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Carroll Campbell. By: Maggie & Marie. Biography.

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carroll campbell

Carroll Campbell

By: Maggie & Marie


Carroll Ashmore Campbell Junior was born in Greenville, SC July 24, 1940. Carroll attended public schools such as Greenville High, MaCallie School, and University of South Carolina. Campbell was, at one time or another, a real estate broker, a farmer, a businessman, but most importantly, he was a politician. At the age of thirty, Campbell began serving in the House of Representatives, and his political career skyrocketed. Described by many as “hardworking”, “devoted to his state and country” and “conscientious”. It is easy to see how he soared from rank to rank, serving not only in the House of Representatives, but also served in the South Carolina Senate and eventually became the Governor of South Carolina.

biography cont
Biography Cont.

Campbell served two terms as Governor, and witnessed many important moments in South Carolina’s history. His hard work and leadership inspired a respect in many people that grew when Campbell announced in 2001 that he was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Campbell’s bravery and determination to defeate his disease led to the building of Carroll Campbell Place, the premier treatment center of Alzheimer’s disease in South Carolina. “I pray that my hope in these circumstances can uplift the many people in our state and country similarly afflicted.” Carroll Campbell is still living today in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

major events accomplishments 1st term
Major Events & Accomplishments- 1st Term
  • Pope John Paul II visited Columbia, September 11, 1987
  • Jean H. Toal Became the first woman ever to be elected to the South Carolina Supreme Court, January 27, 1988
  • The General Assembly passed the Beachfront Management Act to control costal development, June 7, 1988
  • Hurrican Hugo hit South Carolina, September 21-22, 1989
  • President of the University of South Carolina James B. Holderman resigned amidst charges that he misspent USC funds, May 30, 1990
  • Operation Lost Trust began to unfold with the US Attorney for South Carolina’s announcement that several South Carolina legislators were under investigation for receiving bribes or using drugs, July 18, 1990
  • South Carolina reserve and National Garud units were activated in support of Operation Desert Shield, August 24, 1990
major events and accomplishments 2nd term
Major Events and Accomplishments- 2nd Term
  • Governor Campbell appointed a citizen’s panel to make recommendations on state government reform, 1991
  • South Carolina’s last major independent bank, the South Carolina National Bank, merged with Wachovia Bank of Winston-Salem, NC, 1991
  • Former Governor Richard Riley was apppointed US Secretary of Education, December 21, 1992
  • Governor Campbell signed the South Carolina School-to-Work Transition Act, 1994
  • He became a member of the distinguished Wall of Fame at Greenville High School.

government positions
Government Positions
  • SC House of Representatives, 1970-1974
  • Executive Assistant to Governor Edwards, 1975
  • SC Senate, 1976-1978
  • US House of Representatives, 1979-1987
  • Governor of South Carolina, 1987-1995


Our first interview was on the phone with Libby Jordan. Libby Jordan managed Carroll Campbell’s campaign headquarters in Greenville for several years.

  • How did you know Carroll Campbell?

“I worked at his campaign headquarters in Greenville for years.”

  • How would you describe Carroll Campbell?

“He’s a very hands-on kind of guy. He’s just constantly going, very much like the energizer bunny. The best way to describe him, he’s just so personable, he makes you feel like one of his own family members.”

  • What was your favorite thing about him being governor of South Carolina?

“ I felt very comfortable having him as governor of South Carolina, he is so devoted to his state and his country it’s absolutely amazing!”

interviews cont
Interviews Cont.

Our second interview was in person with Joe Jordan. Joe Jordan knew Carroll Campbell for many years, even before he was involved in politics.

When did you first meet Carroll Campbell?

“Probably at the Old Carriage Factory on North Brown Street.”

How did you know him?

“I started out as a police watchman and I guarded some of his parking lots that he owned downtown. Then he became more ambitious and wanted more parking lots. I was on city council so we had some dealings with him for land ordinances and things of that nature…we got to know each other pretty well, we would talk sometimes after the City Council meetings.”

interview cont
Interview Cont.

What was your favorite thing about Carroll Campbell?

“He was able to adjust and work with different groups and ethnicities. He was very easy to work with and always available when you needed him.”

If you had to pick one word to describe Carroll Campbell, what would it be?

“Conscientious [sic], he was conscientious not of how people thought of him, but of how he effected the people. He cared a lot about the State of South Carolina.”

photo gallery

Carroll Campbell and his wife coming down the statehouse steps

Governor Campbell is applauded during Gov. Sandford’s inaugural address

Photo Gallery

Gov. Campbell and his wife

Juliusz Sokolnicki receiving the Distinguished Service Medal of the US State of South Carolina, for his leadership during Poland's struggle against Communism during the Cold War. 6th August 1992.

Carroll Campbell when he was governor of South Carolina

collected hyperlinks

annotated bibliography
Annotated Bibliography

“Carroll Campbell: A Profile in Courage” This web site is about Carroll Campbell’s fight with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Campbell, Carroll Ashmore Jr., 1940-” This web site contained biographical information about Carroll Campbell.

Jordan, Libby. Personal Interview. November 3, 2003. Gave us inforamtion concerning Carroll Campbell’s character and personality.

Jordan, Joe. Personal Interview. October 29, 2003. Gave us some history on Carroll Campbell’s carrer and character before he became a political figure.

“South Carolina Governors” This contained accomplishments and trials in Carroll Campbell’s political carreer, and also some biographical information.

“The Political Graveyard” This web site gave information concerning Carroll Campbell’s political career.

who did what
Who Did What?

Maggie: secondary research, biographical research, outline, and annotated bibliography

Marie: primary research, interviews, formatting for power point, photo gallery, and hyperlinks.