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Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

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Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)
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Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

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  1. Milwaukee County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) 2010 Request for Proposal Technical Assistance Presented by: • Dennis Buesing – DHHS Contract Administrator • Wes Albinger – DHHS Contract Services Coordinator • SumanishKalia – CPA Consultant to DHHS

  2. 2010 Purchase of Service Guidelines Overview of Changes from 2009 in Application Submission Requirements

  3. Overview • 2010 Purchase of Service Guidelines (Guidelines) cover requirements for all divisions: • Behavioral Health • Delinquency and Court Services • Disabilities Services • Management Services • Housing All submission requirements apply to all programs and contract divisions, unless otherwise indicated.

  4. Overview The changes described in this presentation represent an overview of the most significant changes from the prior year and are NOT inclusive of ALL changes; applicants are responsible for carefully reading the Guidelines and submitting all required information

  5. Overview • Program (Service Descriptions) and Technical Requirements now combined in a single document: Purchase of Service Guidelines • Copies of most forms have been removed from the TR Guidelines, as they are available online and on the RFP CD • Forms should be completed electronically, as fillable Word or Excel documents. However, they will still need to be printed and submitted as paper copies, as most require signatures. Budget forms MUST be completed electronically in the required format.

  6. Overview • Section 2 modified to include additional information (no additional submission requirements), including provision for confidential proprietary information • Section 3 modified to include additional information (no additional submission requirements) on proposal selection and award process, including provisions for appeal and proposal retention.

  7. Summary of Revisions • Added “Audit Fraud Hotline” policy requirement for all applicants (Items 4a & 4b) • Section 2 has incorporated budget forms into this one section and all forms are linked • Added “Personnel Roster/Certification (Item 35) for Final Submission • Removed Evaluation Plan (Item 37) from initial submission and added to Logic Model (Item 31a) • Removed “Staffing Requirements” (Item 34) for Final Submission

  8. Summary of Revisions • Board of Directors (Item 6) expanded to capture more information and for clarification of information • Related Party Disclosures (Item 13) clarified and expanded • Program Narrative (Item 32B) expanded to incorporate Logic Model narrative • Request for proposal process and review process updated

  9. Section 4– Technical Requirements

  10. Agency Application • Item #2 Application Summary Sheet • should immediately follow cover letter (correction to instructions at top of form). • should only include programs from one division • a separate, complete application must be submitted for each division

  11. Agency Application Cont’d • One original plus 4 copies of the complete application for each program must be submitted on three-hole punched paper for each division • If funding is requested for more than one program within a division, 4 additional copies must be submitted for each program • Only 1 original need be submitted per application package

  12. Agency Application Cont’d • For Agencies in the 2nd or 3rd year of a multi-year contract cycle or sole-sourced contracts/programs, 1 original plus 1 copy of the completed application must be submittedfor eachdivision • Agencies in a multi-year contract cycle must submit all the items listed under FINAL SUBMISSION, plus the Authorization To File (Item 3). • Regardless of the cycle year, all agencies must submit application packages by 4:30 p.m. CDT on Friday, Sept. 4, 2009

  13. Changes Program Design Items • Revision of Item 29a (p.4-39), Program Logic Model, to include fields for projected level of achievement of outcomes. • While still required to project levels of achievement for program outcomes, the proposal scoring which relates to the Evaluation (see Item 35, Program Evaluation, p.4-55) will be derived from the prior period’s Evaluation Report for applicants with existing contracts. For new applicants (applicants without an existing contract), proposal scoring for evaluation will be derived from data on Items 29c and 29d, as applicable

  14. FAQ • Revisions Since Publication Go to click on link to “Corrections Page” for a detailed list of revisions since the CD was released. • New Contract Administration URL for RFP •

  15. Summary of Revisions Since Publication Revisions to date include: • DSD Employment Programs, DSD-010, is open for competitive, panel review (full submission) • BHD Shelter Plus Care, M-015, is open for competitive, panel review (full submission) • Error corrected in linked budget document (as of 8/17/09) • Page numbering corrected: Page 2-4 makes reference to page 7 (error; should read section/page 4-6) for submission requirements for multi-year contract cycle. • DSD Disability Benefits Specialist, DSD-019, has supplementary materials posted at

  16. Overview of 2010 RFP Audit & Reporting and Budget Forms Presented By: Dennis Buesing, DHHS Contract Administrator

  17. Audit Schedules and Changes in Allowable Costs Budget & Other Forms

  18. Allowable Costs under County Contract • The Annual audit report shall contain a budget variance and reimbursable cost calculation for each program contracted.(refer to format) • Costs allowable under State and Federal allowable cost guidelines that exceed the approved program budget by the greater of (1) 10% of the specific budget line item or (2) 3% of total budgeted costs are deemed unallowable. You can remedy this variance by submitting an amended budget and having it approved by DHHS prior to end of contract year. (Refer to Section 6 Audit and Reporting on Page 6-15 ) • An annual audit report that omits information or doesn’t present line item information utilizing classifications per Form 3 will place the Contractor out of compliance with the contract.

  19. Budget and Other Forms IMPORTANT All Budget forms have been placed under Item #27 page 4-37. Use of Linked forms has been made mandatory & requires submission of hard copy with submission package and email copy to: Detailed instructions to fill up respective forms are included on “Instructions” tab of linked budget forms.

  20. Budget and Other Forms Contd….. Form 1Program Volume Data and Unit Rate Calculation Programs funded by site must include a separate Form1 for each site. Form 1 must be completed for each program regardless of the contract reimbursement method. Form 2 & Form 2AAgency Employee Hours and Salaries Use Form 2A only if agency has 14 or fewer employees otherwise use multiple copies of Form 2 with Form 2A being the final page. The totals for salaries will carry over to Form 3S automatically. Employee’s health and retirement benefits will be carried over to Form 2A from Form 3S automatically. Form 2B Employee Demographic Summary This form is linked to Form 2 & 2A and will fill up automatically.

  21. Budget and Other Forms Contd… Form 2CEmployee Hours Related Information Disclosure (item 14 page 4-23). For each employee of your agency who works for more than one related organization, the total number of weekly hours scheduled for each affiliated corporate or business enterprise must be accounted for by program/activity. “Related Organization” is defined as an organization with a board, management, and/or ownership which is (are) shared with the Proposer organization. (Includes multiple LLCs under same ownership.

  22. Budget and Other Forms Contd… Form 3 & Form 3SAnticipated Program Expenses Programs funded by site must include separate forms for each site. Total Non DHHS contract revenue will automatically carry forward to the corresponding line on Form 3 from Form 4. Please Fill Form 3S first. Each Control Account subtotal will automatically carry forward to corresponding Control Account on Form 3.

  23. Budgetand Other Forms Contd… Form 4 & Form 4SAnticipated Program Revenue Programs funded by site must include separate forms for each site. Total DHHS Contract request will automatically equal the corresponding total DHHS request on Form 3. Please Fill Form 4S first. Control Account subtotals will automatically carry forward to corresponding Control Accounts on Form 4. Form 4S was revised last year to include new sub-accounts for certain revenues.

  24. Budget and Other Forms Contd….. Form 5 Total Agency Anticipated Expenses Form 5A Total Agency Anticipated Revenue Report Total Agency expenses on Col. B, C and D. Each individual Form 3 will automatically carry forward to a separate Col. E of Form 5. Report Total Agency revenue on Col. B, C and D of Form 5A. Each individual Form 4 will automatically carry forward to a separate Col. E of Form 5A. Col F Agency-Wide Indirect & Administrative Costs must be manually completed by agency. Control Account totals will automatically carry to Form 6. Control Account 9200 in Form 5 will automatically fill and carry forward from Form 6. Please refer to instructions on first tab in linked forms, for Form 6.

  25. Budget and Other Forms Contd… Form 6 and 6D through 6H Indirect Cost Allocation Plan To be submitted only if Agency provides more than one service to Milwaukee County, or one or more services to Milwaukee County and for other purchasers, or when allocating to other functions like fund raising, etc. or allocating costs between itself and affiliates. Instruction tab in Linked Form provides the order of preparing the cost allocation plan in detail.

  26. Budget and Other Forms Contd… Linked Budget Forms: All budget forms Form 1-Form 6 are available as linked forms with formulas at: Agency can use these linked forms to report up to 6 programs or sites without redoing Form 2, 5 and 6. Other forms are also linked so numbers automatically fill up wherever they are calculated based on another form. If agency has more than 6 DHHS programs for a division. make a copy of filled up Linked form and redo Forms 1,2,3S and 4S for additional programs. Forms 5, 5A and 6, will adjust themselves. Use a separate linked budget forms for each DHHS Division.

  27. Please Contact: For Program Information: Behavioral Health Division: Walter Laux (414) 257-7436 Rochelle Landingham (414) 257-7337 Wraparound Milwaukee: Bruce Kamradt (414) 257-7639 Delinquency and Court Services Division: Michelle Naples (414) 257-5725 Disability Services Division: Mark Stein (414) 289-5916 Marietta Luster (414) 289-6758 Management Service Division: Judy Roemer-Muniz (414) 289-6645 Housing Division: James Mathy (414) 257-7689

  28. Please Contact: For Technical Assistance: Dennis Buesing, CPA (414) 289-5853 Sumanish K Kalia, CPA (Budget)(414) 289-6757 James Sponholz(Website) (414) 289-5778 Wes Albinger (DSD) (414) 289-5871 Dave Emerson (DCSD) (414) 257-7284 Judy Roemer-Muniz (MSD) (414) 289-6692 Rochelle Landingham(BHD)(414) 257-7337

  29. Thank you for your participation!Have a Great Day!