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Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy. Presentation by: Devon and Carmen. What was his childhood like ?. Born November 24, 1946 Ted and his mother moved with his grandparents to Philadelphia when he was very young

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ted bundy

Ted Bundy

Presentation by: Devon and Carmen

what was his childhood like
What was his childhood like?
  • Born November 24, 1946
  • Ted and his mother moved with his grandparents to Philadelphia when he was very young
  • He was led to believe that his grandparents were his parents, and his birth mother was his older sister
  • He was often teased and bullied in junior high school
  • In high school, Ted appeared to become well liked
did childhood behavior reflect problems
Did childhood behavior reflect problems?
  • Around the age of 3, he became fascinated by knives.
  • Bundy was a shy, but bright child who did well in school, but not with his peers.
  • As a teenager, a darker side of his character started to emerge.
were there any precursors
Were there any precursors?
  • Ted's psychopathic nature was revealed throughout his childhood into college, but the people who witnessed his behavior did not realize the implications of the tendencies he was developing
    • He stole without any sense of guilt and but instead a sense of entitlement
  • His employers considered him to be unreliable
what was his adult life like
What was his adult life like?
  • After high school, Ted attended college at the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington
  • Ted met Stephanie Brooks who was everything he had ever dreamed of in a woman
  • She was really Ted's first love and possibly the first woman with whom he became involved with sexually
  • She was not as infatuated with Ted as he was with her
  • After his girlfriend graduated from the University of Washington, she broke off relations with Ted
  • Ted never recovered from the break-up and became obsessed with her and couldn't get her out of his mind
did he finish high school or college
Did he finish high school or college?
  • He dropped out of college after the break up.
  • Re-enrolled at the University of Washington after a little.
back to adult life
Back to Adult life
  • He dated Meg Anders for 5 years.
  • In 1973 on a business trip to California he met up with his old girlfriend.
what was the nature of his crimes
What was the nature of his crimes
  • Serial Killer
  • Rapist
  • Thief
  • Kidnapper
did he marry
Did he marry?
  • Carole Ann Boone
was he a loner
Was he a loner?
  • No
    • Regarded as handsome and charismatic by his young female victims
    • Able to seduce his victims to help him
was he ever diagnosed with a medical disorder
Was he ever diagnosed with a medical disorder?
  • Classified as a High Factor 1 Psychopath
did he receive treatment
Did he receive treatment?
  • Anti-Social Personality Disorder is very difficult to treat.
    • People with antisocial personality disorder often do not admit they have a problem that should be treated.
    • There is actually a chance that individuals with this disorder may get worse with treatment because they learn more about other psychopaths and use that information.
    • Medications may be used to help control symptoms such as irritability or control associated psychological conditions
    • With or without treatment, rates of imprisonment and violent death are high among those with antisocial personality disorder
how many victims
How many victims?
  • Confessed to 36, estimated at almost 100
  • First victim
    • Anne Marie Burr
what was his behavior when he was caught
What was his behavior when he was caught?
  • He felt like he could beat the system regardless of all the evidence.
  • He escaped multiple times.
what was the verdict
What was the verdict?
  • July 1979, Bundy was convicted for the two Chi Omega murders.
  • Bundy received another death sentence the following year in the murder of Kimberly Leach.
is he still alive
Is he still alive?
  • Spent years trying to appeal his death sentences.
  • Tried to take his case as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, but was turned down.
  • Offered information on some of unsolved murders to avoid the electric chair.
  • Executed January 24, 1989 by the electric chair at Raiford Prison in Starke, Florida.
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