apr. 17: Susan Rancourt (18). Disappeared as she walked across Ellensburg's Central Washington State College campus at night.
  • May 6: Roberta Kathleen Parks (22). Vanished from Oregon State University in Corvallis while walking to another dorm hall to have coffee with friends.
1974 murders cont d
1974 murders (cont’d)
  • May 25: Brenda Ball (22). Disappeared from the Flame Tavern in Burien, Washington.
  • Jun. 11: Georgeann Hawkins (18). Disappeared from behind her sorority house, Kappa Alpha Theta, at the University of Washington in Seattle.
  • Jul. 14: Janice Ott (23) and Denise Naslund (19), both from Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah, Washington.
  • Aug. 2: Carol Valenzuela (20). Last seen at a welfare office in Vancouver, Washington.
  • Oct. 2: Nancy Wilcox (16). Disappeared in Holladay, Utah.
  • Oct. 18: Melissa Smith (17). Vanished from Midvale, Utah on her way to a friend's house.
1974 murders cont d1
1974 murders (cont’d)
  • Oct. 31: Laura Aime (17). Disappeared from a Halloween party at Lehi, Utah.
  • Nov. 8: Carol DaRonch (survived). Escaped from Bundy by jumping out from his car in Murray, Utah.
  • Nov. 8: Debra (Debby) Kent (17). Vanished from the parking lot of a school in Bountiful, Utah, hours after DaRonch escaped from Bundy.
1975 murders
1975 murders
  • Jan. 12: Caryn Campbell (23). While on a ski trip with her fiancé in Aspen, Colorado, Campbell vanished between the hotel lounge and her room.
  • Mar. 15: Julie Cunningham (26). Disappeared while on her way to a nearby tavern in Vail, Colorado.
  • Apr. 6: Denise Oliverson (25). Abducted while visiting her parents in Grand Junction, Colorado.
  • May 6: Lynette Culver (13). Snatched from a school playground at Alameda Junior High School, Pocatello, Idaho.
  • June 28: Susan Curtis (15). Disappeared while attending a youth conference at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.
  • July 4: Nancy Baird (23). Disappeared while working at a gas station. Confessed shortly before his execution. Layton, Utah.
1978 murders
1978 murders
  • Jan. 15: Lisa Levy (20), Margaret Bowman (21), Karen Chandler (survived), Kathy Kleiner Deshields (survived). The Chi Omega killings, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Jan. 15: Cheryl Thomas (survived). Bludgeoned in her bed, eight blocks away from the Chi Omega Sorority house.
  • Feb. 9: Kimberly Leach (12), kidnapped from her junior high school in Lake City, Florida. She was raped, murdered and discarded in Suwannee River State Park, Florida.
  • Fake a broken arm or leg
  • Lure unsuspecting woman to car to help load books
  • Knock her out with a crowbar
  • Drag her into the car, unconscious
  • Handcuff her
  • Take her to “location”
  • Rape/sexual assault
  • Strangle her to death
  • Necrophilia
  • Mutilation
  • Burial
  • Arrest: refused to stop for a police officer
    • Matched picture
  • June 1979: trial for Chi Omega murders
  • Avoided 3 death sentences before he was killed
  • Death: January 24th, 1989 at 7:06 a.m.
    • Electric chair
      • 2000 volts of electricity in 2 minutes
      • Pronounced dead at 7:16 a.m.

(There was a crowd outside of the jail… cheering.)

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