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Industrial Waste Material Recycling Edward Daniels Bassam Jody John Hryn Processes That We Have Developed Include: Ø Selective Removal/Neutralization of Antimony from Secondary Aluminum Ø Electrochemical Recovery of Zinc and Clean Steel from Galvanized Scrap

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Edward Daniels

Bassam Jody

John Hryn

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Processes That

We Have

Developed Include:

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ØSelective Removal/Neutralization of Antimony

from Secondary Aluminum

ØElectrochemical Recovery of Zinc and Clean

Steel from Galvanized Scrap

ØSeparation and Recovery of ABS and HIPS

from Mixed Plastics via Froth Floatation

ØRecovery and Purification of Flexible

Polyurethane Foam from Auto Shredder Residue

ØSelective Removal of Lead from Copper-base Scrap

ØElectrodialysis for Salt Recovery from Aluminum Salt

Cake Brines

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New Processes That

We are Working On:

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ØSeparation and Recovery of Carbon Fiber from Polymer

Matrix Composites

ØSeparation and Recovery of Polyethylene from Mixed Polyolefins

via FrothFloatation

ØRecovery of Selected Thermoplastics from Auto Shredder Residue

ØClosed-Loop Hydroprocessing for Recovery of Spent Catalysts

ØPurification and Conversion of Aluminum-Oxide Reject Material

ØRecovery of High-Purity Thermoplastics from Obsolete Computers

and Electronic Goods

ØHydrometallurgical Recovery of Zinc and Iron from EAF Dust

ØCopper and Zinc Recovery from Brass Dross Fines

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75 lb/hr Foam Wash, Rinse, Dry Pilot Unit

Salyp ELV Center: Showcase for Argonne ASR Technology

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Aluminum Melting Generates 1 million tpy of Salt Slags

Bench-scale ED Stack

Electrodialysis Pilot-Plant Completed Feb-2000

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Components of

Salt Cake

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Thermoplastics RecoveryVia Froth Flotation

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1000 lb/hr Froth Separation Unit

Injection mold tests confirm feasibility of 100% post consumer ABS for current applications

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Hydrometallurgical Separation

Bulk Physical Separation

Solvent Extraction

High-temperature Electro-chemical Separation

Froth-Flotation/Density Separation

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For More Information

Contact Us and

Visit Our Website:

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Ed Daniels, Manger, Senior Engineer


[email protected]

Marlene Nowotarski, Administration


[email protected]

Our Mailing Address is:

Argonne National Laboratory Process Evaluation Section

ESD/Bldg. 362

9700 S. Cass Avenue

Argonne, IL 60439-4815

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