ece 582 electrical and computer engineering design i l.
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ECE 582: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design I PowerPoint Presentation
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ECE 582: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design I

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ECE 582: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design I - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECE 582: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design I. Introduction, Technical Definitions, and Resume. Office Hours. Kevin Huggins Office: Caldwell 365 Office Hours: By appointment, email Goals for this lecture.

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ece 582 electrical and computer engineering design i
ECE 582: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design I


Technical Definitions,

and Resume

office hours
Office Hours

Kevin Huggins

Office: Caldwell 365

Office Hours:

By appointment, email

goals for this lecture
Goals for this lecture
  • Go over technical definitions and resume writing
  • Assignments
    • Resume
      • Due next Wednesday
    • Info Sheet
      • Turn in today if you have not already done so
technical definitions
Technical Definitions
  • Chapter 3 in Pocket Book of Technical Writing by Finkelstein
  • “In technical writing, definition is the process by which one assigns a precise meaning to a term.” – Fink, p.25
  • (Qualifier +) Term = Classification + Differentiation
technical definitions ii
Technical Definitions II
  • Qualifier:
    • “used when general context for a definition needs to be established up front” – Fink p.26
  • Classification:
    • “a general category in which the term fits” – Fink p.27
  • Differentiation:
    • “Narrowing the meaning of the term to just one possibility within the class.” – Fink p.29
technical definitions iii
Technical Definitions III
  • What is a stall?
  • Needs qualifier: Stall can be used in many contexts (horse, aircraft, automobile, etc).
  • (Qualifier +) Term = Classification + Differentiation
  • In aeronautics, a stall is a flight condition in which the lift produced is less than the weight of the airplane.
technical definitions iv
Technical Definitions IV
  • Know Audience!
  • Definition Extensions (pg. 30)
    • Further Definitions – Define additional terms in definition
    • Compare and Contrast – Compare term (artifact) with other terms
    • Classification – Further classify artifact (i.e. The item is classified as … )
    • Cause and Effect – Demonstrate why something occurs
    • Process – List steps in a procedure
    • Exemplification – Give example where artifact is used
resume writing
Resume Writing
  • Due next Wednesday, 1/14, in class
  • Remember this along with the info sheet will help form groups for ECE 582 project teams
  • 1-2 pages
resume i chap 19 finkelstein
Resume I (Chap. 19 Finkelstein)
  • Match skills to employer’s needs.
    • Want to work for a particular employer
    • Looking for a specific position
    • Have technical skills required for the job
    • Have written and oral communication skills
    • Have necessary personal traits
    • Are available within employer’s timeframe
  • Hiring the wrong person is an expensive mistake employers try to avoid.
resume tips
Resume Tips
  • Be sure your resume is perfect both grammatically and stylistically
  • Place most important information towards top (i.e. experience, objective, education, etc)
  • Careful following templates too closely (i.e. most ECEs have MS Office experience). Establish uniqueness
  • Use action/key words (i.e. Proficient, Managed, Operated, etc)
  • Tailor your resume for the position.
  • Be truthful, but not self effacing.
  • Limit resume to one page.
  • Do not use fancy paper or exotic folds. Use a heavier paper that is not see through. Avoid symbols that aren’t easily scanable.
  • Avoid Acronyms
  • Never refer to yourself in the third person
  • Do not include salary requirements
resume writing ii
Resume Writing II
  • Outline


Objective – Clearly state what you want to do.

Strengths – Short statement of your strongest capabilities

Education – Most of your effort / resume area is here.

Relevant courses

Computer Skills – Languages, OS, Applications, Platforms

Descending order of expertise. Do not exaggerate.



work time
Work Time
  • Time to work on your resume